Speedway Gas Stationhorribly treated by worker

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I was completely and utterly disrespected by what I believe is the night time manager at Speedway gas station on Lafayette Road I believe the address is 3437 Lafayette Road Indianapolis Indiana I just asked the gentleman where the 12-packs were and he looked at me with this crazy deer-in-the-headlights look and said well it's probably over there in the cooler that says drinks on it and I asked him are you always this rude to your customers at which time he charged me and told me to get out of the store and told me that if I didn't he would call the police on Me So to avoid any further conflict I left the store but I am utterly upset I go there all the time and I'm a valued customer I would assume and I know that if I ran a business and my employees talk to my customers like that I would fire him on the spot I'm eager now to see what this company actually does about its rude employees because believe it or not it does affect your sales because I will tell everybody that I know about this man in about how disrespected I've been treated you know you can make somebody's Day by just saying have a nice day or you could completely ruin it by being sarcastic and treating them like trash!


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    Harleysmom1379 Aug 14, 2018

    I frequent the speedway up here on the corner of milham and sprinkle and every morning that I come in here after dropping my boyfriend off @work around 7 am the cashier, an older woman, is extremely rude and very unpleasant so much so that I will not come to the store anymore and I'm telling everybody that I know to not come to the store either!!!

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  • Sh
    Shegog Aug 20, 2018

    I have alot of points on my speedway rewards card and they told me I can't get no free chips without a coupon. I think she was being races and I don't think that was nice.

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  • So
    Sonofbane Sep 05, 2018

    The price of the gas didn't match the sign and payed way more for gas than I wanted too. I really feel like the 17cent a gallon that I got ripped off at

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