Sleep Numberour son and our accounts got tangled together by sleep number and it has caused nothing but problems

N Sep 29, 2018

Our son bought a Sleep Number 360 P5 queen bed in Columbus OH. He told the salesperson he wanted to be set up with his own account even though my husband and I are past customers, His account was put under ours and it has caused nothing but headaches.
My husband and I bought a Sleep number bed 360 P6 Queen in Toledo OH also on 8/28/2018. The sale lady could not input out address, email, or phone numbers because the account was tied to our son Bryan's name. We waited to have our bed delivered so Bryan could get his bed, set up his IQ, and then call to request to separate the accounts. It was not done and our bed looked like it was going to Columbus, not Toledo.
We have all called customer Service and the Innovations team several times and spent 40 plus hours trying to resolve this.. It looks like there is finally a work order to separate the accounts. We have been offered a free set of sheets or two free pillows for our troubles. We have purchased three prior sleep number beds for ourselves and our sons, We have never had issues like these.

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