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Won't let you cancel your membership

This shady business sent me software that didn't work after I signed up online. Then, when I tried to cancel online, it wants me to call some 1-800 number at 6am on Monday. It is totally shady to only allow cancellations by phone, for a business whose ENTIRE goal is to do business online. It's transparent that they will do anything they can to just bill you extras secretly and then make it impossible to quit. Not to mention, I've gotten tons of spam ever since I signed up. Jerks.

  • St
    strewq Aug 07, 2009

    Luckily I did not sign the offer. Their stuff is terrible. They won't answer my question about the contract and monthly fee and just keep saying you are going to save tons of money, you have 4 week trial... The CS stuff is very rude and won't listen to you.

    I feel very uncomfortable and decide to search the web about this company. There are so many complaint about this company on line.

    Never even answer the call again.

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  • An
    Andy Wong Sep 25, 2009

    I signed up for the "free" trial service, the software did not work. I called to cancel before the 30 day trial was up, they told me they will extend my trial until September 30th. I called today, September 25, they told me I should have called before September 9th and because I didn't, they have to charge the monthly service fee. I am not crazy, I know exactly what they told me last time, they said "make sure to cancel before September 30th or they will charge the monthly fee". Now they said it's September 9th and that they never said September 30th. What a scam! Don't even bother signing up for their "free" trial. It's hard to cancel (you have to call in and keep saying no 80 times before they give up). The trial is NOT FREE. They will get you somehow. Do not try it.

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Scam and lies

I had no idea I was being charged a monthly fee for what I thought was some freebie information from...

unauthorized charges

My husband bought stamps from over a year ago. I thought he was continuing to buy from them when I noticed a charge occasionally. My last credit card statement, I noticed 3 distinct charges from I notified my credit card company as to fraudulent charges and they will notify the company to stop charging my credit card and to refund any fraudulent charges.

  • Me
    Melvin Dec 30, 2008

    I was charged 17.94 on my Paypal account during the trial period. I called to cancel my account and the representative on the phone told me I would be receiving a refund to my account. After 2 months of no refund, I called again. I was told that there is no one there authorized to give refunds, as they do not offer refunds, and I should be happy that they agreed to cancel my account. I made sure to send everyone on my contact list an email letting them not to fall prey to this company. Also, the 'free' postage was only available after the trial period ended, and the 'free' postage scale actually cost me $10 and I cannot use it without their software (which is only valid with a paid monthly subscription).

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  • To
    tonyt101 Feb 19, 2010

    I did not want the services after looking at site. I was not notified by email about charges etc. I noticed the bank statement charges. I could not get the back charges, either.

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  • Ph
    Philip Rosewarne Jun 25, 2011

    Exactly this is what did to me. I couldn't believe I had been charged $17.99 per month when I neither ordered nor received any stamps, or anything else for that matter, ever!

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Said I never canceled

After receiving my credit card statement, I saw a charge for I tried this (with 30 day free...

Fradulent hidden charges

I ordered one set of stamps from them for Christmas over 2 years ago and I thought I was done. Checking our monthly credit card bill I was wondering why is my husband ordering so much stamps every month (we pretty much don't use any). He denied buying any so upon further checking, turns out this whole time (>2 years) (charge: SCI* have been charging me $16.95/month. When I mentioned there was no indication of this charge when I signed-up for the account, they completely dismissed me. To cancel the account they ask all possible secret passwords: i.e. city you grew up in, your first pet... SCAM!!!

  • Al
    Aline Arroyo Jul 31, 2009

    The same happened to me I was charged $20 USD monthly even though I never used the service, I only open an account but never ordered anything. When I called to cancel they charged me another 8 dollars cancellation fee. When a told them i never ordered anything they didn't care. So at the end I lost 50 dollars and never bought a stamp.
    Somebody should get a lawyer and sue them

    Aline Arroyo, Ladson, SC.

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Monthly Fees web site is a company that has used flagrant deception to bilk customers out of $20 per month monthly fees. They have set up their web site to be difficult and confusing so that you don't even realize you have signed up for monthly charges until you get the bill on your credit card statement. To get information about pricing, I signed up and gave credit card info as I intended to make a purchase. The prices were higher than usps, so I did not make the purchase for shipping materials. They do not disclose on the sign up page that there will be a monthly fee even if no services are used by the customer. and, they provide zero service for their fees. When trying to communicate or cancel, after receiving a bill on my credit card (and then they tell me they have already billed me for 2 additional months), they tell me "tough luck"- it tells you, the customer on the 3rd page in small print that you will be charged. They do not provide cancellation via website even though this is the way one signs up and make customers wait 5-10 minutes for customer service- This company is a scam operation with a misleading web site and should be shut down. I would imagine there are services that they could profess are useable, but this deceptive manner of charging without service is abhorant.

  • Sc
    scammed Mar 08, 2009

    Same experience exactly. You must be able to open their software to be able to see your account and find out if you are still enrolled, yet if you cannot open their software at all (my experience) even to use the service, you do not have access to your account. Customer service wait times are extreme and they fall back on the "you should have read the fine print" to justify the continuous charging of monthly fees for absolutely no service rendered whatsoever. This company should be criminally investigated.

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Awful experience

Internet postage is a wonderful and convenient thing, but gives it a notorious name.

This iniquitous merchandise will always try to trap innocent customers by using 'No Risk', 'No Upfront Costs', '4 Week Trial' as well as 'Free Special Offer' on their promotion material. There is not any line or fine print mentioning the monthly fee or the hidden fee that will be charged for this service on those mailed material. Customer will never know the so called 'No Upfront Costs 4 Week Trial' is never free until they call to cancel the service. will charge you the monthly fee at the very last second of each billing circle so that even the 'transaction date' for this bill will appear on your credit card statement as the first day of your next billing circle, not to mention the 'post date'. By using this 'smart' tactic, they try to mislead you into believing that they are charging you for the right billing circle and the first 4 week trial would be free.

However when you call to cancel the service, the representative will tell you that the charge (which has the 'transaction date' within the current billing circle) is for the previous billing circle and they will charge you one more time for the current billing circle since the 'No risk 4 week trial' is not free, which sounds like robbery. Should you ask where their terms are, they would direct you to click their 'Site Map' and followed several links to find it. I wonder how many people know where the site map link is.

What's the worse is that you cannot cancel this service by email but only by phone. Meaning if you remember to cancel it outside their normal business hours, you are screwed. You probably will be charged for one more month fee, should the next business day is within the next billing circle.

If you really want to use these services online, there is a very nice one out there with much better price and services. Here I cannot tell you a name for fairness reason. Try to google 'internet postage', the first one of the normal result (not the ads) is always the best one. Hope this review would prevent innocent people from scammers.

  • Sa
    sarah_ann_2007 Jun 02, 2010

    My husband works third shift so we sleep during the day, I tried remembering to wake up for weeks to call and cancel even though since it is a trial they should call to make sure you wish to continue the membership before they continue billing you every month, yet this is not the case.

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  • Sa
    sarah_ann_2007 Jun 02, 2010

    Check this out from the Better Business Bureau: I quote, "This company's trial offer is only free to the customer if the service is cancelled within the trial period. If the customer elects to keep the service, they are billed for the trial period. According to the company, credits for misprinted postage can only be applied to open accounts. "

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Customer cheats is cheating customers and charging customer without any service or product. In October, I signed...

fraud, scam

Received cd in mail to try online. They offer free postage to get you to try for 30 days. Once you finally find they're terms, it costs $17.99 a month just to use the service... Who in their right mind would do this if they do not even use $17.99 in postage per month? When I tried to cancel, they said I still owed $37.00! I tried to cancel more than a few times before the 30 days and it never did cancel...They keep trying to charge my card but I blocked them in time... Beware, if I'd given them a debit card who nows how much they would have stolen!!!

Bewildered in Nc.

  • Co
    Corey Mar 11, 2009 is a total rip-off! How can the US government approve them as a 'licensed vendor'? They are unscrupulous and misleading. After signing up for the 'trial period' because the USPS website was down and was listed as an alternative, and never using the service, I receive a monthly bill for $17.99. After speaking to a customer service rep, I was told there was also a service available for $9.99 that they "don't advertise on the web." If they're going to charge a monthly fee, WTF don't they charge $9.99??? Avoid these US Government approved SCAM ARTISTS!!!

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Double Billing

I used my corp. Visa card to set up our account and after a few months I had my office manager...

Misleading Website

Man, do I feel dumb. I never thought I could fall for such misleading website. I like many others wanted to...


I signed up for a free trial of through I never downloaded the software or used...

unauthorised withdrawal

I was charged today $17.94 from the above business in which I have never done business or even heard of. I have no Idea how they got my ATM card number. I will change my account later today.

  • St
    Stewart Oct 13, 2008

    I found a mysterious charge on my bank account and had to suspend my account because of the charges coming from this company.

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  • Za
    Zach Nov 04, 2008

    I had the same charge today 11/4/08, called the 800 number listed on my bank statement and informed me that an account was opened up today (11/4/) with all of my info (cc, name, phone number...) excepting that the email used to set up my account was different, the operator informed me that the account would be closed. I am still worried that someone is running amok with my credit info...

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  • Gw
    gwen Nov 10, 2008

    I Gwendolyn Harris has never used anything on line to do with this company and they keep taking money out of my account every month why? I would like if you don't take anymore of my money from my account and would like to be reimbursted please send me an e-mail for respond.

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  • Gw
    gwen Nov 10, 2008

    I Gwendolyn Harris has never used sci stamps or know nothing about it and would like for them to stop taking money out of my account every month also would like to be reembursted the money they have been taking out of my account please need to here from someone real soon or I will have to find a lawyer.
    thank you

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  • Ni
    Nicholas Pauls Nov 11, 2008

    while going through my account statment and it charged me with

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  • S
    s Dec 02, 2008

    I was contacted by my credit card company- about a possible fraud charge. I did not recognize the name scic While on the phone with my credit card company, I looked online, saw all the complaints and knew I did not authorize a charge. The credit card company is closing my account and it is reported as the fraud charge that it is. I have no idea who scic stamps company is and how they stole my info. I am very glad people posted info about them online.

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  • Gl
    Glenna Underwood Dec 02, 2008

    I also have a $17.94 charge on my account statment. I can not afford this and wish somone could stop people
    from stealing from people that are trying to make a living honestly.

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  • Ca
    carole Sultage Dec 03, 2008

    There was 17.95 taken out of my checking account without my permission This is dec 3 I can not afford this. I called got transfered to one person after a about A 20 minute wait . then to another person and after requestion the supervisier I was hung up on

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fraudulent charges on debit card

For four months I have been charged $17.95. I have no idea who the company is and have not been called by...


I have received a pending charge on my debit account for $17.94 from sci* I know this i...

Misleading sales leading to credit automatic billing obviously has made a fortune on individuals and businesses like mine. It apparently started with...

Mail Fraud

This compamy defrauds you of a minimum of 31.00 the instant you click yes to their lengthy terms of service, for first & last months "service fees".
There is NO ADDED BENEFIT to using the software to access the USPS rather than directly using the USPS website to mail packages or print postage.

My mail fraud complaint is regarding an additional purchase I made from I paid 5.95 shipping for a free stand alone postage scale. I received a different postage scale that can only be used with the site. When I contacted them about their mistake, I was instructed to pay for returning the wrong item before the correct one would be sent at another 5.95 shipping cost to me.

  • Te
    TechSkills Sucks Aug 06, 2008

    They've stolen $19 from me so far, they refuse to cancel my account too so ill be charged again next month. When I signed up it clearly stated my account would NOT be charged for the first month. ###ers.

    Im going to have to close my bank account.

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  • Sc
    Scott Aug 26, 2008

    You can do the same exact thing from as you can on The only thing that provides that you cannot get from is the ability to print postage for First Class mail from your home or business. That may seem like a significant advantage that has. But keep in mind that you can only ship packages or envelopes up to 13 ounces via First Class. Otherwise, you have to use Priority mail which you can print and pay for on the website. If you are shipping things less than 13 ounces, you can always use normal stamps.

    So, does not provide much benefit over using the post office website. And for $17.99 a month, forget it. Their service only really appeals to people with very specific needs and for most people simply does not have the value add to justify the monthly fee. Perhaps there are other value add services they have of which I am not aware. I don’t know.

    In addition, I got stung by the monthly charge after I let the trial period slip. Most companies will refund you your first monthly charge if you let a trial period lapse then call as soon as you realize you were charged for a service you are not using. Well, the brass at institute policies that don’t agree with that. They would rather entice you with a trial period, then ding you when you make a simple mistake by forgetting to cancel before the trial runs out. In today’s day and age where many people have accounts with dozens of websites and do much of their shopping, shipping, travel plans, etc. on the internet, it is unfair to hold people that sign up for trial to a charge them for a service they do not use then refuse to refund their charge if they cancel shortly after the trial period ends. Maybe unfair is not the right word since trial users do have to agree to a terms of service which outlines they will be charged. Maybe the better word would be disreputable. Actually, that is the perfect word to describe Not to mention I never recall seeing anything about a monthly charge. I suspect it was buried in a multipage agreement with an accept/decline button that I assume many people simply accept without reading at all.

    I will never use now simply because of this encounter. And I will advise against using to anyone that may potentially use them. It has left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I am taking the time to post this. What a great way to build a solid reputation for a publicly traded company.

    Your comment

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  • Ab
    Abigail Nov 05, 2008

    I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue. I am interested in talking to people and hearing about their experiences. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have had trouble canceling your account with, have been billed fraudulently by, or have any questions on this investigation. Thanks, Abigail.

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rip off will continue to charge your credit card even if you get a new number. I tried to cancel on line...

Don't waste your money!

Do you believe that it is a waste of money to be billed $15.99 per month from an on-line business in exchange... is a huge scam! is a Huge Scam. I have filed complaints with the FTC and the USPS and I suggest everyone do the...