Speedway - Tatescreek Road - Lexington, KYrude workers in a crisis

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My daughter locked her keys and phone in her car. I was trying to get her help; however, I am in a different state. I tried to call the gas station to ask if she was still there and to let her know if was still working on finding her help. They were very rude would not even look to see if she was still there.

I hope one day your attendant has a child stranded someone and the people there are as rude to him.

Thankfully, some helpful customers allowed her to use their phone, since your staff was less than helpful!


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      Aug 28, 2018

    A line out the door and you want them to take the time to look for your daughter? Pissed off customers on the phone is one thing, but if I'd been in that line and the employee at the register answered, much less suddenly took off outside, I'd be raging. Think before you complain. The staff wasn't rude, they were doing their job correctly.

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