Spirit Halloweenno way to return an item I don't want and can't contact any customer service people

M Oct 02, 2019

Because I am considered a "VIP" customer, I got a large discount to buy an a $249 animatronic Towering Reaper in May of 2019 for $151. I put it away and go it out on 9/27 to assemble it. I realized then that it was too large for the space I had for it. I took it to Spirit Halloween since they are now open (they were not in April) and they said the SKU number was not in the system so they could not help me. This is new and unopened until they opened it at the store to check to see it was all there. After about a 45 min. wait, they said I would get some things I wanted up to $150. They did not have what I wanted, so they said I would have to handle it on line. There is no vehicle on line for me to return an item. It says they want 100% satisfaction and to just take it to the store. Since this was an oversized item, I had already paid additional shipping for it. I have called headquarters multiple times and left messages for a call back and explained the problem. No one calls. I have tried "live chat". When I type in my question, it now says chat is not available. I have sent multiple emails. All I want to do is get store credit to get something I can use rather than be out over $150 for something I can't use. The customer service is horrible and you can't get in touch with anyone to talk about it.

Spirit Halloween

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