Southwest Airlinescustomer service

My wife and daughter and another friend were scheduled on a flight leaving Tampa Florida at 5:46 PM flying to Columbus Ohio on May 5. We arrived at the airport at 12:30 from the port returning from a cruise. We were checking our bags curbside when the attendant informed me the flight was delayed until 7:45 and we were too early to check our bags. So we waited until 1:45 went to the counter checked all bags except 1 it was 1 lb over so we moved to a place to move contents maybe this took 1 min but in that time the clerk said it was her break time and walked away making us wait in line again to check the bag. Planning to leave at 7:45 in the next 4 hrs I received 3 text messages where the flight was delayed until 8:20 then 7:20 then back to 8:20 . Luckily I sat beside a flight attendant that works for southwest airlines that was also waiting on a flight. She went to a counter and found out that the flight had been moved back to 7:45 but was at a completely different gate at the other end of the terminal. We got to the right gate as they were loading. Now mind you the last text I had said the flight was delayed until 8:20 . Once we arrived in Columbus we discovered that one of our luggage was damaged. This was taken care of by your office in Columbus. My family has always used southwest airlines for all the travel needs but after this mess we will have to check out other options. No reason was ever given for the delay the counter help walked away to go to break and luggage was damaged and flight changes and gate changes were not given on a timely manner . This chain of events will have me looking elsewhere in the future for my flying needs .

May 08, 2019

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