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Sprint Phone ServiceBilling rip off from Sprint

I have had sprint service now from September 12, 2007 to today December 21, 2007, a little over 3 months. I have had nothing but problems. My first problems started with the phones themselves. I first ordered my 3 phones online with a special rebate that would apply and make the phones at no charge.... THAT IS $0.00.... for each phone. I received all phones within a 2 week period. After getting the phones, I had problems with one of them, so I called Sprint and setup an exchange. After the exchange I experienced problems with another phone and had to do the same. They sent me the wrong phone, in which I had to again exchange for the correct phone. By the time I received the proper phone, I had found the error was not the phone and had to purchase a new charger. Within all these errors with the phone, Sprint was charging me for them all, which caused errors and a mess on my bill.

As of December 21, 2007 The status of my service is terminated. Sprint is saying my bill is $885 plus some change. I called the customer care center and have spoken with over 6 customer care representatives about my bill. They state all phones have been corrected and the credits have been applied to my account. Which is not possible due to the fact again my service was terminated today, when I checked my phone last night I owed $132.38 and woke up to this.

My charges were supposed to be $89.99 for 1400 minutes of service, with Unlimited Text Messaging added for $20.00 a month and I have 3 phones on my account with the 3rd line being $9.99 a month...Total $119.98 a month plus Tax of course.

No additional internet usage, which was blocked because the representatives misinformed me of what me service entailed and also charged me bogus charges for data usage including picture mail I received through text and opened to find almost a $100 charge for.No other features were added to my account. All internet access was blocked and locked out. I called Sprint at this time and disputed the charges, which they happily took off, only to find the next week or so they were back on and my service was disconnected again.

So I went through this process day after day the whole time I have been with Sprint my billing has been messed up. Credit after credit given and every one popped up or rebates on my phones didn't match the phone amount and was less that suppost to be or too much.

No charges should have been on my account except for the service that I signed on with in my contract. In which if you terminate they charge $200 per line. Even if they are wrong and you have no choice but to terminate your service due to Sprints errors, they try and make you pay this. And if my calculations are correct $119.98 multiplied by 3 with taxes is not almost $900 minus the fact that every bill I received was $121, $14.76 and $32.48 and I had to call sprint to have them review the bill and make corrections just so I could pay my bill that month and not let it accumulate.

Due to the incorrect temporary credits they were putting on my account and the permanent credits they were suppose to and didn't and subtract the payments I did make which were $80 for October after I spoke with a representative That said I owed $78 and some change and had my bill corrected, and November's bill said I owed $14.76 and when I went to the Sprint Store to pay the account they refused to accept the payment because it was below $25.00, not to mention you have to pay to pay your bill which is absolutely ridiculous.

I have spent hours on the phone with sprint trying to resolve my billing and keep my service and all that got me was time wasted, temporary credits that came back on the account and never taken care of to begin with. No appreciation from this company at all for their customers.

Transferred from operator to operator which ALMOST all of them were incapable of handling the account properly.

Now that I have spoken to sprint they make it seem as if my service was shut off due to non payment, which my bill is Due January 8, 2007 and right in front of me it says $32.48 is due, but again I even know that is incorrect and I called them over it.

Not to mention you can only speak with who they let you speak with and a supervisor is out of the question until you tell them you are going to terminate service and after they have you stuck in that contract they don't care what you owe and what you don't !Apparently Clear!

My suggestion to any customer looking for service is STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT... I take care of my bills and I pay what I owe, I will not pay above and beyond what I agreed to. My Service is now terminated due to this and I will now have to dispute the contract all together to avoid charges again due to their discrepancies, which I will do and carry out. Sprint will never see another penny from me!!! Please take my advice Don't use SPRINT!!! They don't know the meaning of customer care..!

Your money is worth more than what they have to offer*


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    Dean Dec 26, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Sprint are a bunch of loosers!

    I had an issue with them over a Treo 650 I bought, it should have had a $250 rebate on it, its the only reason why I bought it in the first place.

    I got my phone, got my rebate form at the same time and send the rebate form in for my rebate, 6 days later I got a letter in the mail saying this rebate was not for this phone offer.

    So I called and told them the Sprint salesman told me about the rebate offer on the phone, they would not give me the rebate, I told them to turn the phone off and told them where they could put it, then they sent me to retentions and they made me an offer, they gave me the rebate, made my internet 30% cheaper, made my plan better and gave me 30% off on it, and gave me free text messaging.

    Now the fun started, I started receiving text messages, in the message it says to stop receiving these messages reply and say quit, I did that and signed up for a $100.00 a month service without knowing it (SCAM).

    I got my bill and see the charges and freaked out!!! what the hell is this crap, I called them and they told me there was nothing they could do, I signed up for it, I explained what I did and they offered to refund the fee.

    They did refund the fee, but for another 5 months I got the same thing over and over again, month after month and they would not stop this from happening.

    I told them to switch it off and I got out of the contract a year and 4 months short, they probably are one of the most incapable companies out there.

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    tommy rhodes Mar 10, 2008
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    This is not my account. Filed wrong and has caused me problems. Beware all!

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    Greg Jul 13, 2008
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    I whole heartedly agree that Sprint is a cheap, worthless, rip off company. I just got "ganked" them for $230 dollars. They suspended my account, but can't tell me what the charges are for... What a joke. 7 ...7 ...days into the new billing period and I "ran" up 230 dollars? I have free roaming, long distance, and didn't use any downloads...I called and complained, and was kept on the line for 3 different operators and supervisors..They kept telling me to be atient and wait a week to see what the charges were...lmao Nobody takes you serious till they hear you say shut it down, and cancell my account. I also brought up this forum and let them know about how many complaints were already posted on here.

    Horrible customer service, poor phones, and lousy attitudes. And they f you over when you try to suspend accounts due to deplyments as military personnel.


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    carolyn mcmilian Sep 30, 2008
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    yes a lots of times to readed the 990 people who complaint about sprint/embraq even a guy of florida embraq sent msg said the lebanon, mo and ohio had big plms cuz too messy up said the lebanon, mo is big plms as always so weberyone better vote what they think and the cusmtoers who worked for embraq in lebanon, mo will be suspended for theft ot tell another what it said, it is law!!! either they will getting fired from embraq of lebanon, mo either shut the bldg off, the reasons if my phone is private so another cant nosy on phone hearing or internet whatever that is sample!!! so everyone will getting fired from embraq for that... cuz of bad rumors... not allow the kids have cell phone if from emrbaq unless parent will say no use only for emgernecy or contact with parent where they went !!!
    not give anyone the permission to that the phone hearing that is law, lebanon, mo. is not friendly no, no this town is theft town.

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    Sydorly Dec 28, 2010

    I too, just hung up the phone from Sprint financial service. I have been a loyal sprint's customer since 2004. I did not know how long have they plugged an extra $9.99 per month on my account! I just upgrade my phone to HTC EVO about November this year and have been bombarded with the high bill and service interruption from them. Little did I know, the $200 phone with discounted signed up becomes $400 phone. And when I looked into the bill, the string of $9.99 per month was there for however long! Suprise... surprice...

    Worst than that, when I communicate with them, they said that they are willing to reimburse me only up to 3 months. It is clearly telling me that they have already aware of this scheme going on and admitted that they are doing wrong, but they don't care about being ethical at all. I would like to let everyone know that Sprint is not the service provider that we all should trust. Also, if all possible, please cancel your Sprint services and go elsewhere. I am not able to leave because I have to bare with the contract + I do not have any money to buy another phone from a new service provider that I am switching to right now. I can only make my ends meet month by month and will move away as soon as I can.

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