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SmartStyleterribly burning scalp/ horrible foil job

On Feb 26/11 I decided to treat myself to a nice set of blond highlights throughout my head. My husband worked some overtime just for this occasion and I have a family reunion in 2 weeks time. Since the stylist I normally see wasn't available I made the poor choice to visit SmartStyle in Walmart #292 Painted Post. I specifically asked for a stylist who was an "expert at doing highlights". I was told I would be seen by such a person. After I was asked to sign a form to "allow them to do a color treatment on me" the beautician whisked away the "form" aka waiver while I was asking questions about it and I was never given a copy. I am not even sure what it entirely said--when I asked about it she asked for it back from me, took it from me, and said "oh don't worry about it, it isn't important". I should have run away at that point.
So I sit down. I show her what I would like--somewhere between a pretty strawberry blond and a nice natural light blond--not white but NOT brassy orange (like it turned out). She asks her fellow co-worker for advice as how to "mix the colors properly" She starts at the back of my head and I feel the cold, strong smelling bleach on my scalp--I have NEVER felt highlighting product ON my scalp before--this sensation continued over sections of my entire scalp. I don't want to say anything or embarrass the beautician so I sit there, nervous. I noticed the usual "weaving" of the comb/foil tool isn't happening as I am used to, also making me nervous, but again I don't want to cause a scene. She is taking larger sections of hair parting it and highlighting whole patches--not what I have ever experienced, but again, I think "maybe she has her own technique?" Then I lean my head WAAAAY back at her request (which was very uncomfortable) so she can finally finish the top & sets the timer for 30 mins.
By this point the back of my head where she started is itching and burning but I don't want to make a scene so I sit and endure it. I realize now I should have spoken up. The lady next to me noticed my discomfort and we both begin to look for my stylist. She isn't there. "Maybe she is in the back", she says? So, after 30 mins I am ready to cry and finally she reappears and washes the stuff out and offers a $3 conditioner (heck yes please stop the burning!!) which she takes about 10 seconds to apply and immediately rinses it out--so much for the 1-2 minute treatment I am paying for!! Unfortunately she didn't rinse the chemical processor or the conditioner off since I had some white processing bleach particles still in the front of my hair and a large patch of sticky conditioner (?) in the back right hand side of my head. After a blowdry I see orange brassy uneven highlights and I feel like crying but I pay her anyways as not to embarrass her and even pay a tip to be polite (which she looked annoyed that it wasn't MORE!!!).
I go home and show my husband who wondered what they had done other than give me an orange highlighted bright pink scalp? We took pictures of it. I washed my hair (since it was sticky) and put some conditioner on and slept with a bag of frozen peas on my head to stop the burning. While the pinkness of my scalp subsided some, the searing hot lava burning sensation did not and I visited the local ER in the morning for a large dose of steroids and was told to come back if it didn't subside. I went back to the salon and asked if the manager would come and rectify this terrible situation immediately. I did not yell, I did not call names, I was obviously upset and on the verge of breaking down into tears after being in pain for the last 20 hours and being told "call the 1-800 line and you will get a refund we can't do anything for you". I ask for some treatment--ANYTHING--to stop this burning. Nothing. My husband calls them and was told that his wife was "nasty" to them. He was disgusted and demanded a full refund of we'd call an injury attorney--his wife had every right to be UPSET after just returning from a trip to the ER!!! I did receive a refund after he called them but I had to go home and apply my own aloe vera gel. It has been 25 hours and my scalp is in searing pain. I have no rash, no sign of an allergic reaction (as one of the unhelpful stylists tried to imply and even suggested it was "normal" to apply bleach directly to the scalp!) but I do have obvious patches of my scalp which have been processed (bright orange blond) and patches of hair where the foils bled under leaving patches of orange brassy chunks. NO decent stylist would EVER suggest that bleach for foils should EVER be applied directly to the scalp. Even on home hair dye kits it states "DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE SCALP"!!! No kidding?--Do you think it might BURN??? Hmmm...
So bottom line---NO pretty strawberry light blond highlights here--I look like a brassy ugly orange vomitted in patches on my skull--and it feels like I have been branded in those patches with hot lava--WORST FOIL JOB EVER!!! I will NEVER ever go back there. No wonder they make you sign a waiver--BUYER BEWARE!!!
I added photos unfortunately the flash washed out the pinkness of my burning scalp, but it is there, and hurts like crazy!! One thing to note, the highlights do not go all the way down my hair but I do have vertical "bands" of brassy orange blond, so now I have to go to another salon and have it corrected (when the burning finally stops) so I don't have an unsightly band of brassy orange as it grows out. ALL my previous foil jobs (and I have had all positive ones until now) have had an obvious section of "natural" hair where the scalp was not bleached or touched by the product. Not so this time!!!

terribly burning scalp/ horrible foil job
terribly burning scalp/ horrible foil job
terribly burning scalp/ horrible foil job


  • Di
    disgustedwithbadservice Feb 27, 2011

    Note: I mentioned in my complaint I had "vertical" bands of brassy orange but I intended to say horizontal bands where the bleach bled through...even one of the stylists at the shop noted that the foils "don't continue all the way down your hair as they should". The "vertical sections are only at the first 2-3" from my scalp downwards. Please lady, do a color refresher--it will help your technique greatly!

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  • Di
    disgustedwithbadservice Feb 28, 2011

    Oh here's another photo my husband took of the back of my head--notice the bleached areas on my scalp and no where else--yeah that's where it still BURNS--almost 48hours later!
    I'm wishing I would have refrained from politeness and told her to get my head in a bucket of ice water--stat!! Seriously, if it feels like your head is on fire--chances are pretty good it is. Run like hell to the nearest wash station and get your head in there!!! I'm in pain, I'm angry, I need to vent.

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  • Tr
    Treah Mar 01, 2011

    Sorry to hear that. You can use a purple shampoo like shimmering lights by clairol to get the brassiness out. Make sure to follow the directions or tone it with a ash base (blue, violet, or sometimes green) to cancel out the brassiness. If you live by Sally's or beauty supply you can go in and have them help you find a toner. Don't be afraid to speak up if you are in pain. That stylist sounds like the one I had where she didn't wash everything out and conditioned it for less than one minute. Oh well there goes their business to both of those crappy stylist. Hope everything works out.

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  • Ri
    Rijeka Mar 12, 2017

    My highlight didn't turn the way l wanted so l went back different stylist she fixed it so that was good
    Another day l wanted bangs trimmed cost me $5.00plus tax next time 11.00$ Why???????
    1 minute job different price??????
    Someone please explain!!!

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