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Sprintauthorizing another person on account

I had a Sprint account that I added my boyfriend on. At the time we had hit a rough patch and he asked Sprint to send the bills directly to him. He was never authorized on the account I had just gotten him a phone through the company in my name. After that I never received a bill again and he moved and never transferred his mail. I would like to know what action I can take against the company for them giving an unauthorized person information on my account and also letting someone else change my mailing address.

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    • Up
      UpYourArsenal Jul 21, 2009

      You can contact sprint and ask to speak to their fraud department, anytime there is authorized changes made to your account they can actually investigate your account and see how the person was able to get acess to your account. I do know that only the account holder is supposed to be able to change the mailing adress, regardless if the person calling in knows your pin/security question answer. Thats about all I can think of what you can do, it really sucks that that happened.

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    • Mi
      miahutchinson Jul 16, 2009

      Sprint can authorize someone else on my account but cannot authorize me on it. That is hilarious, especially because I was making all of the payments and it was in my name. Why on earth would they e-mail me back asking for my name and e-mail address? That is ridiculous.

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    Sprinteverything messaging plan

    Sprint offers an Everything Messaging Plan, which includes unlimited text/picture/video messaging. What they don't tell you is when you send/receive picture or video mail, it access the web on you phone and charges you 3 cents/kb. Me and my fiance maybe sent 7 pictures to each other over a months course and was charged 50 dollars in data charges when we have unlimited messaging. I have gone into countless Sprint Stores and called Customer Service a dozen times and no one could give me an answer why I was being charged when I have unlimited. From all the hassle, I gave up on Sprint forever (customer for 10 years), now a proud Verizon Wireless customer. Just thought I would share my problems with you guys so you don't have to go through what I did.

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      • St
        SteveCDMA Jul 17, 2009

        I see that many people in other forums have the same problem with data charges associated with pictures and videos as I have just encountered (recently changed my Sprint plan to the 1500 anytime minutes Everything Messaging Family).

        Upon having doubt that I was going to have the same problem as others, I called Sprint customer service and expressed my concern before the plan even took effect. Well I think many of you on here know how that goes... The rep told me that all text picture and video messaging would be included and I would be billed nothing in addition to the text/pic/vid service that was completely unlimited. Not satisfied that he knew what he was talking about, I did the online chat and got the same answer (which I was expecting), but I just wanted a transcript of the conversation in case they tried to screw me on the data charges. I highly recommend to everyone to do the online chat and save the transcript for proof of what the rep says you will not be charged for. After all, it's easier to fight a battle when you have ammunition!

        Well guess what happened while sending pics and videos... I was watching my account online from day one of using the text, picture mail and video mail and I saw the dollar meter spinning out of control very quickly for data usage (note that text only messages did not incur a data charge.) I should have expected this problem anyway since I read posts on the bait and switch before I even changed my plan. I called Sprint this time to tell them about the charges and they said they could not see the charges until my bill cycle ended. I did not say this to the rep, but was thinking ---> What the ****??? You mean to tell me that I have more detailed info on my account visually and readily available to me than the rep who works at the company supplying my service??? Anyway, they said I would be issued a credit for the data charges. Though the rep could not clarify why I was getting charged for data. At the end of the conversation I asked if these charges would continue to re-occur and he was not sure and transferred me to tech support. I spoke with the woman in tech support about the issue of data charges when sending pics and videos. She told me that anytime I connect to the internet for any reason I would be billed for data unless I have a data pack!!! She actually tried to get me to add the data pack for $15.00!!! I told her that the only way to send a pic or vid was to connect to the internet! I explained exactly that I have a LG Lotus and the steps to send a pic are 1) take the pic, 2) select the send button, 3) select a contact from my address book, 4) send... Well at that last step is where it needs to connect to the internet... I told her that my plan states that it includes unlimited text, pic, and vid messaging. She was silent for a few seconds (probably since she did not know what to say). Then she said that the $0.20 message charge is what is unlimited, but the data is not. After that I just told her to block the internet and we will just use the text messaging which is the only messaging that will not include rip off charges!!!

        I also want to add that after looking very closely at my contract terms of service, I did see this as quoted.

        "Messaging (text, picture and video): Standard message rates are charged when a message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. Unused monthly plan messages do not carry forward. Certain messages, including those to 3rd parties to participate in a promotion or other program, will result in additional charges. International messaging rates may vary. There is no guarantee that messages will be received, and we are not responsible for lost or misdirected messages. Most text messages are limited to 160 characters. Messages may incur an additional data charge of 3¢/kb."

        What do you mean "Messages may incur an additional data charge of 3¢/kb"??? Is that the dialog that Sprint's marketers or lawyers stuck in the contract that protects them from a class action suit? Sure looks like it to me!!!

        So, everyone on here with the problem of having something that you can't use... I share your frustration! Quite honestly all the data use charges and data packs are a load of crap! Technically everything that the phone transmits and receives including voice IS DATA, as it uses digital technology to function. They just break everything down as feature services to charge more... Check out http://forums.buzzaboutwireless.com/baw/board/message?board.id=OffTopicRantsandRaves&message.id=7471#M7471 I have a version of this comment on that thread as well. Look at the tread from page one... Good luck to everyone who has to go through these ridiculous hoops of frustration and wasted time to get the product you were supposed to be buying.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Sprint / Embarqcustomer service, fraudulent bills, lies and scams

      I signed up with Sprint when I moved to a new residence about five years ago, was told I could also have a cell phone at no upfront cost and would receive only regular monthly bills starting on a certain (reasonable) date.
      I keep detailed notes on everything, date, time, who I spoke to, what was said, etc. I learned to do that when I was in law enforcement.
      FedEx delivered the cell the next day, I got it charged and activated, etc. So far no problem.
      The NEXT day, I received a bill for over $266.00 due immediately, so I called customer service. The rep said she didn't know anything about $266 but I did owe $180.00 something, she had no idea what it was for, BUT, it was due immediately.
      I hung up, called customer service again, got someone else who apologized profusely and agreed to cancel my (cellphone) account and remove it from my bill. He did send a prepaid bubble-wrap envelope to mail it back in. I mailed it back, they had to sign for it, and they have always acknowledged having received it.
      BUT, it was on my bill for five months and I called every time. I spoke to 19 different people altogether, some nice, some a disgrace. I paid all legitimate bills and have proof, but, after five months cancelled my regular phone also and went with a local company, which was ok for a while.
      When they started playing games with my bill, I cancelled and called Embarq, knowing they are just Sprint with a new name.
      Anyway, Embarq signed me up, phone and high-speed internet. Was promised a first bill on or about a certain date, for approiximately XX amount of money and I agreed.
      Well, the high-speed never worked right for more than a day, had to call cust/serv sometimes 2 or 3 times a day for the same problems. It would work for an hour or two and mess up, so I cancelled the highspeed after one week.
      About ten days later, way ahead of schedule, I received the first bill, which someone in fantasyland must have gotten from reading chicken bones or something. It was double what I was promised when I signed up, not including the 'termination fee' for cancelling the internet after only one week of almost no service.
      I called cust/service, got someone who could not explain the bill but assured me it was due immediately. I told him to cancel my account immediately and that I would pay what the sign-up rep told me plus taxes and that was all.
      Next day, no phone and that's ok.
      After that, I receiced a few bills from Embarq, then from a collection agency, which I just toss without opening.
      I pay all legitimate bills and no more. My credit is shot because of them, and I really don't care. I will not, under any circumstances, pay a thief to rip me off.
      There are some fine people at Sprint/Embarq who are very much appreciated. Then are there the ###s, who, well, never mind.

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        • Ce
          CenturyLinkJoey Jun 30, 2009
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer


          Sorry you had trouble with Embarq. I can help with the Embarq issue, but unfortunately not the Sprint issue since we are not the same company. If you send me details with the phone number involved, I will check it out for you. My email address is [email protected] Thanks.

          If you need to verify my identity, check out my Twitter page: http://twitter.com/EMBARQ_Joey.

          Joey H.
          EMBARQ Customer Outreach
          [email protected]

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Sprint — charging sales tax on early termination fee

        Get this! SPRINT has the nerve to charge sales and excise taxes on an early termination fee (ETF). SPRINT...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Sprint Communicationsterrible company

        My contract with Sprint consisted of two cellular phones, which I was paying a 10.00 monthly fee. The salesman suggested I purchase cellular phone for the monthly fee instead of paying insurance. This made sense, that way I would already have a phone, and just had to have it activated. My reception was terrible one of my existing phones and nothing was being done to help with my service.

        I couldn't wait for my contract to expire with this business! On several occasions I verified my end of contract date, March 13, 2009. On this date I went to the store to end my contract when the salesman informed me the third cellular line I had added was under a different contract. I didn't sign anything stating this matter, nor was I informed of this when I added the other line to my existing contract.

        Sprint then informed me I could cancel the existing line for 200.00 dollars or pay for the phone that was in my closet until September of 2009! Then in May I recieved a bill for 163.00 dollars from Sprint. I wrote them concerning the matter and haven't recieved a response as of this date.

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          Sprint / Palm Treoeverything

          Dear Sprint,

          I wanted to let you know that I received your little gift for my five year anniversary with what you like to refer to as service. You shouldn’t have. I mean it.You really outdid yourself this time, Sprint. A ringtone? For me? Wow. I’m underwhelmed. Five years at over $200 a month and I get a $.99 ringtone. That’s gross revenue of well over $12, 000. $12, 000! You should have sent me a moped or a cappuccino maker. Who is in charge of your customer loyalty program? Ebenezer Scrooge? Scrooge McDuck? A demented wombat named Carl? I mean, really, come ‘on, you don’t get why over a million customers fled screaming and crying like your service was a flesh eating pandemic last year?

          This is a fitting crescendo to five years of terrible customer service, limited coverage, and some of the downright ### cell phone offerings on the planet. To whit:

          I should have known this wasn’t going to work out. When I called your customer dis-service department I explained that I wanted to port my existing number from AT&T. I was first told that this was not possible. I patiently explained that not only was it possible for Sprint to do this, it was REQUIRED by FEDERAL law. I finally got through to your talking mongoose and she started to process my order. Then she told me “Ok, Sir. I’ve placed the order. Your new number will be..” I was, like, “Stop. No. No. No. No new number.” Then the inbred twit tried telling me it was a temporary number. What?!?! WHAT?!?!? NO! Don’t jack with me on telecommunications. It may be the one thing I know something about. Finally I said “You have no idea how to do this do you?”. Her reply, a very quiet “No.”

          After talking to 15 more servile reps I finally gave up and went directly to one of your stores. It took over an hour and a half but the rocket surgeons finally managed to conquer the impossible and give me a new phone with my existing AT&T number. Oh… the phone.

          I chose Sprint over five years ago because AT&T had no smartphone offering. So I bought the Hitachi G1000 which kinda looked like a brick. When I was talking on it with the leather case my co-workers would taunt me with “Hey, Schubert, you talk’in to your purse again?” The ever reliable Windows CE operating system would only reboot on every third call and I could never get it to synch with my laptop as promised.

          So eventually I got a Palm Treo. The first one was OK. With a few exceptions. It was not tactile at all. Terrible. The touchscreen buttons were extremely small and required the use of the stylus (which constantly wore at it’s storage niche causing it to fall out in random airports/hotels) which was very frustrating when driving. Reaction to the touchscreen buttons was very slow. Sometimes 3 or 4 seconds. And the “hang up” button that appears after you place a call is in the same place as the “dial” button which, combined with the slow reaction time, caused me to constantly simultaneously place and disconnect calls. I mean, Palm, does anyone QA this ###? Ever heard of usability testing? And you’ve foisted this crap on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting consumers. And Sprint, I would love to learn about the process by which you select your vendors. Is it a foot race? A typing test? Do you just sweep some technology ghetto and throw everything you find up on your website?

          Once a year my phone would zero out causing me to get a replacement through your insurance program. It was usually an updowngrade. You sent me a “better” Palm model but it was always worse. Some of the highlights, no texting for 9 months, loss of ability to synch with my laptop, crappy signal, unexplained inability to synch wirelessly with my work e-mail, dropped calls like no tomorrow, no interoperability with Bluetooth headsets, and inexplicable crashes. The graphics look like something out of Windows for Workgroups and your browser can’t even handle java or reasonable page re-sizing. My favorite, and this highlights both your unbelievably horrendous customer service and the fact that the Treo is a steaming pile of phone dung, was last summer when the whatsit decided it wanted to alternate between two boot screens and go no further. I took it into the Sprint store in Hobart, Indiana (don’t ever try to do anything grown up or serious in NW Indiana BTW - but that’s another rant) and Einstein says “Yeah, that can’t be fixed. We can probably get you another phone by Friday.” It was Monday. This is my phone. This is my work. This is my LIFE you f*cking, f*cking ###. Why do I pay $10 a month for this insurance and replacement [censored]e? So I ordered the new phone and went home. Twenty minutes of Googleing and I had my phone fixed. But I figured, I’ll take the new phone because maybe it will be better. It took THREE weeks to arrive. It’s not better. It’s worse.

          Wanna hear about your wireless broadband card? You should, cause it’s mostly good. I get service most everywhere, very reliable, pretty fast etc. But I recently had to install your NEW connection software on a new laptop. I was excited because it looks wicked cool where the old software looked like something that might run on an Apple 2E. Then I had to use it today. 3 dropped connections in an hour. I’ll take the ugly sister who cooks and cleans and you can keep the pretty one with 67 pair of shoes and borderline personality disorder.

          And let’s address two final issues. Why can you not provide service on the cell tower near my home? My AT&T and Verizon friend’s phones work at my house. My Nick’s Wireless and Gumbo friend’s phones work at my house. Why have I never been able to place a cellular phone call from my home you worthless, itinerate sacks of monkey leavings? Texting. Since it didn’t work in or out for the first nine months I had this metric a$$load of crap (another Google fix BTW) I didn’t do it. Now I do text and I find out unlimited texting is not included for my $200+ a month. Really? $.20 per message? Texting is that taxing on the cellular infrastructure? Two words for you. F*ck and You. I’m switching to AT&T and getting an iPhone.



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            • Td
              tdcorp Jun 22, 2009
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Haha, that was amazing. I just can't believe it took 5 years!

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            • Ke
              Kelley Jun 10, 2009

              This was fantastic! I don't have Sprint and hopefully never will!

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction

            sprint lied until the end stating that they could provide service in my area, what a lie. so not true they lied until the end. so they ended up canceling my contract for free.

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              • Sp
                sprinth8er Feb 19, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I signed a 2 year unlimited internet contract with sprint, i was never notified about the unlimited plan terminaton, i found out about it after recieving my phone bill. $650!!! and they wont void it either, time to end my 7 year relationship and switch. the more insulting part is that they switched my plan to the lowest of the 3 they still had, which seems to me like they were deliberately aiming for overage fees

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              • Il
                ilatty1976 Dec 30, 2011
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                The people I dealt with are flat out liars. I spoke to the store manage when considering switching phone service providers. I informed him that I use my phone for business, need Wisconsin and email access and that I travel to a cabin in northern Wisconsin with iffy service based upon my old service provider. The sprint store manager directed me to the unlimited everything plan and gave me a print out showing that my monthly bills would be around $130 per month. I informed him that this was about $40 per month more than I was paying with my old service provider and despite a couple of high bills per year, my old service provider was still cheaper. The store manager then asked me a few questions and determined that I was eligible based upon my job to have a 20% discount. He then reprinted the estimate showing my bills around $105 per month. Since this was only slightly more than I was paying and I had unlimited, I agreed to pay the cancellation fee with my old service provider and switch. WOW, was I made a fool of (and I am an attorney) After several bill of $130, I was informed by sprint that the "unlimited everything plan" was a "non discountable plan." I asked to speak to manager after manager only to be told the same thing, "the discount is showing on your account, but your plan is a non discountable plan."

                So, I was pissed. But thought that perhaps I would get better reception at the cabin (not a chance in hell...far worse.) Then this past month, after dealing with rude, curt service from sprint and not being given options other than "perhaps you can switch to a lesser discountable plan" I received a very nondescript letter in the mail that read something like this..."Please be advised that you have violated and breached your service plan by using more roaming data than allowed by your plan." EXCUSE ME???? Yes, they were threatening me for breach of contract due to the fact that I was roaming too much! I live in a city directly between to major metropolis (Milwaukee and Chicago) and my phone roams when in my basement not to even mention the cabin in northern Wisconsin which I disclosed to the store manager as a major factor in my cell phone provider choice!!! I couldn't and still can't believe this. This company should be investigated by the attorney's general of every state as I personally believe that I cannot believe that I am the only victim of this fraud.

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              • Sa
                Sally52 Oct 23, 2009

                I am trying to discontinue a phone on an account (we have 3), I called in August and was told that I should place the phone a seasonal stand-by and then call again in October to completely remove the phone from my account. This was when the phone I was removing contract ended. So I called today, Oct. 23rd and was told that if I remove this phone today it would cost me over $200 or if I call back in Feb. 2010 they would continue to bill me $15.48 a month until February. This was not what I was told when I called back in August. They lied and now they are cheating me.

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              • Kj
                KJ-KC Feb 01, 2009

                I called Sprint not once, not twice, but three time to cancel our service in advance of the end of contract terms---the contract was up and I did not wish to renew. Of course, Sprint renewed the contract without my authorization and then charged a cancellation fee on top of a another month of service which was never used. I spent hours on the phone trying to have them cancel the contract and fees--they refused and turned over the account to collections. This company is completely corrupt and their customer service is a DISASTER. NEVER CONTRACT WITH SPRINT. I never paid the phony bill and will never do business with them again. I started a business later and enjoyed telling a sales rep for Sprint our business would never contract with Sprint under any circumstance...hope I can save someone else the same frustrations I had to endure with these crooks.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Sprint — sprint rebate fraud

              I filed a rebate fraud complaint against Sprint on Sunday, 08 March 2009 with Planetfeedback. As of Friday...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Sprintapplication process

              This is the second time I was contacted to come in and take an assessment test for sprint for the application process. The last time I didn't get an interview because I missed some questions this time I didn't get an interview due to one question!! I have several yrs. Of sales, customer service, computer phone experience. I'm 43 yrs old and have a solid employment history, worked for the federal govt. Before so clean background check etc.. I answered the questions with what I thought were all appropriate answers to the scenario questions. I had to be there early in the morning and work all that night at my present job so I was not happy for sprint to waste my time with their testing bs!! I won't be getting a sprint phone or darken their door again!! From all the complaints i'm seeing on the internet I guess i'm glad I didn't get this stupid ### job anyway.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Sprinthorrible company

                There are so many things that I can say about Sprint, but I'll keep it clean. I am currently on the phone with Sprint for the 3rd time in an hour and a half. First I got hung up on by a SUPERVISOR, then when talking to another supervisor, he stated that he could not look up my account because the system was down. I immediately called back and talked to a regular representative and they were able to access the account just fine. Wow isn't that amazing!

                Anyway I had to call in to because the bill was wrong once again. Everyone reading this probably knows what I am talking about. There was a charge on my bill for $125. The charge is for a damaged phone that wasn't returned. The funny thing was that I returned the phone over a month ago and they say they haven't received it yet and they WILL NOT take the charge off the bill until they receive it. That is just awesome. This is just problem number one. Problem number two could be figured out by a three year old. I bought a phone off their website and paid for it immediately with a bank card. Then on the bill I just got, they are trying to recharge me for the phone!

                I am just sick and tired of this whole run-around they give me. I am sure it is the same with everyone else too. The worst part is that you have to talk to someone you can barley understand. And on top of the whole thing, they are so rude. I had T-Mobile and they were absolutely wonderful. They helped out in so many ways and made the bill right to make the customers happy. This so called company Sprint is a joke.


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                  • Co
                    consumed Feb 04, 2010

                    I have had the same experiences with sprint. You are handled by people that you can't understand and that are taught to run you in circles. Sprint is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes billions off of the cenerios like you discribed. Just think that if they were able to confuse enough people every month into keeping their product, just how much money would that be world wide? We are a calculated society, that unfortunately dances to the tune of the greenback, and pretty much all companies hire people just to figure out and train others on how to milk us for all they can. Our only course of action is to shift the money to another company that will think of the people that supply their paychecks as someone to treat fairly and honestly and not as targets to bilk and milk. Lack of customers sends a strong message, even to the biggest companies. Tell all your friends and people you meet, eventually, when enough people leave and the money flow slows, they might get the message.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Sprintbill addressed to my deceased step father

                  My step father passed away on 11/27/08 after a stroke 5/08 and nursing home care. His phone was canceled in 5/08 but Sprint continues to bill him for $2.46 despite repeated steps to try to clarify and stop the harassing bills. No explanation is ever provided with the bill.

                  I received another bill yesterday, 3/30/09 and got online to try and chat with a representative to end this but to no avail. The attached is that verbatim chat taken from Sprint's website while it was happening. You would think Sprint would want to eliminate the wasteful mailings of a bill. I guess I could eliminate it if I just paid it but principle prevents that. No explanation, just send them $2.46... no, so I guess I just have to continue to look forward to being billed until I pass on.

                  9:23:45 AM System System
                  Connected to sprint-ap1.cnxchat.com
                  9:23:45 AM System System
                  Session ID: 5631515
                  9:23:45 AM System System
                  Please hold and the next available agent will be with you shortly.
                  9:24:21 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Clarence Fleck is my step father and I want to discuss a bill you keep sending to him.
                  9:24:50 AM Agent James A
                  No problem one moment while I pull up the account.
                  9:24:55 AM Agent James A
                  For account security and verification, may I please have the 6-10 digit PIN number on your account? If you can't remember your PIN, please answer your backup security question: <insert question>.
                  9:25:10 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  I have no idea.
                  9:25:20 AM Agent James A
                  May I have the number to the account please?
                  9:25:34 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  9:27:09 AM Agent James A
                  May I ask that you verify the phone number please?
                  9:27:22 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  I don't know what phone number he was using if that is what you are asking. The number I gave you is the account number on his bill.
                  9:28:11 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  9:28:22 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Here's the deal.
                  9:28:37 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  My step father died on 11/27/2008.
                  9:29:12 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  The bill Sprint keeps sending out which winds up at my adress since his mail is forwarded to me is in the amount of $2.46.
                  9:29:54 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Sprint will need to eat that $2.46 since he will never write a check again and I won't be writing one to Sprint either.
                  9:30:20 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  We asked that his phone be disconnected a year or so ago.
                  9:30:55 AM Agent James A
                  I do apologize, however I am not able to open the account and review this bill without the phone number.
                  9:30:58 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  My brother works for sprint. he tried to stop these and couldn't get it done. The bills at this point are a form of harassment that we want stopped.
                  9:31:47 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Sprint is really pretty stupid is it can't figure out their own bill and solve such a dumb problem. You can't open an account based on a customer's name and the account #?
                  9:31:47 AM Agent James A
                  One moment please.
                  9:32:09 AM Agent James A
                  One moment please.
                  9:32:56 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Anyway... quit harassing us with a dumb bill with a dead person's name on it. No one should have to continue with such aggravation.
                  9:34:05 AM Agent James A
                  May I ask which bill you are referring too?
                  9:35:34 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  And what do you mean by that? Just got the same bill I have been getting for months. I gave you the account number, I gave you the amount and it is dated 3/24/09. What else don't you have? I already said I don't know what his phone number was.
                  9:38:05 AM Agent James A
                  I am reviewing the past bills and I am not seeing a charge for 2.64. May I ask what the charge was for?
                  9:38:43 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Sprint's dumb bill provides NO clue.
                  9:41:31 AM Agent James A
                  I am seeing a charge for 2.37.
                  9:41:36 AM Agent James A
                  Is that what you are referring too?
                  9:42:01 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Look up James. I told you the amount earlier and it wasn't 2.37.
                  9:44:46 AM Agent James A
                  I do apologize, however I am not showing a charge for 2.46.
                  9:45:49 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  James, let's consider that the 2.37 was the charge and Sprint charged 9 cents in interest or something making it 2.46... is that possible?
                  9:48:21 AM Agent James A
                  One moment please.
                  9:51:03 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  You still there James. If you are, what do you think, possible that the 2.37 charge bacame the billed 2.46 charge since it was never paid and past due? Possible?
                  9:51:31 AM Agent James A
                  I am still researching this issue for you one moment please.
                  9:56:36 AM Agent James A
                  One moment I am still researching this issue for you.
                  9:58:31 AM Agent James A
                  I know your time is valuable and I would like to assist you in resolving any issue or concerns you may have today. Are you still interested in chatting with a Sprint representative?
                  10:00:26 AM Agent James A
                  Due to lack of response, this chat will be disconnected. If you require any additional assistance, please log back into chat and we will be glad to assist you. We appreciate your business.
                  10:00:35 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  i am here
                  10:01:01 AM Agent James A
                  Ok I am creating a case for you one moment please.
                  10:01:28 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Jame, what is the "case" going to do?
                  10:02:23 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  What about the idea said a half hour ago that Sprint just write the 2.46 off. In other words credit the account that amount and zero the balance out so the harassing mail can stop? Do you have the authority to do that?
                  10:03:12 AM Agent James A
                  May I ask if you are just receiving a bill for 2.46 or is this charge just part of a bill?
                  10:04:03 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  That's it, a bill to Clarence Fleck in the amount of $2.46. Not part of anything, just this bill, no description for $2.46.
                  10:04:57 AM Agent James A
                  One moment please.
                  10:06:23 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  James, if you get paid any more than $5 an hour it would have been worth doing a half hour ago.
                  10:07:13 AM Agent James A
                  One moment pleas.e
                  10:08:08 AM Agent James A
                  May I ask what the date was of the death?
                  10:09:39 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Same date I mentioned to you a half hour ago... 11/27/2008, Thanksgiving Day.
                  10:10:19 AM Agent James A
                  May I have your name please?
                  10:11:12 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Step son. Richard Waxman.
                  10:11:29 AM Agent James A
                  Thank you Richard one moment pleas.e
                  10:12:09 AM Agent James A
                  May I have a number to contact you at?
                  10:13:02 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  No. Why do you need to capture my phone number? I have no interest in Sprint other than getting you to stop the harassing mail direct at my dead step father.
                  10:14:39 AM Agent James A
                  I will need to have a contact number that you can be reached at so you will not receive that anymore.
                  10:15:41 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  This is all getting even dumber... tell me, how is getting my phone going to stop Sprint from mailing dumb notices?
                  10:16:39 AM Agent James A
                  As I said before I am filing a case about this. Once this case is filed Sprint will quit sending the bills.
                  10:17:11 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  How about this... don't file the case and just quit sending harassing bills.
                  10:17:56 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Or... put down my phone number as [protected]
                  10:18:19 AM Agent James A
                  I do apologize, however I will need a number that you can be reached at.
                  10:18:51 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  I don't want to be reached... I don't want to talk to anyone at Sprint period.
                  10:19:54 AM Agent James A
                  Is there someone that would not mind being reached about this issue?
                  10:20:08 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  Clarence Fleck.
                  10:21:30 AM Agent James A
                  I do apologize, however without the proper information I am not able to file the case that would solve this issue. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
                  10:23:09 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  I have saved this chat... your organization is incredible in a bad way. This saved conversational chat is going to look great posted on one of those customer service sites. Best of luck.
                  10:23:45 AM Agent James A
                  You are able to send Account Holders Name. BAN Name of deceased person PTN of deceased individual. Date of death, date of diagnosis of illness, or last usage. Name of Person responsible for estate. Contact number and address for person responsible for estate.
                  10:24:20 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  As I said... best of luck.
                  10:24:30 AM Agent James A
                  To this address Sprint Nextel Corporation Attn: Credit Compliance 10002 Park Meadows Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124 or this website [protected]@sprint.com
                  10:24:44 AM Agent James A
                  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
                  10:24:50 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  10:25:04 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  10:25:35 AM Agent James A
                  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
                  10:26:37 AM Customer Clarence Fleck
                  You ask the question as if you have assisted me with something today... you haven't.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Sprint Wirelesshorrible service and deception practices

                    I have been with sprint over 3 years and I thank God I am no longer in a contract with them.. There service is disgraceful. Recently I was offered a "lower price service plan" by #eu653683, however I found out that the plan that I was offered and agreed to do not exist and the plan I was switch to was more money than was offered. The Manager Mike 427522, told me that people call sprint to manipulate the system so he do not believe what I am saying. I told him I have been in good standing since 2006 and I had 5 lines with sprint why would I lie.. he pretty much blew me off and told me there's is nothing he can do. I am so dissappointed but every company will haveits day and I am hoping that sprint have there day in court..I off to a new company... BEWARE OF SPRINT DECEPTIVE PRACTICES..

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Sprint PCSovercharged

                      I went to Best Buy in Willmar, MN and upgraded mine and my girlfriends phone and to see about getting our plans joined. While there the cellular rep went over the different plans available for the family plan. So, of course with her and I trying to budget our money, we decided to go with their cheapest plan which was Talk Share 700 plan for $69.99 and then he pointed out that Unlimited text messaging was $10.00 to cover the first two phones in the plan and each phone of course would be additional. Also for unlimited data to cover the first two phones WITH unlimited picture messaging which would be included with the data was only $20.00 to cover both phones. So, we figured that was $99.99 plus taxes was still cheaper then her and I having our individual plans.

                      So, we decided to go for it. After careful searching he found out he was not able to do it, so I asked him if he could call Sprint then and have them walk him through it or he could walk them through it and get us squared away. He called Sprint and sat on the phone with the rep for about approximately 5 minutes and got a line of bull telling him that we had to wait 3-5 business days for a call back in order to join the accounts and that we would each get an individual phone call to confirm the changes.

                      I was like, this is bull crap because every other company I have ever been with would do the changes right then and there as long as both people were available of course to confirm the changes. I could not figure out what the purposes were to wait 3-5 business days. Well, he got off the phone and told us that. I was like 'WHAT!?' That is so bogus.

                      So, I called back to Sprint and asked them what the deal was? They claimed some other department handles the change of ownership calls. I was like, 'then just transfer me to that department so we can get this squared away.' She was like, 'I can't do that sir. Company policy states that we have to follow procedure and procedure is 3-5 business days. I told the lady, that with working two full-time jobs, going to school FT, and my girlfriend doing the same that we barely get to see each other and when we do it is after business hours. I told her that this is the most convenient time because we are not allowed to answer our phones at our jobs or during class time.

                      I got so frustrated with the lady because she was very uncooperative and getting snobby with me, so I dished it right back at her. By the time I was done, I told her that if we miss the phone call and have to wait 3-5 business days again, that there is going to be some real serious problems. She didn't care what so ever. I hung up the phone on her. Then I asked the guy (Best Buy rep) if he could just get her and I set up on individual plans which are the same and then get us the discounts on the phones. He said he could but needed to have it verified through sprint. So, I called sprint back and spoke to another rep and he set up the plans and then the Best Buy guy got us the discounts on the phones.

                      All was squared away and all we had to do was wait for Sprint's Change of Ownership department to call us back to get the phones joined on to one account. Well the next day a rep tried calling my girlfriend's phone while she was in class. Just as I hoped that WOULD NOT do, but they did. She was unable to answer the phone and therefore she missed the call.

                      The rep left a message, but we wanted to make sure my girlfriend and I were together at the change of ownership so we could make sure everything got squared away right.

                      Well we could not call the rep back same day, so we decided to get together on my works lunch the next day and make the call. I called the number that the rep left on the voicemail and spoke to a lady on there and told her the situation. She then got the two accounts joined into one. Then I asked her if she could set us up on the family plan. She went ahead and did so.

                      Next, I asked her to make sure she added the unlimited data plan and unlimited text messaging along with the unlimited picture mail that was included with the data plan. I told her what we were quoted from the best buy rep. She said, yes she will get that squared away. Therefore, I assumed everything was taken care and squared away.

                      Later that same day or shall I say night I came home and thought I would check out our account online to see how they had it squared away. Come to find out, I was being charged for my data plan at 2182 KB at 65.46 in charges.

                      Also, some apparent kids channel I was being charged for as well for 9.99.

                      I was getting upset again with Sprint and called them back. I asked them why I was being billed for data charges and that I want them removed because I was suppose to be on a data plan that should have prevented them charges. The rep tells me I was never placed on any data plan and then apparently it was 20.00 per phone to cover data charges. I was like excuse me? I was not quoted that from the best buy rep and I never had any disagreement from that lady who said she was going to square it away.

                      I asked to speak to the supervisor again and got the complete run around from the supervisor as well. This went on and on for about 20 minutes at least until I got so irritated and frustrated that I asked to speak to someone higher than the supervisor. The supervisor claimed that there was no one higher than her to transfer to. So, I asked: ' You are telling me that there is no one higher than you to speak with so you are the owner of the company?' She said, 'no she was not the owner of the company.' Then I said, 'Well, then there is obviously someone higher than you.'

                      After about another 10 minutes of disputing it with her, she finally got her floor manager on the phone. He said maybe there was something he could do since he has more authority then the supervisor. He looked into it and after all was said and done I was paying the 20.00 for datat that covered both phones, but apparently I had to pay 15.00 instead of the 10 to cover both phones for unlimited text messaging.

                      I was ok with it and did not want to deal with it any more so I accepted it. Well, later my girlfriend tells me she was trying to send a picture message, but it was telling her that it was going to cost 20 cents per message. I was like, well I guess I am going to have to call and dispute the issues again.

                      Upon doing so, they basically wanted to charge me 20.00 per phone for the data plan again and 10.00 extra per phone for picture messaging and then 7.50 per phone for text messaging.

                      Also at this time I had re-reviewed my account again and fount she was also being charged 7.95 for some channel she never ordered as well. I got all the way up to a supervisor and they apparently told me that they saw no charges on my bill for the data usage, but they could see the charges for the channels. I told them I want all them charges off my account because I never ordered any of them period and I am not paying for them. They claimed they would get it taken care of, but the charges are according to what they said for each of the services even though I was NEVER quoted that from the start.

                      I mean the Best Buy rep even pointed it out to the both of us and I read that pay chart according to Sprint's layout. It NEVER said PER LINE --- It said for the account itself.

                      I got so irritated with the supervisor I told her to stick it and I hung up on her. To this day we received a 209.00 phone bill which should be only a little over 100.00. They are still trying to bill us for them wrongful charges and have not removed them what so ever.

                      I have written the Better Business Bureau about this and am waiting for some return results and I am questioning whether or not to trust the BBB based off some of the issues I have read here on this site.

                      So, if there is any attorney's or anyone that can help us out with this at no cost or only at a cost if it turns into a lawsuit, then I would greatly appreciate it.

                      I am sure we are not the only ones being ripped off by this company and I would like to see if we can compile a class action lawsuit against them.


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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sprint — fraudulent company

                        My fiance and I have been with Sprint for approximately three years, and have renewed our contract a few...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sprint / Rpm Collection Agency / Long Distance — unauthorized long-distance service

                        Sprint contacted at&t and set up my long distance service without my authorization. I received a bill and...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sprint Van Linesterrible company

                        Wow. Do not use this company. Their dispatcher is so rude and mean and extremely verbally abusive. They gave me a quote for a 4 bedroom home, 4 bath.. Then showed up with a small truck and called to say that they will need another truck, 4 more men and also the packing, which we already did.. Would be $400 additional. That was just 4 one big mirror, 3 glass table tops and three tv's. I canceled them the same day. Too bad, their onsite men were nice but the home office is a complete rip off and the dispatcher is the rudest person in the world. I would not use them at all. They also talk very poorly about other moving companies and will send you false bbb reports to try and prove a point.

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                          • Si
                            Simon Feb 06, 2009

                            Ms. Carter,

                            Before we reply to your complaint we would like to understand how you can complain about a company without providing your real name.

                            Let’s address your complaints from first to last.

                            1. In our first conversation you told us you wanted to move a 4 bedroom house. We offered to send an estimator to your house to provide you with a free in home estimate. You refused the offer of an in home estimate because you said you and your husband work and did not have the time for an onsite estimate.

                            2. We provided you with a quote based on a list of items that you provided totaling 1478 cubic feet. It was also noted on the contract that the maximum capacity of our trucks is 1600 cubic feet. We us 26 foot trucks which are hardly considered small. The only truck bigger than the ones we use are 18-wheelers. Please see below for the extra notes that were on your contract.

                            Extra Stop / Notes
                            The customer will get $20 FREE of packing materials.

                            Truck Capacity: The maximum capacity of our trucks is 1600 cubic feet. We are not responsible for cubic footage in excess of truck capacity.

                            3. On January 23rd you contacted us by email and asked us how much time the move would take to pack a 4 bedroom house and asked if we could change the move date. Our reply was that only to pack the house would be about 8 hours not including the loading and unloading.

                            4. We asked you a few times to call us because we needed to get some information and you always emailed us back that you can only talk by email. See email attached below.

                            "lets just keep the original day if he cant do the 28th or 29th or 30th. If he can do one of those days, please email me time. It is hard for me to use my phone at work on personal business but email is best.

                            Have a great day!!"

                            5. 1 day before the move you emailed us about picking up a fireplace from home depot in Annapolis (35 minute driving time from your origin).See email attached below.

                            "Good morning. I just wanted to confirm tomorrow at 9am. I also wanted to ask if the men can stop by the Home Depot in Annapolis at 145 Forrest Drive, to pick up a fireplace that is at customer service desk in the morning before they come to the town home. We pay them by the hour so is this ok? Also they will need plywood board to roll the dollies on the ground at the new house. There is a fence in the yard and a big gate but they will have to roll everything in and the ground will be wet. You can send someone out today to look at the house and any challenges that they may have. 22 Wilson Blvd, SW Glen Bernie MD. The fireplace will go in the basement."

                            6. Your sales rep explained to you that you must be present when we open the contract to sign the contract and order for service. When we arrived to Annapolis in the morning you were not there. When we called you from the office you said please take the fireplace and goto my house someone is waiting for your movers there. We explained to you again that we can not load anything on to our truck without your signature for insurance reasons.

                            7. At that point you said that the dispatch is rude and you can not leave your place of work to sign the contract. We offered you to cancel the job and then you said you would be at the home depot in Annapolis in 15 minutes to sign the contract. After 15 minutes you showed up and signed the contract. it was about 9:30 - 9:45 and the movers had been there since 9:00 am.

                            8. When we arrived at the house the only person there was the lady that cleans the house and she had no idea what was going on or what she needed to do we also found that you have about 2000 to 2200 cubic feet that we would need to load. About 600 cubic feet more than the list you provided us. We called you again from the office and told you that it would require another truck and crew or for us to make 2 trips. we then asked if you wanted us to continue to do the job for you.

                            9. At that point you sent us an email that you wanted to cancel the job.

                            "Please cancel move."

                            10. This is the email that we responded to your request that we cancel the job.

                            "The estimate we gave you is based on the inventory list provided by you 1478 cu.ft.
                            On the order for services we mentioned Truck Capacity: The maximum capacity of our trucks is 1600 cubic feet. We are not responsible for cubic footage in excess of truck capacity.
                            When the movers arrived this morning we found out that we need two truck in order to move all you belongings.
                            at that point you asked to cancel the move.
                            Even though we arrived on time to provide you the service and move your fireplace from Annapolis to Odenton you will not be charge even $0.1 for this service just to proof you that we are one of the best moving companies."

                            11. We do not talk poorly about other moving companies. We only ask that customers check the BBB for themselves to compare the reputations of the moving companies they are considering working with. We only provide a direct link to our profile on the BBB because we have a very good reputation and it is important to us.

                            Our BBB profile

                            In closing We are trying to understand how can someone schedule to move a 4 bedroom home over the phone refuse a free onsite estimate and does not want to come and sign the contract in the morning. From the other side we have been ontime at 9:00 in the morrning in Annapolis waited 30-45 for the customer to arrive and sign the contract, deliver the fireplace and did not even charge you $0.01 cent for the services rendered dispite that we worked for you for 4 hours. And on the contract that you signed we have a minimum of 4 hours or a $300.00 cancellation fee for canceling on the move date.

                            I hope that customers reading this can judge us by our reputation and the fact that we deal fairly with our customers even when they have complaints.

                            We can be reached at [email protected] if anyone has any questions regarding this dispute.

                            Thank you
                            Sprint Van Lines
                            [email protected]
                            Tel [protected]
                            Fax [protected]

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Sprint Nextelfraud and cheating

                          For several months now, I have been getting a Sprint bill for my wireless phone for about $39 then, all of a sudden, I get a bill for $258 and some change. I called about it and was told that I went over my 450 minute plan. I clearly remember having 800 minutes -- I was told that I had 450 minutes and to check my contract. I should, but am having some trouble finding it. I have been very busy; I did upgrade to the Simply Everything Plan for $99 per month to avoid ever getting a bill this high again; $99 is expensive to me too, but at least it is a set amount.

                          I am aware that Sprint rounds up minutes, so if you make a call and are told the person is not there in a matter of seconds it counts as a full minute, so someone could use 10 minutes in a 5 minute period, but there is no way that I used 450 minutes. No record of calls were in the phone bill. I asked for the calls to be mailed to me (I am not that great with the Internet). What I got in the mail showed no minutes used. I had called today to work something out. I was on the phone over 45 minutes. The rep did not speak English well; she had an accent and kept telling me the date of the bill and the amount when I asked what could be done to lower it.

                          This went on at least three times until I asked for a manager. He told me the charges are valid and would not give me any credit. I explained that something is wrong and I am not paying this bill. He connected me to someone in Account Services, who after much difficulty, gave me a $35 credit which is not enough. She told me that the charges are valid. I explained that she is assuming the charges are valid -- I was never presented with the calls, just the bill, and they keep telling me that the charges are valid. I told her that I am extremely dissatisfied and I am not paying this bill. She told me that 'detailed billing' is something they only send upon request and they are not required too. I had offered to pay half the bill and have been working with Sprint in that I had upgraded my plan, but feel that they have not worked with me.

                          A few minutes ago, I got a collection call from them saying I must pay today and my phone will be suspended in 48 hours. Instead of making a payment, I have filed this report on complaintsboard. I am wondering whether my bill was jacked up just to encourage me to take the set fee plan. Did anyone else have this experience?

                          Also, before getting this bill, I had lost my previous cell phone, unfortunately it fallen somewhere, and even though I was told that someone else only made one call, I wonder whether that had something to do with the large bill. None of these possibilities were looked at by Sprint -- they just wanted the outrageous money. I was told that no one else has my number. What about the person who found my phone? I asked what about someone cloning my cell something or other which I saw a warning about on TV and I was not answered. I suspect fraud and Sprint has been totally unhelpful regarding this. The bill is wrong and I am not paying it and I have told the whole world about this bad experience!

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                            • Sh
                              shi10 Mar 25, 2010

                              Yes, They are cheating on the bill. After I disconnected the service they asked to pay $73.00 but there was no pending bills, they bills advance in every month, means March month bill I paid on Feb month and disconnected on Feb. They sent bill for March month...

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                            • Ji
                              Jim69472 Jan 23, 2010

                              SPRINT has NEVER had a plan for $39.99 where you get 800 minutes! I have been a customer with Sprint for 12 years! I check/shop them often. Grow up!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Sprint Customer Serviceoverbilling

                            Sprint Customer Service:

                            My Name is Russell E Kirkpatrick I own a Private Investigation Firm in Omaha, Nebraska if you have had problems with over billing as I have and want to get something done about it. Please join me in a class action Lawsuit against Sprint. I am tired of this as many Good Paying Americans should be its time they have to pay us back for what they have over Charged us. Please email me with any and all Documents that you have for “You Being Over billed AS WELL” and I will personally take it to My Attorney who will start this class action Lawsuit.

                            Email: [protected]@ibi-investigations.net

                            PS. LAWYERS FOR SPRINT BRING IT ON

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                              • Zo
                                zodasart Jun 30, 2010

                                June 30, 2010

                                Dear Sprint
                                I was shock today to receive from my Ex-husband of 35 years you contacted him. I called the number he gave me to find out that you have sent a bill collector to me how dare YOU Sprint. Again!!!
                                My account has been close since Oct 30, 2008, I had called to cancel as I lost my job and have been told that I had to go in and cancel my account in person at one of your locations. I would only have to pay a closing cost on my contract which shows paid in full.
                                My record show from the bank transfers that you have been paid off since Nov, 2009 the sum of $735.00 I had not heard nor read a single letter are word this was considered a problem as it was paid in full until today.
                                If you had not contacted me on this I would of never realized that the automatic payments were being made to Sprint of the sum of $735.00 on a bill less then $300.00
                                I do believe that I am owed a return on the over payments you say I owe, so who owes who here.
                                I like to think this is a small mistake, but in the past you have done the same thing to me, and Sprint tried to destroy my credit rating again!
                                Sprint found their mistake and was Sprints mistake not mine, and Sprint apologized, but this time the same mistake is made.
                                TODAY: Not only did I have to speak to a women with less education then my 6 year old grandson on this account but she was very rude and uneducated with the account at hand. All I can say at least Sprint is still hiring Americans.
                                Please check your records again and I am sure you will find the truth like before for this ill behavior of poor account management.
                                Sincerely yours,

                                nancy zoda przygoda
                                PS: Enclosed is a copy of all bank transactions on this account for your easier accountability and accounting needs to rectify this mistake do hope you can also rectify my credit rating as well.

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                              • Lf
                                Lfhamling May 23, 2010

                                Have you completed this suite yet?? If not I may be interested as well... I have several issues with sprint.
                                Leslie Faith Hamling, OMaha, Ne, 68137

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                              • Sp
                                sprintclassaction Nov 13, 2009

                                I created a site called sprintclassaction.org http://www.sprintclassaction.org - that we can use to start gathering at in preparation for a class action lawsuit. It also has useful links for filing complaints with the FCC and BBB.

                                I'm putting together a survey / registration system right now so that we can start gathering contact and complaint information so that the attorneys can figure out exactly what direction to take in a class action lawsuit.

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                              • Do
                                Donna Bryant May 12, 2009

                                My name is Donna Bryant, I am from West Texas
                                I am currently on the phone with sprint as I type this message. I have been with sprint for about 6 years and I feel they have ripped me off from the beginning. There are always charges on my bill and services that I did not request and the rep. will argue with me when I tell them I never requested the service. I am currently dealing with them on International calling services. They cancelled my phone insurance and gave me the International calling. My balance is never correct. We are definitely being over charged. I also am considering a Law suit against Sprint. There are never Supervisors available to handle your issue and when there is they are not any help.

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                              • Tr
                                Tracy Mar 04, 2009

                                My mom has been with Sprint for 10+ years she got a phone for my son and ever bill she was over charge for almost 6 months we finally got the bill stable my mom recently had 1000 text messages to my son phone and the bill showed that he went over 2177 messages which is $435.00, I tried to dispute it but they kept transferring me to other reps and hang up on me and not return the calls. All I wanted is a log to show all incomeing and outgoing text they told me go go online and view the log well I tried and it would not access that information I called back and technical support advised me that some customers have access to that information and some don't. So I asked how can they validate the usage if they don't have access to that information. Computers aren't always right. All I wanted is a detailed log to show the data. Mind you that the bill showed and overage of 2177 and the new statement online shows that he is already over 900 messages.

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Sprintbilling issues

                              I am moderately satisified with Sprint except when it comes to billing issues and keeping their word on discounts, charges, and included plan details.
                              When I signed up almost 3 years ago, the plan was to include free long distance and no roaming charges. Within the first year I was charged roaming. They explained that it was because my service was not in a Sprint area and it was long distance. If it was local no roaming would be charged.
                              This last year I have been charged roaming but Sprint did credit my acct. and told me that they added free long distance and roaming to my acct. This was verbal, on the phone. I have yet to see through my online acct. that roaming is included in my plan, but it has always said long distance.
                              When I renewed my contract last spring, I was offered either a $75 deduction on next bill or 10% disc. for the next 2 yrs. I opted for the 10%. In june I had to fight to get my discount. They had no notes in their system stating it. They corrected it and I rec. it until this last month. I was told by a rep. by email that I have never rec. a discount. After they looked again, they found I did, but it was set up as a 6 month deal. Sprint has deducted from my bill for discount along with $25 for the problems. I have requested a confirmation that I am to receive my discount for the rest of my agreement term.
                              I also have had problems with playing the pc version of downloaded music. They have yet to fix the problem. If anyone has had this issue and got it resolved, please let me know.
                              My advice to all would be to make sure you have the verbal agreements sent to you in writing and ask that they put it in their "NOTES" in your customer file.

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                                • An
                                  Angered1 Nov 28, 2010

                                  I agree with this post. Sprint customer service reps. will say anything, promise everything and then fail to document the contact. When upgrading I was told that upgrading would not afftect my 30% discount I'd been getting for near 6 years. This discount was good thru 2027 and their records reflected this. Sprint had screwed my account royally twice and as a way of saying sorry had given me these discounts. Now Bill Newton in their executive dept. has said that it was incorrect for me to have been getting this discount and Sprint is taking it away from me to correct their error. They screw up my account, force me to spend hours and hours on the phone with them, say sorry for our errors, and take away my discount to run to 2027. If only I had a recording of their disservice department I would continue to fight.

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                                • Bb
                                  Bbb1 Jul 27, 2009

                                  You must record all calls to Sprint or they will not help you. If you have a recording, tell them you are recording for quality control and to make sure they get your order or credits done correctly. You can call the sprint executive office and play the recording and they will credit your account usually.

                                  If they don't. Then pay the $20 and file a Small Claim in Small Claims Court where you live. Because Sprint sold you the service at your location, they are required to travel to your local Small Claims Court, as the court will mail Sprint their court date to meet you in court. If they don't come, you automatically will win, and the judge will determine the case. You must bring the recordings of everyone you spoke with at Sprint saying they will credit you or fix the problems, for the judge to listen to, plus bring all your statements.

                                  The recordings are the only way to win with Sprint. Otherwise they will never fix your bill.

                                  You can buy a small recorder online for around $80 by Olympus and save the recordings to your computer. A recorder will pay for itself in no time. I now record all calls for everything I buy, especially the utility companies, cable companies, satellite TV etc. They all will overcharge your bill, but if you have a recording of every call to the company, then the judge will believe you and you will win.

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Sprint — sprint shady billing practices

                                For the past three months my Sprint bill has been incorrect. I have had to contact Sprint for correction...

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