Standard Chartered Bankopening bank account

E Aug 01, 2018

Went to Standard Chartered to open an account, I agree when they are asking to check our salary and all other details to ensure they serve certain level of people.

I've been told that the account will be ready after 5 days and the insist I need to bank in BHD 20 which I did at the same time. A week later went to the bank, waited more than 1 hour to check my account and sadly they told me your account still not ready.

Walk out from Standard Chartered and I decided to open HSBC account which only few blocks away. Their personalise service are far away better, they prepared all the document for me and after 2 days I received SMS my IBAN Code ready and later in the afternoon they deliver my Card.

After 11 days there is no news from Standard Chartered, I decided to go again to the bank. Waited for 30 mins and they told me your account not ready not even say sorry???

What a poor service by Standard Chartered!!! I don't event think they understand first impression matter.

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