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I purchased this top of the line mattress at Sleepy's in 2004. It is a beautiful double pillow top. I loved it, but it was a few grand and out of my price range. The saleswoman told me that she had a few of last years white model left in the warehouse for only $650 for both mattress and boxspring. The only difference being that the newer one was a beautiful gold color and last years model was white. Ok, no problem. I could deal with that. So I bought it.
The first night that I slept on it, I noticed a little difference in the feel from the showroom model. It was softer and felt as though it had less support. As time went on, I could feel the support leaving the mattress. I flipped it regularly which initially helped. But now, four years later, even if I flip it, it goes back to a sag in the middle after only ..oh maybe 1/2 hour TOPS! The sag is pretty bad. You don't really see it, because the pillow top masks the sag. When you lie down on it, you really feel the support missing. My girlfriend and I both roll together towards the middle. It's a full size mattress and I literally have to hang onto the edge of the bed to maintain any support.
This mattress has been slowly but surely giving me backaches for years now. It just progressed to intolerable. No kidding. I thought it was my fault as I worked out alot and ran in marathons. I basically did not think that it was the bed causing my back pain or contributing to it. However, I went to a Shriner's Ball(I'm a Shriner) at the Holiday Inn in Suffern, NY, and stayed the night. I woke up the next morning and my back was feeling great and I even have a recent on the job back injury! I was walking around upright and feeling really great & well rested! I looked at the Holiday Inn mattress and it was just a plain, inexpensive type...can't remember the brand..don't think it was on the label. But the point is that I got on the horn & called Sleepy's the next day!
They sent out an inspector who was a great guy, from Bed Chek, LLC. He whipped out a red metal bar, which is a faulty method of testing if the mattress is faulty especially on pillow tops, & measured it from head to foot on the bed. On one side it had a 1 1/2" depression, but when flipped it was 1 1/8". The plastic was not removed from the boxspring so that check was not accepted by Sleepy's. The second time he came, he measured from side to side. It had 1" on both sides. Well of course, I sleep on the edges of the bed! So Sleepy's denied my claim.
Here's another kicker: The model that I bought, had to have 2" depression on BOTH SIDES to warrant a replacement! The 2005 model, the one that I was originally thinking of buying, only had to have 1 1/2" depression on both sides. Kings Down changed the warranty on that the 2005 model. The salewoman didn't tell me that! She said only the color was different.
Ok so, Bed Chek, LLC, came out a few days ago as I complained and it was a new year...(you get 2 free checks per calendar year with Sleepy's or they make you pay $50!). This time the mattress sag was
1 1/2" on one side and 1 5/8" on the other. If they don't replace it w/o charging me. It's lawsuit time.
The person who is in charge of replacement, a friendly enough woman, (I won't mention her name), has seemed very concerned, but honestly, she only has offered to give me a discount on a new bed set. On a $1, 600 dollar set, she offered to sell it to me at the discounted rate of $650. I told her no thanks as that's what I paid Sleepy's for my bed set originally! Four years of poor quality sleep!
Finally, you would think that if a company were to find out that a member of FDNY EMS, who received a back injury on the job, would get some special attention from this company. Not a chance! I'm lying in bed at home trying to recooperate and the bed is only adding to my misery. I've had to sleep on my workout matt because of this bed. EMT's do not get paid much, but we give so much. I can't afford to replace this defective mattress with my own hard earned money. This is a true story. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

Remember these words from an EMT who one day may be doing CPR on a member of your family:

I would not recommend Sleepy's or Kings Down.



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Sep 09, 2016 5:09 pm EDT

I am so sick after reading all of this. I am on my second Kings Down too. I had a tan body system that was the worst mattress I have ever slept on I thought, unitl I got this 600 series red. Definitely the worst! Just like all of you I have to pull myself out of bed and I am in agony. It took me two visits with the kings down body system king mattresses to pass the "string" test so of course I am worried what will happen this time. I had to go through kings down directly since Sleepy's doesn't carry their mattresses anymore since they told me another company has taken over Sleepy's. All together I have put out $4000 and I cry when I have to go to bed every night. Its a nightmare. I have turned it every two weeks out of necessity since I've had it but like you turning it does no good anymore. I just sink. I just want this nightmare over and a credit for my mattress so I can get anything other than a Kings Down.

Sep 05, 2016 6:36 pm EDT
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I agree with all above reviews. This is our THIRD Kingsdown mattress. We have the 600 series also. The first Kingsdown broke down and they replaced it...replacement broke down after two years and sleepys gave us a credit toward another KINGSDOWN ONLY! Now after three years were in the same boat. We got the my side because my husband likes firm and I like soft. Well of course we have the hump down the middle which formed in the first few months. My husbands side broke down first and now mine. It's horrific! I literally sink into a ditch at the very least 6" ! I have to pull myself out of bed in the morning gripping onto the side! They sent me the joke of a kit with the string and a stick...of course laying it on top doesn't show more than 1 1/2 " so the claim was denied. The ide of the mattress is literally bulging out on my husbands side. We both have back and neck issues and arthritis and this mattress has now given me grave hip pain and my sciatic is acting up again. Don't you love how they tell you about the wonderful lifetime warranty? What a crock! I will never ever buy another Kingsdown and most assuredly will never spend 3800.00 on a mattress either! Why not spend $500 of they're both going to break down anyway? I am sick to my stomach over all this and trying to figure out how we're going to afford another mattress now. Sickening!

Jul 17, 2016 2:13 pm EDT

I am so upset me and my husband went out searching for a bed and the sales men in Sleepy's talked my husband into purchasing the over prices piece of foam. At first I didn't want to purchase it due to the price. but the sales representative went on explained that since we purchased the box spring and mattress there is a lifetime warranty on this bed I should have asked for the fine print on the warranty. Because I have a huge hump in the middle of my bed the corners are collapsing. sat an the edge of the bed almost crack my head open on my dresser because the edges are collapsing. They sent a representative out she took a string with a alligator string put it across my bed took pictures with my name on it and I guess it was some kind of stand up ruler which showed it was 1.5 she said up we got it and said we will have an email within 10 days well 2 weeks later the send email that they do not warrant comfort and the bed is only like that from the way we sleep. they do not stand by hund there product I will wait another year they will be back and this time I will be taken pictures to prove what there representative has showing we had the 1.5. So I will suffer for another year.

Apr 14, 2015 5:48 pm EDT
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I too am having the same problems with my Kingsdown series 400 red/blue mattress. My mattress is 4 years old and has a terrible sag on one side which is causing me severe back and sciatic nerve pain. I know this is the mattress as I went on vacation for a week, no back pain! I contacted Sleepy's about it and they sent me to mattress marshall. They in turn sent me a kit for me to do it myself to show the issues with the mattress. My claim was denied as they said the mattress did not have enough support. Not only is this my third mattress on this bed frame but the only one with this problem. I also went to the better business bureau. Once again Kingsdown says that the bed does not enough support that is why there is a sagging problem. Strange as only one side sags! I feel this is an inferior product. I could not wait any longer so I bought a new mattress. Not Kingsdown and not from Sleepy's. Do yourself a favor DO NOT BUY ANY KINGSDOWN PRODUCT. BUYER BEWARE AS SLEEPY'S NOW HAS THEIR OWN LINE BEING MADE BY KINGSDOWN. I was duped. Learn from my mistake, a very costly one at that.

Feb 21, 2013 9:27 am EST
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We had bought a Kinsdown Sleep To Live 500 series for $2500.00 back in November 2011 and it has been the worst mattress ever. I have an Art Van tech coming out to inspect it but after reading these comments I don't feel so confidant they'll do anything about it. We bought it based on my herniated discs and sciatic nerve pain and since we have had have had the worst nights sleep EVER... I wake up in the morning barely able to sleep. And as far as them having you answer questions and laying on the computer bed to tell you the "Perfect" firmness was a complete joke. They told me I needed a soft and my husband a firm so we went ahead and after the first night we had to switch as it was WAY off. If anyone could give me any info to help get this POS out of my bedroom I would greatly appreciate it.

Dec 01, 2011 6:44 pm EST
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I have just begun my second go around with Sleepy's over my Kings Down 600 which was replaced just two years ago (for the same issue). Once again, sagging issue is creating significant back issues and poor night sleep. I know the blame game and the inspector scam and I am not up for it again. I'm considering beginning a class action suit, and was wondering if anyone would have an interest.
[email protected]

Sep 30, 2011 4:56 pm EDT

Same problem with me, my $2, 000 piece of ### Kingsdown 600, and my back...Being that I am a lawyer, I will bee sueing them

May 31, 2011 2:45 pm EDT
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I am in the same situation, purchased a $1500 mattress 3 years latter it is killing my back. They come out they measured amswer "sorry not covered" . In the meantime can not use the mattress anymore now I have an agravated lower back injury from the mattress.

Apr 07, 2011 4:45 am EDT

On May 2009 I purchased a 600 series mattress from Sleepys in New Windsor NY.The sales person advised me into purchasing other accessories to make sure i got the whole package incase i ever needed to use the warranty. I agreed because making a purchase of a high priced item i wanted to make sure i protected my investment. In total the cost was around $3200.00. Now not even 2 years later im having problems with the mattress I feel as if i purchased a bunk bed my wife is on top and im on the bottom, im constantly sliding down the mattress. . I contacted Sleepys and put in a claim, they had a 3rd party person known as a mattress marshall come out to assess my claim. He came 2 weeks after i put a claim in, his assesing was using a piece of string with a piece of wood hanging at the end of it to measure the depth of the dip in the mattress. He then went on to put a plastic measuring device to get the exact depth of the hole. he also took pictures but only after he took apart the mattress box spring all the way to the support frame it was very obvious that he was trying to find any excuse for the warranty to be voided, he then told me it it would take a week to send me their decison. I got the call indicating the warranty was not going to be honored due to poor support of the mattress. Needless to say when I went into the store they never mentioned any of this They acted as if their warranty would be one phone call away, meanwhile ive been on the phone with 3 different salesmen and 2 managers they claim theyve emailed the regional manager but i havent gotten a response one of them suggested i go on line and make a complain and hopefully the regional manager will get wind of it and act on it. No regional manager has contacted us as we requested this 5 days ago, the next step is to take legal action. . I am so annoyed with all the money i spent and the time ive been spending on having to call these people on a daily basis . The only other call that i will be making in regards to this situation will be Dunn and Brad Street, BBB and the Attorney General you can Sleep on that Sleepys!

Jan 25, 2011 5:43 pm EST
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Same problem here. Saggy overpriced Mattress from Sleepy's. Class action sounds like a good remedy. I'm getting notes about my condition from this mattress from my doctor and chiropractor. Pain and suffering will be part of the compensatory damages if they don't want to remedy the problem. Price Paid - $4, 000

May 24, 2010 10:58 pm EDT

I just bought a king size sleep to live 400 about 2 weeks ago. The bed was advertised to be 2, 799.00. We negotiated with the salesman and he talked us into buying two Latex pillows which cost about $100 each. We also paid for bed frames which are about 200. Mattress cover for about 150 which is necessary to protect your bed and warranty and two pillow protectors. We negotiated and finalized at 3100 for everything including delivery and tax. On receipt he marked the bed to cost only 2100. He showed us all the pricing and of the accessories and how he "reduced" the cost. When I checked online, all the accessories are on sale for about the same price he gave to us. He even overcharged us on the pillow covers. I felt like they scammed us when i found out the real prices of everything since he made it sound like we got a great deal. We took the sleep test and the machine determined I was the tan color and my husband is the green color. Tan being softest and green being a little firmer than the tan. Salesman emphasize that this bed is great and comparable to the tempurpedic bed and is designed to support you lower back and is suppose to conform to you body to help relieve pressure points. I told him I have lower back pains and he said this bed should definitely help with that. The bed was delivered and shortly after the delivery guys left, we inspected the bed and there was a 2" circular stain on the top edge of the bed. I called Sleepy's right away since they said they will void the warranty if there is a stain on the mattress. They said no problem we will have another one delivered asap. Why are they not surprised to hear that there is a stain on a "brand new" mattress? Salesman told me that they do not resell used mattresses and they get destroyed after you return it. I highly doubt it. Hence there is so many complaints about stains on the beds and defects. I even read that Sleepy's purposely stains it in order to void the warranty. Anyways, I slept on it for a few days and would wake up with lower back pains. I feel like the bed has no support. Once you lay down on it you basically slump into it at the heaviest part which is around your torso/hip area. I decided to give Sleepy's a call and try to exchange it for a tempurpedic mattress (which is what I had in mind originally). Keep in mind they still haven't come to exchange my stained mattress yet. i told them to hold off on it since there is a possibility I might want to return it. Manager told me to sleep on it for a week and get used to it before I make the decision. I have made up my mind. I already spent 3000 on my new bed and if i'm going to spend that much money on it I better get a comfortable bed. So I wanted to upgrade to a tempurpedic cloud supreme. I was told over the phone that I would be able to do the exchange but I would need to pay 399 exchange fee plus shipping. I told them that since they were going to come and replace my mattress anyway, can't they waive the exchange fee and shipping fee. They said they need to file these things separately and cannot avoid exchange fee. After further discussion, Manager told me maybe they can reduce exchange fee to 200 for inconvenience of the stained mattress. I go into the Sleepy's in Fresh Meadows on Union Turnpike to talk to them in person. Basically they didn't want to help me with anything. I told them the manager told me they will take 200 dollar off exchange fee and the person in charge of the exchange department said they can't do that. They can't even give me free shipping. The most they can do for me is 50 dollars off. 50 dollars off from 3100 is chump change! Doesn't even cover shipping. its not like I'm asking for a return. I would have to pay 1k more for the upgrade since sales person marked down the mattress from 2799 to 2100 instead of marking down on accessories. They will say anything to sell you the mattress but once it is sold to you, thats it. Customer service ends there. I told them I thought Sleepy's pride themselves on customer satisfaction. I took the sleepy's sleep to live test and was told what bed is good for me and I trusted it and bought it. Now I don't like it because it hurts my back and they don't want to do anything about it. i must pay about 500 dollars to do an exchange. How are you suppose to know if a bed is for you or not. They don't accept returns. If you are sick, you go to the doctor and the doctor prescribes you a medicine to take to relieve your pain, isn't it the doctor's responsibility if there is a negative side effect? If you went to a mechanic shop and the professionals told you you need to change this this and this part in order to fix the problem on your car which comes up to a price of $3000 but after all parts are changed, the problem is still there would you not demand your money back? Or atleast fix the problem without having to pay a cent more? This is the same case. I will give them a call tomorrow to speak to the manager again. If they don't want to do anything for me, I am really thinking of taking legal action.

Dec 09, 2009 11:32 pm EST

We have a new $3000 bed from Sleepy's and when we are in bed, it is like sleeping in a hammock with both of us sliding into the middle of the bed where there is a big hole. Sleepy's is a rip off. What a scam that company is. Nobody should shop there. I wish I would have researched before shopping there.

There must be tens of thousands of people across the United States who have been robbed by Sleepy's. We should sue them. Anybody who wants to start a class action lawsuit against Sleepy's, please contact me at [email protected]

Oct 01, 2009 10:46 pm EDT

It breaks my heart when I read about customers paying full price for these Kings Down beds and still having these issues. If only you knew that if you negotiated at the desk you could have had that bed for 40% of what you paid. Of course the bed would still be a back killer after the foam collapses and throws out your back, but you would have most of your money.

Jul 31, 2009 9:55 pm EDT

I agree with the person above. As I write this email, my back is killing me. I spent over $2000.00 for a twin kings down at sleepy's. This bed is definitely a back killer and they should either give every person that purchased these phony beds with this sophicated name an option to refund us or let us pick another bed, but not one wth their stamp of approval on it. This is a shame, especially, in these times when we are in a recession. I hope a class action comes against sleepy's and we all get our money back.

May 17, 2009 8:48 pm EDT

I, too, bought the Kingsdown Sleep to Live Series 600. I have already switched it out. My back is KILLING me from sleeping on this no good mattress. I paid over $3, 000 for it, and it is leaning up against the wall of my apartment. After 3 weeks, I couldn't take it anymore and purchased another mattress somewhere else. I have talked to Sleepy's with no results other than I can spend more money for yet ANOTHER mattress I can't sleep on. Let's be honest, this series should be recalled. It is THE most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept on.

May 04, 2009 10:36 am EDT

Good morning, my name is Melissa and I am a Customer Relations Representative at Sleepy’s LLC It has been brought to our attention that you filed a complaint online and we would like to offer assistance to you. I understand this is a public website and ask that you contact me directly at [email protected] and provide your account information so we may further address your situation.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we may expedite resolution to your situation.


Sleepy’s LLC

Mar 07, 2009 7:28 am EST

I'm going thru the same nightmare with sleepys and their kingsdown bed and I'm fighting this since September 2008. It's March 2009 and I'm not one step closer to resolution. I have had the mattress inspector out here 3x.


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