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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Specsavers — lens mail scam

I have been a lens mail customer for approx 12 years and have experienced a fairly smooth service, that i...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Specsavers Wilton Corkcustomer srvice

I choose Specsavers to get my sons glasses as they seemed to have the most range an value for money. Unfortunately I found the staff in Specsavers Wilton to be rude and dismissive, in order the problems I had we're:
1. There are loads of staff but all avoided contact when we arrived for our appointment, I had to wait ten minutes just to be asked to sit in waiting area.
2. While my son was getting his eye test done another member of staff was loudly complaining about how busy they are to the customer she was dealing with saying she was run off her feet, which i found very off putting.
3. I wear contact lenses but usually use a different optician, however I would switch if I found a better deal as they can be costly, so I asked a staff member at the desk if I could enquire about contact lenses, she just said you need to book in for a test then walked away.
4. When my sons test was completed we were directed with a staff member to choose frames, the children's frames were tiny even though my son is only ten we had to choose from the teenagers frames which are more than twice the price. The staff member supposed to help spend her time staring around the shop and did not assist us at all.
5. When everything had been choosen the entire cost had to be paid upfront which bothers me as I would not receive the glasses for a full week.
6. I noticed a sign saying leave your email address for customer feedback emails but when I asked if I cold leave mine they said there was no need.
7. During the week I decided to have the contact lens test with Specsavers regardless of their poor service as I decided it may have just been a bad day but when I rang to make an appointment on the day I was due to pick up my sons glasses anyway I was told they were busy all day and the man who answered the phone just hung up instead o offering an alternative day.
I was left feeling like I was a hindrance and a nuisance after my visit to Specsavers, their customer service is terrible.
Claire O Driscoll

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Specsaverscontact lens service

    I am sorry to say that I need to put in a complaint regarding the Aberystwth branch of Specsavers.

    I initially had a contact lense appointment in December 2012 for which a pair of trial lenses had been ordered for me to put in an hour prior to this appointment.
    I picked these lenses up, (although I was told she shouldn't really give them to me because it was about 3 hours till my appointment) and then later on in the day I attended the appointment.

    A different woman (this one was lovely, no problems) then took me into the exam room and when she realized that I was wearing a pair of lenses that I didn't want (I always buy the ones you wear all month) she said would order me a trial pair of the other ones and just to wear these ones until the new ones arrived so that I could be signed off on the ones I wanted to buy (fair enough).

    So a couple of days later I got a phone call saying my contact lenses were ready for collection. When I went into the store to the pick them up I dealt with a man I hadn't seen before who simply fetched my lenses, handed them to me and resumed talking to his colleagues.
    I presumed then it was not necessary to book my next appointment as no communication seems required of me. Therefore I would wait for another phone call or a letter informing me of the time scale in which I was to return.

    It was in January that I thought it was strange that I had heard nothing (it would have been sooner, but exams are stressful and all consuming) so I phoned up my branch and asked when I was due to be seen next.
    I was told rather bluntly that I was already overdue and a note had been put on my account to book an appointment when I picked up my last lenses.
    I can not see my account and yet she still spoke me like it was my fault.

    Anyway, she agreed to book me another appointment but it would take a while because the books were pretty full. So I settled on the 15th February and I was told another pair of trial lenses would be ordered for me and were to be picked up an hour prior to the appointment as before.

    Now on Wednesday 13th I walked into the store to cancel my appointment (I had a funeral to attend in my home town and would be unable to do both) and I was greeted with "Here to pick up your lenses" (which is odd since it was 2 days till my appointment and I'd been told before that I couldn't have them earlier) to which my answer was obviously "No, I need to change my appointment".
    The woman was fine on this occasion, she changed my appointment to the 19th February and again reminded me that I would need to pick up my lenses an hour before, to the point where on my appointment card it says "1.30/2.40" one time to pick up lenses and one for the appointment as she told me then.

    So today, which is the 19th Febuary, I walked into Specsavers at 1.30pm and was greeted with "You've already picked up your lenses" to which I probably looked extremely baffled, since I hadn't. On adamantly assuring her that I hadn't she went out to the back to have another look.
    She then returned with a plastic folder containing 2 contact lenses and some notes and proceeded to tell me that I must have picked them up last Wednesday when I changed my appointment.
    When I told her that didn't even make sense because she was the one who told me to turn up at both times and even wrote it down for me, she refused even to listen. She continued to argue with me and refusing to listen until I eventually gave up and walked out.

    The logic behind her argument was so ridiculous and to be told I'm wrong so decisively was not only incorrect but also very insulting.
    But her own saying in the past, contact lenses were only to be picked up an hour prior to the appointment.
    When I told her the last lenses I got where over a month old and needed to be thrown away, she just said "yes" and continued on some illegible tangent.

    The service now from this one individual has been erratic and rude and a very poor representation of Specsavers.

    Not only do I now not have any current lenses but I can't be signed off any and even order them from another Specsavers store.

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      Specsavers — customer service

      I bought a pair of glasses in Specsavers last March, and noticed upon receipt of the glasses, that the lense...

      Specsaversunhelpfull staff

      When I asked the manager at the branch in mill gate shopping centre, bury, lancashire, bl9 0bx for a copy of the complaints procedure she gave me a card for the shop and said put it in writing and send it in, and then the other shop assistant chipped in, and we deal with the complaints, with a smirk on her face [so that would be a waste of time because the complaint was about them.
      I've not been as angry as that for a long time, so much so I don't trust my self going back to the shop.
      I finally had email from the [franchise owner] who completely supported his staff and had spoken to them about this incident, the fact that I had been a loyal customer for over ten years had no sway I was wrong and that was that.
      I will never go to specsavers, or recommend to anyone ever again

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction

        Had appointment at opticians today to pick up my Vari focul glasses and sun glasses today 2nd June but received a call yesterday to say that there was a problem with sun glasses and they would not be ready until next week I am going on holiday on Tuesday the 5th and required them for this and they were aware of this when they were ordered. They then said that they could make me up some distance glasses which I said were no good to me they then suggested that I could take the glasses with the wrong size lenzies and that would at least cover my holiday went in to take a look at them and there was a gap around the frame metween the frames and lenzies when I tried them on the girl saidd that you could not see the gap I asked her to try them on and you could clearly see the gap but I gave them the benefit of the doubt brought them home and as soon as I tried them on my son said do you no that the lenzies do not fit the frames and I got the same comment from my friend I have had to go now and organise another pair of sun glasses. I am very unhappy with the attitude and the dont care attitude from this member of staff after paying specsavers £314.00 its as if they are doing me a favour giving me misfit glasses and I have got to go in after my holidays to pick up a pair that will hopefully not be another misfit. I will not be using this company again although I have always used them in the past but this they have been totally unhelpful.

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          • Ra
            rachel 11 May 08, 2011

            i was told i would have to wait 2 weeks for my new glasses due to the bank holidays over easter. then i was told i would have to wait another week for them. the day before collection i recieved a phone call telling me that i would have to choose a different pair of glasses as the lens are not suitable for the frames. so i made the decission to have them put in the same frame as the other ones. then on the day of collection i get told that my lens have broke in one pair and it will take another week for my glasses to be fixed. i find this unsatisfactory a month before i have my new glasses sorted. i am going to have to wait the extra week but will be taking my custom elsewhere. specsavers is certainly one to make profits but their service stinks, although the staff are nice this is not good satisfaction. Sadly this is not the first time i have had problems with specsavers previously i brought 2 pairs of glasses but could only wear one as the others gave me headaches and after several trips back to the opticians who said i needed to give them time to get used to i gave up !!!

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Specsaverseye test

          After two eye exam..inations i was prescribed the tottaly wrong prescription.
          i have always used specsavers but never again.
          the service was very amaturist and basically they could not be bothered.
          Thank god i went to Boots where the service was excellent.
          i have spoken to many friends who also say they would never use specsavers again due to their very cavalier attitude

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            • Sa
              SamB92 Mar 26, 2010

              I am 17 and have had glasses since i was 4.

              Last month i went to Specsavers for my 6 month check up, which was a waste of time. The guy that was checking my eyes asked how my eyesight was to which i replied that my eyes were not too good as i am now having to have my texts enlarged at school so i can read them, he asked why in a blunt mannor and i told him that i was struggling to read small print and that the Visual Impairment Service people had done checks on my eyes and found that i was clearly having difficulty reading and that they would be enlarging all my work for me. He never new anything about this and said that he couldnt find much change in my eyesight from last time. I asked what he meant by not alot and he replied 'not much difference', i asked if he meant as in it had changed slightly for the worse or for the better but he would not answer my question.

              He then told me that i was to come back in 2 years for another check up, which suprised me alot. I am not happy with this concidering how my eyesight is changing all the time and that clearly it HAS got worse when i am n longer able to read 'normal' size texts. Surely this should mean that my eyesight should in fact me monitored and not just left for it to get alot worse.>?

              I also suffer from Cateracts in both my eyes which i was only told about a year ago. At this time i was told that i have had the cataracts all my life. But i had never been told this until i was 16 and started to get much worse vision which is really rather shocking. Since being told about the cateracts, i have never had it mentioned again by any of the people checking my eyes which confusied me a great deal as i would have thought they would also monotor that or at least mention it, but its like its not even on record?

              Im really not very happy with their service and i am thinking about changing my optitions shortly.

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            • Th
              ThePhoenix May 23, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I went for an eye test as it was about 5 years since my last & my glasses didn't quite seem to be strong enough anymore. The optician said 'yes' I needed a new prescription & that he'd recommend I had bi-focals. I said I wasn't interested in bi-focals so he refused to give me my NHS voucher! The guy's name was Martin Bull. I guess he thought if I wasn't going to spend over the odds for something I don't want (or need), then he'll spoil my day. Perhaps he was on commission?

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Specsaverscustomer care (or lack of)

            A copy of my complaint...If I can find someone to send it to!

            I am writing with regards to my disappointment with the service, or rather lack of, of Wolverhampton Specsavers over the last 12 months. I have used Specsavers since a very, very young age and have had glasses from you every year since. I have also had contact lenses for almost 10 years.
            The troubles began when I started having headaches and found I could not wear contact lenses as my eyes were light sensitive to the headaches. I always see Steve at the Wolverhampton office, who again, had always been wonderful. He informed me that my prescription was wrong, it had been noted down wrong and my one eye was being over corrected. He expressed how sorry he was and had the prescription corrected at the front desk and made the change to my contact lenses, ready for the next delivery. I was also given a £50 gift voucher (Which unfortunately couldn’t be used as I had already had my new glasses and it was out of date within a month).
            The lenses never came.
            I contacted the office and they told me that I had cancelled my contact lenses. I insisted I hadn’t and explained what had happened a few weeks before. They corrected the mistake and reordered them.
            They still didn’t come.
            I phoned the office several times and eventually they offered to have one pair ordered into the office for me. Although this defeated the object of having 3 months delivered to my house, I agreed.
            They never came.
            I was then told that there had been a flood at the storage unit and the manufacturers were in the process of remaking all the lenses that had been damaged. I would have to wait until this had been sorted.
            By this point I had been waiting for my contact lenses for 5 months. I contacted your head office and expressed my annoyance and asked how, in over 600 stores, not one of them stocked a single pair of my lenses. Although he was polite in doing so, the gentleman I spoke to basically told me it wasn’t his fault and I was to wait until they were ready.
            So I waited.
            They FINALLY came, 6 months late. I had to go into the office to pick them up. The lady on reception kindly told me that they would order me 3 months free. Again, this defeated the object when I had already paid for them! She suggested I phone and cancel my order for 3 months and then phone again to continue it. After yourselves randomly cancelling my order earlier in the year, I declined to do this.
            In March/April I made an appointment for an eye test. I explained to the lady that I had been suffering with dry eyes and found wearing contact lenses very uncomfortable. I also explained that my paternal grandmother is undergoing treatment for Macular Degeneration and was slightly concerned as my left eye is constantly dry and I quite often have stabbing pains. She showed me a picture of my right eye and said it was fine. The left eye picture came up and the screen was mainly black with faint lines. I was told this was just the flash of the camera but everything was fine. She then told me to go out and get some drops – writing the name down for me.
            On going to purchase the drops, I was informed they were not to be used by contact lense wearers.
            So I went to see Steve in the hope he could advise me on how to get more wear from my lenses. He told me I was better off trying a new set of lenses – they are more expensive but it was my only real option. I agreed to a week’s trial.
            After the week’s trial my original lenses came through the post, I decided to see which I preferred between the two. I put in my new lenses to find I couldn’t actually see anything through my left eye. I tried reading the channels on the TV and couldn’t, likewise with car licence plates.
            The following day I went into Specsavers and explained that I couldn’t see out of the left eye and could they check my prescription. She told me it was right and was I sure I hadn’t put my lenses in the wrong eyes. She asked me if the other lenses were the same, which I couldn’t answer as I had only tried one pair, then made an appointment to see Steve again.
            Upon seeing Steve he carried out the full test as always and told me that it wasn’t the prescription, or my eyes so I must have a faulty batch and I was better off having the lenses I trialled. He went out to reception and told them I was changing lenses.
            A young girl talked me through changing them and said they would arrange to order me one pair of lenses. I asked why I was only getting one pair when they come 3 months at a time and she told me it was because I had opened 2 pairs. I explained I had to open one pair as I didn’t know they were faulty and the second pair was opened, as suggested, to make sure it was the batch and not my eyes/prescription. She then spoke to her manager who said I could have the 3 pairs but I had to pay the difference as the new lenses were more expensive.
            I tried explaining that I had been sent faulty lenses and I didn’t see why I should have to pay for lenses that I had to have because of a mistake. At this point her manager came over and asked if everything was ok, making me feel like I was being a trouble maker! I was nothing but polite and even apologised to the girl if I was making her uncomfortable but I just wanted to know if it was normal practice to make people pay for errors caused by others. I was told the new lenses would be in the shop for Friday 18 May.

            However, as if all the above wasn’t bad enough, I had a full check up with regards to my health and I was told that my left eye is extremely dry and only working at 30% what it should be, tears should take 10 seconds to dry and mine are less than 2. This will be sorted with a short course of medicated eye drops. I can’t help but feel that perhaps that is the reason I was having so much discomfort with my regular lenses and if the optometrist had listened to me, instead of telling me just to get drops, (which I cant actually use) I wouldn’t be in the position where I am having to pay extra for lenses, which, by the way, still have not arrived! 4 days after I was assured they would be with me!

            I have always used Specsavers and I have always recommended them to friends and family, yet after everything that has happened I am yet to receive so much as a simple “Sorry.”

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction

              I have visited two different branches in Surrey and recipient of patronising, arrogant optometrists. How can such professionals exist?

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                • Cd
                  C_D Apr 03, 2012

                  In one branch, the optometrist was annoyed had to fix my glasses to my face properly as it was given to me far too loose, which kept falling off my face and though had fixed it had also left several deep scratches on my glasses, which had taken off the colour of the frame. The optometrist was at the same time patronising and arrogant by way he knew how it felt sitting on my face!

                  On a different and recent occasion at this branch I had to visit the store to find out why I had not received my lenses to be told that head office had cancelled my contract for unknown reasons. The sales associate was very apologetic, empathetic and requested for a sight test to make sure my contact lenses number on their records was correct as the contact lenses I was wearing were lenses from previous lensmail I had not worn. The optometrist was not interested in carrying out the test and quickly checked in a real hurry for 2 minutes, yet only concerned as to why payment had not been made for the lenses in my eyes?? She advised the sales associate that she thinks that my eyesight numbers are those as on my records? I advised the sales associate that I was not happy with that as what was the point in carrying out the test. The sales associate confirmed that she was very good yet I was not convinced. Later in the week I tried on the pair and found blurry vision, which made me take them out straight away as it set off a headache.

                  The second optometrist in a different branch carried out my eyesight test and was patronising and arrogant in carrying out the assessment as her questions were not direct, which could have meant anything and by asking her to clarify as I didn't understand became patronising and arrogant.

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                Specsaversverbal insult

                On the Saturday 24th March 2012 I was booked in for a 11.05am eye test appointment. After I completed my eye test the optician recommended I required reading glasses for close up work. A male Specsavers sales assistant came and collected me to choose some glasses, I said to the sales assistant on the way back to the showroom that I only wanted to purchase a £25 pair of glasses. Once back in the showroom he went about showing all the various spectacles at different price ranges, I re-iterated I only wanted the £25 pair, he replied " you don't want to look like a ninnie ". Over the past few days his reply has infuriated me because firstly it has affected my self esteem because I lack confidence in wearing glasses and secondly being on a low income it has taken me a long time to save up for an over priced eye test and for glasses which I can ill afford. I presume as a multi-million pound company you train your staff to verbally abuse or insult it's new and existing customers, I would imagine it could have been a different story if I could afford the top of the range glasses as his commission would have been higher than the £25 pair. If Specsavers don't like their cheap frame range then why bother to sell it. The next time I am due an eye test which will be in two years time I will take my business elsewhere so I can be respected as a customer and be treated professionally and not be insulted by staff if I can only afford the cheapest brand or range of glasses.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Spec Savers — bad customer service/product

                  I have recieved nothing but disgusting service. I was talked into taking new frames not using my old frame...


                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Specsaversthe management

                  I have over the past 20 years had lenses & frames from this Company No problem.However a couple of months back I went again to my local branch for a test & new frames.As I am a bi-focal wearer I advised the member of staff that I required lenses of a suitable size for satisfactory near & distance.
                  Frames were selected On collecting long distance vision blurred & same with bi-focals.Wrote to manager responded that new apt made & as they were not available deputy would deal.Duly arrived told DEPUTY SICK !! Had a re test Sales member mumbled something about thickness of lens .New lenses supplied Again vision blurred.Decided enough was enough Lodged complaint & asked to see Manager/.Advised manager informed .20mins later advised manager may be some time "DID I WANT TO CALL BACK"
                  They have a great big singn in the store "ANY PROBLEMS RESOLVED NO QUIBBLE"WHAT A JOKE.I don't blame the staff the problem at this Orpington br lies with the Management.If a customer has a complaint the Manager should deal with it personally THEY ARE PAID BIG BUCKS THE BUCK STOPS WITH THEM.I plan to write to Guernsey see how they like it

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                    • Sc
                      Scad34 Sep 17, 2013
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Amateurish eye test ., and technicians who don't seem to know their ### from their elbows'
                      visiting Specsavers may be cheap but so is the service they provide

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Specsaversaircraft carrier tv advert

                    The latest Specsavers commercial shows a couple arriving to board a Ferry but ending up on an aircraft carrier. This commercial demonstrates irresponsibility as the main focus of the 'story' is that our hapless couple got on the wrong boat due to eyesight problems, whilst ignoring the more important concern that someone with such eyesight issues should not be driving a car on the public highway. I would be very surprised if Road Safety campaigners have not submitted complaints about this advert thus far.

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                      Specsaversincorrect prescription

                      After having my eyes tested at specsavers I returned to the shop a few days later to collect & have them fitted.
                      As soon as I left the shop I realised that the new bifocals were not as good as my old pair. I persevered for two days but returned to the shop & explained my problem. Of course I was told that I needed to get used to them but I assured them that I had really tried in vain. I was given another eye test. Comparing the two prescriptions I noticed that the readings were completely different to each other. When I collected my new pair of spectacles they were in fact worse than the first pair. Two days later I returned to specsavers & had my money refunded. ' I shouldn ' t have gone to specsavers ', I should have read the complaints column first.

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                        • Je
                          Jeffdharr May 07, 2012
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Went to specsavers for eye test "BIG MISTAKE" took nearly two hours and didn't seem to know what she was doing. Then picked frames and waited two weeks, had a phone call telling me the lens could not be put in frames, so went back and picked another pair. Two weeks later returned to shop and tried glasses on, could not focus, the prescription was incorrect. Overheard assistant telling another that I was "stressed" when having eye test. Six weeks wasted with no glasses took refund and left and will never return.

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                        Specsavers — misleading adverts and staff

                        I recently went to Specsavers for my glasses and contact lens test and was given false information on their...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                        After an eye test I was told I needed 2 prescriptions, one for reading and one for distance. Ended up spending a couple of hundred pounds. Was told categorically that the distance glasses would not work for reading. I found that the do! I never needed the reading glasses at all. It was just a scam to get more money out of me. Went back to store and the assistant (A misnomer!) said he didnt find what I was saying believable - as if I would lie about what glasses I can see through! As the reading glasses frames are the nicest I am now paying to have so-called distance lenses put into them. This company also breeches the data protection act by keeping your data on file - incl date of birth - even when you ask them not to. Watch out, don't believe them if they tell you you need 2 x prescriptions. Dishonest, unethical, misleading.

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                          • Ga
                            Gail Whitaker May 09, 2013
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            My 18 year old daughter changed from wearing glasses all the time to wearing contacts. Unfortunately the only type that she can use is the toric lenses which are more expensive than others. I signed up to lensmail for her and they are supposed to be delivered every three months in plenty of time so she cannot run out. We have had late delivery before but this month takes the biscuit!!! Aware that she was rapidly running out she telephoned the local store on May 4th to be told that her lenses were dispatched on 28th of April. The assistant reassured her they would be delivered by the 5th of May. At this date the 9th of May they still have not arrived. The direct debit was taken from my account on 28th of April. Via the local store speaking to lens mail I was told they will not consider replacing the whole pack for another 7 days!! Specsavers this is no way to treat a family who all use specs etc and Boots the chemist or even Tesco can provide better service than this!!!
                            Wish you'd gone to Specsavers? Wish I'd gone to Boots!!!

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Specsavers — lied to in store

                          Hi, I went into Specsavers in Ealing Broadway just over a week ago with a voucher for a free eye test and...

                          Specsavers Ilkestonappointment wrongly given

                          My dad made a appointment for my mum who is very ill last week at ilkeston specsavers the lady behind the counter made it for the 20th of march 2011 at 3.40pm, so when my mum and dad got to ilkeston specsavers my dad went in to inform them that my mum was here as my mum can't sit in the waiting area as she is going through chemo and as been told not to sit in waiting rooms because of infections. But when my dad said she was here they said they don't do appointments at this time of the day and she would not be seen even tho it was someone who worked there that wrote the appointment out.
                          Im very unhappy about this as my mum as got breast cancer and as got a shadow on her back that is causeing her a lot of pain which could be cancer as well she is under going chemo and then when she does turn up to a appointment that they made for her she gets treated like this she was very upset and was nearly in tears, i would like this looked at and some kind of compensation for my mum.

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                            Specsaversmaking appointments and not accepting responsibility for keeping them

                            I received a reminder that my eye test was due. I selected two appointments that would be acceptable, each one was a week apart. I received a telephone call from the company confirming my first choice. When I arrived (five minutes early) I was told that there would be a five minute delay. Twenty minutesafter the 'appointed time, when I enquired about my 'appointment', I was told that there 'were still some people in front of me.' Then I was asked if I would like to come back later. I have osteo arthritis in my knees - it hurts to walk, to sit, it hurts to stand. It has to be born with commitment. I am only 53, and find it embarrasing to declare a ' disability', . Unnecessary pain caused by these people and their company is driven by their impersonal and unprofessional application of their business ethos. In an ICT survey, they asked if I would compare them to Waitrose, to Marks and Spencer. I think it would not be too harsh to compare them to the local Poundshopdiscount mart.

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                              Specsavers — tried to change my contact lenses

                              I wear contacts which I have been buying on the lensemail scheme for over 5 years, these contacts are the...


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