Sprintunethical behaviour of sprint store associate

U Aug 02, 2018

Dear Team,
I went to a Sprint Store to check on my bill as for this month i got a bill of $234 to pay for it. I contacted that customer care first through Phone they told that is due to advance monthly charges. They charged me for the month of Aug now itself. That is i need to pay for Jun 29 - Jul 26 and for Jul 27 to Aug 26 also. The reason they are telling since i added new line out of the billing cycle that i need to pay for next month also. Being a post paid customer am not sure why i need to pay in advance.

Ok having said that. Since am not satisfied with the phone call i had with the customer service. Then I decided to go to the store where i ordered the new line. I went to the store with my bill evening 6 PM (mountain time). I entered inside the store while i entered the store the person standing (store associate) inside the store didn't welcome me, instead he was just looking at me then i went neared to him and told i have some clarifications on my bill and showed the bill. I explained the issue.

After hearing that he is telling you need to go the store where you ordered. Then i said here only i ordered the phone and i showed the bill which i got at that time i ordered. Then after that he is saying you need to go and talk to the person who helped at that time in placing the order. Then i asked ok where is the person for that he told he got transferred to other store go and ask him in that store. He was not talking politely. I felt so bad because of the store associate talking to me like that.

Is this the way the store associate will speak go and talk to the person who is at the time i ordered the phone, Do i need to search for him. Is this the way the store associate will speak to the customer. They are there to help and assist customers coming to the store. Am very depressed and not happy of that situation happen to me.

The Store Address:

Date of the incident: Aug - 01 - 2018. Around 6 PM to 7 PM.

The associate didn't tell his name.

Any other details needed let me know. Request to take action against the store associate for showing unethical behavior with the customer.

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