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Very disappointed. I have been flying Spirits very often. At the beginning of the year I flew into ecuador and te watches were stolen form my bag made a complain very disappointed and they send me back a check for the value of both watches in which I had received from I decided to give them another chance because could of Been an error. So on this occasion I flew back to ecuador last month and they loss my bag with all gifts and value stuff that I wear and took for families as my niece was been baptized. I took two bags, carry on and backpack. Full of stuff to gift it. Just on enag missing made all complains and protocols regarding procedures. After a month of sending all info I get a call that my bag was found and going to be delivery. As the delivery company drops off my bag I noticed it was not the my bag and not the weight. I could not fight it with the delivery service therefore k had to wait till Monday to call when they had sent an email letting spirit know about their confusion. Very disappointed during my conversation as they said all my stuff were there and by looking at it it was not. Very rude how they are treating the situation as clearly they don't want to take responsibility for losing my bag taking another 30 days to return it and ignoring my receipts and pics of stuff taken. Now I have lost on my bad approximately $1, 750 on stuff on that one bag. The airline it's cheap and unprofessional on handling their own error or mistakes on handling their employees or service on misplacing my bag. If anyone knows what it's the best approach to have them, Spirit, pay me back on my missing stuff from my bag I will the picture below you see on the right my big bag of 40 lbs and on the left a carry on style kind of bag of 19 lbs.
thank you again in advance. God bless

Spirit Airlines

Sep 30, 2019

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