Spirit Halloweenmy complaint isn't so much about the store but the customer service and warehouse not shipping orders and repeated lies

Ordered product in store on line. It was a sunday so they said it would not process until monday... Tuesday I went into their chat portal and she said it would ship within 24 hours. Friday came around and my order still said processing. Called them and demanded overnight shipping. They said they would call me on saturday... To confirm that it shipped. No call but got an email. Stating that it was sent expedited delivery free of charge. Called in on monday because it still said it was processing online. They said it shipped and I would receive it the following monday... Expedited? I demanded that they send a second one out nda. After going through 2 managers they finally agreed... Now i'm waiting to see if they try to charge me again and if I even get the order.

Oct 01, 2019

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