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I went into Specsavers in January to have an eye test done and to get a new lens as well. When I picked up the glasses it did not feel right as the prescription seemed way too strong. So I went and told them this, and they said that an incorrect prescription has been put in, so they replaced it with the prescription from the eye test. Well, it did not feel right again, so I told them this and they did another eye test and gave me yet another prescription. By this time my eyesight had become worse due to wearing the wrong lenses both times, and the third time was just as bad. Due to them incorrectly giving me three different prescriptions, my eyesight has changed drastically since January.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 11, 2018 9:41 am EST

The lenses are not cut and inserted properly. Shocking job!Glasess should be done to correct the vision not to impair it!

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Oct 15, 2018 4:15 pm EDT

My husband had his eyes tested in January 2016. After he got his spectacles the lenses started falling out (cut to small) & since then we have taken it back on a monthly basis to be re-fitted and fixed. Now the frame broke due to all the tampering & fixing. Why was his spectacles not replaced with a new frame & lenses after 3rd time it happened.

Oct 10, 2018 3:10 pm EDT

I recently decided to visit Specsavers as I had been having problems with my eyesight for quite some time. I bought my new glasses and went home happy. However after wearing them for a few days they did not improve my eyesight, they were uncomfortable, and the glass felt very thick. I was also getting a lot of funny looks from people when walking down the street.

It was then that I discovered that I had entered the wrong shop and I had actually bought swimming googles!

It seems I really should have gone to Specsavers!

Oct 10, 2018 2:06 pm EDT

I had a cateract removed from my right eye 3 months ago and was advised I would need an eye test for new glasses. Went to Specsavers (my usual opticians). Collected my new glasses 12 days after the eye test, with a new right lens. In store, had double vision trying to read their large posters on the wall. They said my eyes needed to adjust and it should be fine in 2 weeks... Now, 3 weeks later, can't watch TV, read a newspaper and have difficulty seeing my computer screen. I feel this is disgraceful treatment from such a noted brand. I have since visited a small independant opticians and have a pair of glasses I can see fine from. I would not recommend Specsavers to anyone!

Aug 21, 2018 12:11 am EDT

Why do white people only get specsavers gifts upon collection of their spectacles but black don't get those?

Jun 27, 2018 8:16 am EDT

I had an eye test on 8th May. I asked if it included the digital Retinal photography & wanted to make sure they can detect anything else wring with my eyes apart from needing glasses. I told the optician that my right eye didn’t feel normal. I said I felt my nose was in my way. Thinking back it was probably the darkness in the corner of my eye. The optician said my eyes are normal and I need 2.5 for reading and if I wanted driving glasses it would only be minimal but may help with night driving. Nothing else. On Wednesday 30th May I went in the store and told them I couldn’t see from the left hand side of my right eye if I close my left eye. I was told that an Optometrist is not available until 3pm the next day. I said I would come back. In the meantime I read about darkness in the eye on google. I made a decision to drive to Moorfields eye hospital that evening. I was seen on 31st May at 1.30am in the morning and was told I need an emergency eye Retinol Detachment operation otherwise I would go blind in my right eye. I was booked in on the same day at 8.30am for surgery. The Detachment was approaching the macular and the darkness was almost half way across at this stage.

Karen Thorpe

Jul 01, 2014 11:31 am EDT
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On the 19th of May 2014 my eyes were examined by an optometrist called Nadia in the Kilburn branch of Specsavers. I was told that my left eye lost -1.00 SPH compared to my latest visit (which was over three years ago and not at Specsavers).I went through the usual procedure and also did the Field of vision test (I believe that's how it is called, the test you do looking at an orange dot whilst you are asked to spot little white flashes in the otherwise white field of vision).At the end of all the testing I was told I had lost a bit of my left eye and that the inner pressure of the left eye was higher than the right one. That was it.I have a card where the box "I am referring you to your doctor" is not ticked.Nadia then thought that it might have been safer to give me a letter for my GP, asking for a check from an eye specialist, but she didn't mention it was urgent or important.In the following days I felt that the vision of the left eye was really poor. I managed to get an appointment with an eye specialist through my GP but it was scheduled on the 22nd of September. Therefore I booked privately an appointment at the Moorfields Eye Hospital.The result of that visit is that I have an extended glaucoma in the left eye. The pressure of the inner left eye was 40 mm Hg! And the field of vision exam clearly showed a very important deficit in the vision.This was a few weeks after Specsavers told me everything was basically fine.I am now under treatment and luckily the pressure of both eyes seem to be under control.My complaint regards the effectiveness of Specsavers standard eye examination. If their optometrist can't spot an existing and extended glaucoma and an eye pressure of 40 mmHG (the normal mesure would be between 12 and 18 mmHG), then I think they should really think again about their staff's professionalism!I was lucky and wise enough to get a private appointment. But what if I didn't? What if I trusted their optometrist who told me nothing at all was wrong other than a new prescription? What if I waited until both eyes were damaged in an irreversible way?DON'T HAVE AN EYE EXAMINATION at Specsavers. Go to see a real specialist!

May 19, 2014 7:57 am EDT

I had a dispute with Specsavers over their 2 for 1 offer and free reactions lenses with £99 frames. Basically Specsavers overcharged me, I did not realise it at the time but thought the cost was rather expensive seeing as I had 2 optical vouchers, one for distance and one for reading. Anyway when I got home I was able to work out the exact cost from their website based on their current prices and deals and found I had indeed been overcharged by £25.70 not a lot I know, better in my pocket than theirs. I rang Specsavers to complain and asked to speak to the manager who disputed my claim leaving me no choice but to demand a full refund which he agreed to, this is where it gets a bit iffy.

I got the money part I paid refunded on return of the glasses but the manager has kept my NHS optical vouchers which have obviously been cashed in. What is really astounding is, there is no way to complain about this misuse of public money. You can complain about a GP, dentist, hospital or pharmacist to the NHS, you can even complain about the optician who tested your eyes to some optical council, but there is no way to report people who may have fraudulently claimed money off the NHS in your name. There is no accountability, no checks in place, no way of checking up on this. I might be wrong, but I can't find anything on the NHS website that covers my particular situation.

Jun 17, 2013 9:45 am EDT
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Had a couple of problems with specsavers opticians in Bristol. The worst was a few months ago when they managed to put the lenses the wrong way around in my glasses which led to my suffering a week of migraines. I did not even get an apology for this. In fact, they did not officially offer me an explanation of what happened - I only know what the problem was because returned to the store I was kept waiting for 45 Mins while the staff argued amongst themselves about whose fault it was.

I gave them another chance when i wanted to try contact lenses as they had a good deal on. Unfortunately, this week I have received my first delivery via lensmail and they have sent me the wrong strength lenses for my left eye (good thing I have a copy of my prescription).

Oct 31, 2010 5:35 pm EDT

A wrong prescription in a pair of glasses will never make your vision worse. It can give you headaches and eyestrain etc but never physically alter your prescription (unless you are a child up to the age of around 7).

Feb 17, 2010 3:30 pm EST

As an optometrist, we can only base a prescription on the responses patients give us. There is is no clinical evidence to state that they wrong prescription is going to mess up your eyes. I also think that it must be stressed that all stores are franchises and all the directors strive to give the best customer service they can.

Feb 08, 2010 11:07 am EST

Specsavers it is just rubbish I end up paying £250, after 6 months my glasses cot came out with a small dots, i went to Croydon branch, one guy who works their he was saying because of hot curry's steam my glasses cot was removed and asking me for the payment then some how I manage to get replaced it then after 2 days screws came out from the frame ..

It is just ridiculous I am paying for services and I am not getting proper treatment I will claim the management they don't bother they want to just make money open their branches even not capable to fix screw properly !

Aug 16, 2009 6:19 pm EDT

I would report Mr W.Yohannes to the GOC board and get him struck off. He's not registered as a practicing optician on there which is illegal

Jul 14, 2009 4:22 am EDT

Specsavers Woolwich branch - run my chavs and con artist
I had an Eye Test which is free on a Separate NHS Voucher, there is another voucher for glasses and contact lenses.
I found out the optician Mr. W. Yohannes charged my NHS Voucher for contact lens test which they did not do.
They refused to take this charge off my voucher.
Then the store manager called Taz asked me to hand over my credit card as he claimed I had contact lens test and did not pay for it. He knows I made a complaint, he knows they already charged my voucher for the test - WHICH DID NOT TAKE PLACE.
He asked me to leave the store - but tried to hid my receit so that I could not complain with any proof of transaction. I told him to give me the receit which is my only proof. Both Taz and W. Yohannes became aggressive. Yohannes kept walking up to my face saying I was a liar.
I am going to report him to the NHS. When I asked for them to refund the Voucher as the test did not take place - they quicly claimed the voucher on their system and told me it was too late. Con artist. Don't go there.

Jul 09, 2009 2:27 pm EDT

i went to specsavers for an eye test for contacts lenses, the technicen didn't ask me what conditions i would be working in (outdoors in maybe dusty situations) would i be using the computer in long hours, do i do alot of driving.
they told me my free sample will be in 7 days later...i went to collect, only to get an reply ohh sorry hrmm they havn't come in yet, come back in 7 days they be in...i went to collect i got the same reply but we give you 5 days supply, one pack was correct and the other wasn't and there response was it won't do any harm, come back in 7 days they be in... i went to collect and i got the same response but we give the same supply as last week and i told him i would rather wear glasses than wear contacts that is giving me headaches, they told once again come back 7 days your free sample will be in ...i went to collect and had this feeling i wasn't welcome, this hostile in the shop was quite evident, i went up to the counter and said i come to collect my lenses, and the manager snapped they are only the free lenses, so me and this lady sat down to come in 7 days later wearing lenses for an check up.
i went in 7 days later 5 minutes late, i took my glasses with me, i walked into the shop only to have hostile look from all the staff ( feeling mutual) when they are incompetent including the technicien only to tell me sorry you need to rebook again for an appointment. guest my answer

this is the east grinstead store

Jun 19, 2009 5:25 pm EDT

been wearing glasses over 30 yrs and recently i had my eyes tested at specsavers and recieved two pair for distance and reading ...i couldnot even see out them when i tried them on instore ... and they said give them a few weeks ...which i did and still couldnt see out of them ... took them back and they made me feel as if i was imagining it ...turned out they had put the wrong lense in my left eye

...also gave me high index lenses in my distance glasses ...instead of anti reflection coating which i had asked for and say nothing can be done now...been with them the last five yr no problems but wont be back next time


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