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Aveda Institute reviews & complaints

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Jun 14, 2021

Aveda Institute - Blonding Root Coverage

I had an appointment to cover my darker roots to match my platinum hair on May 20th. My stylist and her guide were wonderful. I can not stress this enough and do not want to get them to face any backlash. My hair has always been difficult. I bring snacks, water, and activities because I know how stubborn my hair is and that it takes a long time to lift. That being said, I have never had a problem with it not lifting all the way before this appointment. At this one, after trying many ways to fix it (again, they were amazing, ) my hair was ultimately purplish and the roots did not match the rest of my hair. Even so, I was not worried. I assured them I knew that hair continued to lighten a bit and that the overtone would wash out. No big deal.

After a few days I could see that the roots were darker and more brassy than the rest of my hair. I tried purple shampoo (along with Aveda damage repair conditioner and repair mask--I knew how important it was to heal my hair because I knew it would have to take more bleach to match the rest of my hair.)

I called today to make an appointment to fix it, as I thought I would give my hair enough time to recover before doing so. However, the woman answering the phone told me they only fix services if the complaint is within 48 hours of the original service and that I would have to pay for another blonding if I wanted to fix it. Again, my hair is just slightly off and I am only fixing it because I work as an actress and on-camera those things are very apparent.

The reason I have an issue with this is that
1. It took more than 48 hours for the overtone to wash out
2. Because of the overtone, I could not see if the roots matched. How was I supposed to call back and complain if I didn't know what the end result was?
3. I knew, having had platinum hair for years, that it would not be good to bleach my hair within that short of a window.

I am aware this is a "riskier" place to get hair done, as they are students. That being said, this is not an unfixable mistake. I paid for my roots to match my hair and that did not happen.

After speaking to the woman on the phone I gave up on getting it fixed there. I called another salon to see if they could do it and the woman who answered the phone said that I should go back to the original place I got it done and ask for it to be fixed, as I should not have to pay for that service twice. Even other places agree it is unfair and feel bad booking an appointment for that.

May 15, 2021

Aveda Institute - Educators

The educators like to play a favoritism game with the students. Almost every student has complained about how rude, insensitive, and unfair the educators are. They send people home for no reason, and...

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Aveda Institute - The whole school

Aveda in Chapel Hill North Carolina is a hot mess. They do not have anything organized for us. We do not even learn about skin care the majority of the time we are there. And we haven't even mastered any type of facial techniques or waxing and they put us in with customers. First day we had a service we had never even spoken about. Also on zoom we don't do [censored] all day. We can literally be driving or at the store the whole time because all they wanna let us do is watch irrelevant videos on chakras. Point is if I could get my money back I so would! I came here to learn and instead it feels like I just spent thousands of dollars to learn absolutely nothing.! I want to sue!

Oct 30, 2019

Aveda Institute - online ordering

Do not order from aveda they will rip you off! Got an email promotion from aveda offering a free full size product for any order over $50. The free item showed in the shopping cart before I hit submit order. But it did not show in the final order. When I called to report the problem was treated like I did something wrong. Spoke with sabrina who clearly does not like people. Basically accused me of making the mistake... Then said computers make mistakes, then when I got upset over her callous attitude she said she was hanging up on me because I was getting aggressive. Run screaming from this company. They do not care about customers and will try to cheat you!


Aveda Institute - return

I went to the store to return something with a receipt. Lady working there said she was able to locate the return with my pure privilege account but not be able to make a return since I had made an...

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Mar 29, 2019

Aveda Institute - manicure pedicure

Had an appt today for myself and my daughterinlaw visiting me from NC, The girls working on us was nice but their experience was none on French tips and my daughterinlaw who had beautiful nails ended...

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Jul 09, 2018

Aveda Institute - store manager of aveda store (bellevue square shopping mall, bellevue, wa) called mall security and threaten me for no good reason!

I would never go back to this Aveda, Bellevue Square, Bellevue Washington Store ever again! The manager called Mall Security on me when she disagreed and argued with me how their Hydrating Lotion wa...

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Dec 27, 2017

Aveda Institute - return of product for a refund

I am very frustrated with your financial department in dealing with my refund on returned products from my salon. I asked them to not refund my money to the account they have on file because it i...

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Dec 18, 2017

Aveda Institute - unethical behaviour

2017-12-19 I cut my hair at AVEDA. I think this customer harassment must not happen in the place for hair cut. Before she started haircut I had explained my hair texture to person who cut my...

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Aveda Institute - customer service

I am irate because I spent $160 on a hair cut and color at the Jon Allen Aveda salon on nippers corner in Nashville, TN and the lady at the front desk accused me of stealing a product. I walked to...

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Sep 26, 2017

Aveda Institute - worthless

The idea is fine, some things are really comfortable, but I can't say anything positive about their staff. Absolutely terrible and awful.
Never dealt with so poorly organized staff with no manners. Looks like they have no idea that they should be nice to people, it's not a high school, where teachers afford rudeness and bad treatment.
I regret I paid money for this crap.
Very disappointed.

Sep 20, 2017

Aveda Institute - appointment on sept 19

When my husband and I walked in to the "Experience Center' we were told we were 10 minutes late and we could not see our stylist! We called ahead and told them we were on our way and the "manager"...

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Aveda Institute - my hair!

I was served by the colorist Nadine, in the Aveda store located on Saint-Laurent street in downtown montreal. Before we began, I mentioned how I had come one year before hand, paid X amount of money and got exactly what I wanted for a decent price. Nadine mentioned how although she wasn't able to give me exactly what I wanted for a lowered price, she could do half my had for half price (which I had understood to be 50$ without tip...seeing as how I only needed less than half of my head bleached). During the process, she kept mentioning how she was making mistakes, how usually she pays very close attention to minute details and how with my hair she was totally messing up. Which, honestly I didn't mind at the time because, hey, 50$ isn't that much afterall!
After spending 4 HOURS in the salon, practically falling asleep, having wasted half my day, the process is over and I am leaving with pink hair. She said the toner would leave after a wash or two. IT TOOK ME OVER 2 WEEKS AND MANY MANY WASHES TO GET OUT! I had an event that night and was way pissed. Oh not only that, once my head was in the tub for the fourth time and she was rinsing out whatever mess she had done, she pops her head over mine, saying that she left the bill at the cash; a whole double the price we had discussed in the beginning!

I am sooo not happy with Aveda. I will never go back, and suggest anyone else to find better aswell.

Aveda Institute - false avertisment

This school is a joke, Bottom line!!! And we the students of this joke of a school have to speak on it and stop letting them take our money!!! I am filing a lawsuit to get every red cent they got...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Aveda Institute - magazine ads falsely representing

Both daughter and I, in separate magazine ads, wanted to try a hair thinning product of Aveda; called their Cust Serv to get nearest hair salon and travelled 11 miles each way to find that salon said samples supposedly sent to salon were never sent or received by salon for distribution; called Cust Serv back and she said/he said, she said/he said, but when it comes down to it, their Cust Serv said they had no samples to send, did not expect to have any samples and could/would not even send a coupon for the $24/shampoo or $24/conditioning product; salon said you could not see results unless you used more than the sample, even if it were available for distribution; Cust Serv said "that's the way it goes." I can see from searching for complaints about this product that my feeling it was a scam to get you into their salon distributors...DON'T BUY AVEDA PRODUCTS IS ALL I CAN SAY-- Signed: a senior and her adult daughter/mother of 3 in New Jersey/USA.


Apr 03, 2012

Aveda Institute - they are just another greedy company trying to masquerade as an ethical company

I had a horrible interaction with Golden Shears, an Aveda Concept Salon in Albuquerque. When I contacted Aveda to report the incident, I was told that there was nothing they can do about individual salons, as they are individually owned; however, they would try to contact the owner/manager and discuss the issues.

After four days and at least two different/conflicting stories from the owner, Aveda refused to assist further. I was shocked that even after the manager lied directly to Aveda, their "Customer Care" team would not provide any assistance.

As a loyal customer of the Aveda product and philosophy, I expected if they put their name on a salon, they would expect/mandate that salon to do their business by a set of ethical rules. Unfortunately, despite the image advertised by Aveda, they are unconcerned with the individual customer. They are just another greedy company trying to masquerade as an ethical company. Aveda should be ashamed. And I am ashamed that I believed your hype.

Aug 05, 2013

Aveda sucks. They have completely changed since they began in what? The 60s, since they sold out to Estee Lauder or Clinique or whatever. You can't trust them anymore. They have discontinued all of my favorite products and are totally commercial and driven by greed now just like any other Wal-Mart. I am not exaggerating when I say at least 12 of my favorite products have been discontinued and or replaced by lesser quality, more expensive, fouler smelling ones. Irate doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I hope to God, a new company comes along that will compete on the same level with Aveda and steals all of their business away. After more than 20 years of loyal support, this is what they have driven me to. If I wanted f'n Clinique I would have bought Clinique to begin with. And BTW way, instead of a bunch of well meaning hippie globalists, they are now just a bunch of over-priced, pretentious yuppies and I can't stand that chicks annoying fake British accent on the site's advertisement. Every night I am going to pray that someone comes along to replace Aveda and teach them a thing or two about customer service. Before I paid for the product because it was worth it, smelled great and worked, now, I am looking all but else where. Thanks, Aveda, it's my birthday this week, wonderful birthday present to find all my favorite products discontinued when I went to go order them! Pretentious A-holes!

Aveda Institute - unethical

I had a horrible interaction with Golden Shears, an Aveda Concept Salon in Albuquerque. When I contacted Aveda to report the incident, I was told that there was nothing they can do about individual...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Aveda Institute - trouble with salons

After 20 years with Aveda, I am through. A year ago, I moved to Minneapolis and have had horrible experiences with three different salons. The first two salons I went to, I tried a total of five different stylists in attempt to get my hair right. I had my hair butchered, my color last two weeks, and often the hair cut I did not request. The salons were M. Elizabeth Salon and Sanctuary Salon. My last visit came yesterday when I went for my 2:30 appointment at yet another Aveda Salon, Salon 2000, and at 3:05 cancelled my appointment and left the salon because I was tired of sitting in the waiting area. I called the Aveda customer service line and reported my issues. My concern is I was told my complaints would be documented however these were independently owned salons, which I took to mean there is nothing you can do. I can't believe that with the brand that Aveda has this would be their standard answer. Do you not set training standards for these salons or do any coaching on customer service? Prior to moving to Minneapolis, I went to a salon called Czars (Bolingbrook, IL and Naperville, IL) and I never had any issues. They were very professional and seemed to always have their staff doing some type of training. I would highly recommend Aveda benchmark this salon. I only post this because even though a salon has the Aveda name on it does not make it a premier salon. I would highly recommend you view internet reviews on the Salon before you pay the couple hundred dollars to get your hair done.

Again, Aveda is a product line they sell. Aveda has nothing to do with the actual salon. It goes through a private distributor that sells a variety of salon products.
Don't worry, you can be ashamed of my hype. I am equally ashamed of your ignorance.

I believe the point is that, as loyal customer of Aveda, we expect that if they put their name on a salon, they will have some sort of oversight of that salon. Many people go to these salons solely because the name Aveda is on the sign. To use your example: I would not call Joe's Dairy Farm complaining of poor service at Cold Stone Creamery; however, I would call Joe's Dairy Farm if I got poor service at The Joe's Diary Farm Concept Ice Cream Store.
Unfortunately, you are correct about one thing. Despite the image advertised by Aveda, they could care less about the individual customer. They are just another greedy company trying to masquerade as an ethical company. Aveda should be ashamed. And I am ashamed that I believed your hype. : (

Aveda is just the product line they sell, you complaining about a hair salon to the manufacturer of Aveda products is like me complaining to a dairy farm about the bad customer service at an ice cream shop. They don't care about you, the products are already paid for by the salon.

Aveda Institute - bad experience

Be aware of Aveda Institutes. Before I enrolled at Aveda they promised me all the one on one instructor/student time that I would need, small class size, the best training, and more...Aveda...

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Aveda Institute - class action lawsuit

If anyone has been wronged by an Aveda Institute cosmetology school and would like to start a class action lawsuit, please contact me at [protected]@yahoo.com

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