Specsaversworst services and lack of respect for clients


I got 2 prescription glasses in January 2017, and unfortunately the one pair was broken in August. I went to the branch to get it fixed and I was given 2 options, to either fix or get a replacement. I was informed that the excess amount would be the same with both the options, so I decided to get a replacement pair. I chose the frame and few days later I was informed that the replacement was ready for collection and that I should bring the R684 excess fee. I collected the pair and paid the amount, but when I got home I saw something that I did not like; the lens went outside the frame, and did not look so good. As a person who is short sighted and have to wear glasses everyday, I do not want to feel that or made to feel anything but normal. And when I wore those glasses, I felt anything but. So I called the branch to let them know that I did not like the way the glasses looked, as this was not the same look as when I chose them. I unfortunately got the lady who was very rude and condescending, and completely unprofessional. I then asked to speak to the optometrist, as I wasn't getting any help from the assistant. The optometrist suggested that I come to the branch, so she could work on the solution. She promised to be there personally, but when I got there on the day and time as agreed; 30/10/2017 09:00, she was not there. And I had to get assistance from the same person who was rude on the phone, and the conversation started the same was again. She made excuse about why the lens looked the way it did, as according to her "the prescription is too high and that the option to have a thinner lens was too expensive". I paid cash for the 2 pairs, and somehow I wasn't given the options of the different lenses because they are too "expensive". How was it get decided that I won't afford the other more acceptable size lenses. I don't know how they get to class people by just looking at them! Anyway, after all that drama, I decided that I would rather have the thinner lens which could be more expensive and I was assured that the branch would contact me within 2 days to let me know the way forward. Today is the 17th of October and u still haven't heard anything from the branch and the pair is still them.

I've decided that I will never use Specsavers again, but now I've already paid the excess amount for the item that I don't have. Again the company has shown that they don't take the dignity of their client seriously and definitely base their service on whether they think you have money or not.

Therefore, I would like to have the excess amount back and would report the matter to Health Professions Council for the conduct by the optometrist.

Puseletso Mogano

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