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We moved into this apartment in October of 2009. Our average electric bill ranges from $100-$125/month. We received our September 2010 bill and it was over $300. I called and they said there was an unpaid bill from August & September 2009. That was from the previous tenant. we didn't live there then. SCE said the burden of proof lies with us and that a rental agreement is not good enough. I called the public utilities commission to file a complaint. They said we had to pay the bill in full or risk having our power cut off. "If" we prevail, the money would be refunded. That is extortion! And our government backs it up. What crap! We were told to fax copies of previous utility bills from another address which I don't save. If those are good enough, why isn't the rental agreement showing "when" we moved in good enough? SCE should be fined and the executives responsible for this policy should be jailed!

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Oct 25, 2021 7:59 pm EDT

me my wife and 4 kids moved into our two bedroom apartment 2 years ago our electric bill started off at about 200 per month after the first year it crept up to 350-400 per month nothing new plugged in no one even home for 8 hours per day, now here we are at year 2 fighting with a 500 per month bill plus being charged for wildfire costs due to this new bill gavin signed, i cant afford to have electric at these prices its cheaper to go off the grid we dont even have very many things plugged in how in the hell is a fish tank a fridge and a couple lamps going to cost 500 per month and why so much extra from a few years ago with nothing changing this needs to be stopped the company needs replaced this is not right!

Sep 03, 2021 6:41 pm EDT

I learned a long time ago, that this world is run by criminals wearing suits and faking a smile...

Sep 17, 2020 7:38 pm EDT
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JoeBruin I really would like to find someone, need more people to be part of it. Every month we have the same problem. Wonder how many years we have paid while overbilled!

Feb 23, 2021 8:42 pm EST
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Replying to comment of Gaias

For the last 18 months we are on the phone with them every month, overbilled. A Mr. R. Rojas (from SCE) is supposedly helping use with the problems. He lied to us. So tired of fighting with them every time a "bill" comes in. Wish we could find an attorney. Enough of being bullied by SCE.

Feb 23, 2021 8:46 pm EST
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Replying to comment of Gaias

Hello Joe. I did not see your previous response. Yes, I agree, a class action suit! I just was on the phone with them. It is useless! They make up policies, well so can we. Time to stop SCE's control.

Mar 13, 2020 9:08 pm EDT
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Last years bill $48. Same time this year $114. Why... because they estimate, NOBODY ever comes to our house, no matter what they claim. I am home every day and would hear if someone would enter the gate they have to go through to read the meter. I have caught them in a lie before! Every month is just a SCE guessing game. They could care less, their greed is sickening! I want to find a class action attorney!.

Aug 23, 2020 12:43 am EDT
Replying to comment of Gaias

I am having the same issue. There should be some type of class action suit against SCE.

Jul 30, 2019 4:37 pm EDT

Edison extortion for more cash in their bank account. Solar must be winning! the business account they wanted $4000 for a deposit on electric usage of $5-600 per month. The reason was we were mailing checks and as we reviewed the account with them it was a bill due on 3-31, they received 4-1 etc... 11 months they had 1 day, 2 days late. For this they sent a technician to shut us off. WOW they are from another planet. Pray for them

Aug 05, 2018 1:35 pm EDT

All these extra charges by SCE: Transmission, distribution, and anything else that isn't what you owe is corporate theft. They will keep us poor in order to reap their windfall profits even if families lose their homes. The day will come when the poor and those forced into eviction because of bill disputes will gladly engage in open riot and eventually armed rebellion against criminal utility companies and greedy government bureaucracy. Americans are buying wholesale ammo and ghost gun kits online because they know something is coming.

Aug 15, 2017 3:23 pm EDT

Same thing has happened to me. I moved into an apt last year. Nine months later Edison tacks on a 1, 500 debt saying basically it goes with the apt! I said why didn't you go after whoever was here before I came? I had the manager fax info that I moved in nine months ago and also who the two people are that lived here before. They still want my private info! They said I need to prove where I was. I said [censor]! I needed to prove where I WAS NOT! And I WAS NOT here. I will use lamps and candles because I refuse to pay those Edison pimps. I wanted to Off the grid
anyway. #Dirtbags. Maybe it's just being in the IE like the lady who commented before me is also here.

Apr 14, 2017 5:56 pm EDT

Edison(sce) are total heartless crooks! They don't care what the story is, whether you have children, whether it's your fault or someone else's or even if it's their damn fault! We lived in an apartment for 4 years and it was only 1100 sqft. Our Edison bill slowly crept up to $500 a month! Every month we'd complain to our Property Manager she didn't care and every few months Edison would shut or electricity off! We spent every last dollar of our savings paying this bill every month. Well finally we got one kind person from Edison to send out a tech to check our "smart meter". He found there to be faulty wiring in our apartment which was a potential fire hazard but was also the cause of our gigantic bill every month. Plus the fact that our apartment was never included in yearly maintenance checks and had not had the AC vent replaced in 4 years! We lived right next to a dusty field too! It's now a nightmare. Or Property Manager VERNICE GARCIA aka Betty evicted us knowing and refusing to fix the problem or reimburse us. She just threw us out after 4 years of loyal tendency. Anyone know a good lawyer in the Inland Empire area of California please email me Edison should not be able to treat families like this nor should the bigger guy be able to crush an innocent family with debt.

Mar 04, 2016 1:31 pm EST
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My name is David Harvey I am a disabled man. Who has just been criminally violated by So Cal Edison. I was renting a room from a roomate. I had been living at that resident for several years. But every year I resided at that apartment. I had an agreement and a writtin agreement. with the leasor. my responsibility and agreement with my roomate. was that I whould pay half of the rent and one half of the utilities. which I did and every month and every year. until finally my assistance for housing came up. And I was abled to finally get my own apartment. well I moved and I had all my utilities activated. for the ones I had to give a deposit. I did so. Well after about a montsh after I had morved. My old roomate decided she was going to back to her city were here kids reside. So as she gave her notice. She ask if I could help and I did so. Even when she finally got all her items out of the apartment. I stayed and cleaned up everything in that apartment. with no help from her. So she could get her full deposit back after living there over ten years. So when I completed the cleaning. I turned in the keys and went to my new home. Well my roomate didn't have a solid enough address at the time. So she ask if she could use my address for just a temporary mailing address. which of course I didn't mind. we were still friends. Well after a couple weeks all her mail was comming to my address. bills, checks, everything. Now let me remind you that I was just a roomate renting a room. and I have always been current on all my bills. Even my old roomate agreed to my statement. So it was the beginning of last month. I went to pay my electric bill that's at my new a[partment. and lord and behold my bill went from under twenty dollars to over 250.. and the following month an additional. 100. to bring the total to around three hundred and sixty dollars. So heres the ticker. I'm permately disabled I get less than nine hundred a month. I have my own account for over three months. And So Cal EDison takes it upon there self. to close my roomate account in which the bill is solely in her name. And add all of her past due balance and without asking me or looking in to anything. they dump her bill on me. which it still stands to this day. I call, I pleaded, I ask them how can you just take it upon yourselves and make me pay her bill. let me add she contacted so cal Edison and told them that she was the responsible party for those charges. and they still refuse to take her charges off of my bill. Now if that's not criminal. I don't know what is I barely get eight hundred a month. and I'm responsible for a bill that I had already paid . you tell me. because I'm just lost. even though I cant afford it. I'm going to do everything in my power to get an attorney and sue your ###. your not going to push me around. I'm a good person, and a good tenant. and I pay my bills on time. My chest in knots. and I feel like admitting myself into the hospital. I pray I don't have another stroke. but if any one knows anyone who can assist me please do. Because this is Criminal. I didn't authorize them to use my name or anything. and that's just a bunch of crap. You greedy ### are going to push the wrong person or persons some day. and all I can say is I pray for you.

Sep 24, 2010 6:15 pm EDT

Why isn't the rental agreement showing "when"you moved in good enough? Because anyone can fraudulently create a fake rental agreement with a move-in date of today.

The reason Edison does this and the CPUC allows it is because people run up their electric bills, then cancel service and start a new account in someone else's name, making the bills theoretically go away, so the family can start fresh. This does ruin the credit of the first person, but most people conducting this type of fraud don't care about credit...or being ethical or responsible for that matter.

There are a few common reasons you are dealing with this.

1. The person who used to live there ran up their bill and never paid it when they left, thus leaving you, the new tenant, to prove you are not associated in any way with the previous tenant.
2. You share the same last name with the previous offender and Edison suspects you are associated with them.
3. A field service representative has reason to believe you are a "Same Party In", which means what I described above, making the company believes you never moved out and are simply trying to not pay your huge bill, switch the account over to someone else, and start fresh without paying the previous bill.

I know it's frustrating having to find your old bills, but many companies can send you a copy of an old bill if you simply call them.

I say, pay it to prevent your lights being turned off, then give them the info they want and get reimbursed.


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