Spirit Halloween6 foot animatronic

So, We are having a Halloween Party on Friday night. I ordered this 6 foot Animatronic butler. I paid $72 for overnight shipping. I ordered it on Tuesday. Should arrive Wednesday since I paid the ridiculous amount of $72 overnight shipping. Nothing arrived. I finally got an email saying it will turn up on Thursday. Never arrived. Now just received an email saying it will arrive on Friday before 8pm. The party starts at 5pm. I am so so very upset as why bother paying for overnight shipping if it doesn't ship overnight. I spend over an hour on hold to Spirit today. OVER AN HOUR!!! before I realised no one is going to opick up... EVER! I pressed 1 for a call back - no call back!!! I called again and again and again pressed 1 NO CALL BACK! I tried support online chat which reads offline. I realised again no one is ever going to be on the online chat. It doesnt matter what time of day it is it always read off line. SO now I am writing this email. which i'm sure no one will answer! Worst customer service ever!

Oct 04, 2019

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