Sleep Number Corporationmalfunctioning bed that is only a month old, or less

My name is Janet (Darrell) Tucker and we purchased a split king mattress approximately one month ago and the store and salesman were great. However, the delivery guys that came were subpar and had little to no personality. They did not do a good job with the set up. They installed the bed and left it 10 inches from the headboard which then allowed our pillows to fall thru when sleeping. And unbeknownst to me at the time, they also did not do a good job setting up the base. After sleeping on the mattress and dealing with a lot of pain due to the plush top, we decided it was not good for us and opted to get a different one. It took them three weeks to bring the new one, which was ridiculous. Let me state that my husband and I are both disabled but he is a paraplegic and obviously permanently in a wheelchair. The whole reason we went with a Sleep Number bed is that he needs a firm bed and one that he can adjust to assist him with turning over, as well as transferring from the bed to his chair. So we both slept in pain due to the softness of the mattress while waiting for a new bed. When the day finally arrived for them to deliver the new bed, this pair of delivery guys were AWESOME! Like night and day compared to the other two. Previously when I contacted customer service to exchange the mattress they informed me it would be just the mattress. Yet they sent a whole new base which was not necessary. The driver got on the phone with his boss who then told me he had to contact corporate to deal with the extra base so as there would be no mess up on my bill as he indicated could likely happen. After finally getting that straightened out, the guys started the exchange and then found the mess the first crew made. They discovered that the bed should have never been left 10 inches from the headboard, and the legs at the top of the bed were sitting on my original bed frame and were not touching the floor, and they had left the air hoses just lying on the floor. This new crew promptly got to work to fix the poor install. Then when they were testing the bed and using the remote, they found it was programed to a split king and would only raise each side of the bed which obviously would not work for a solid mattress. They called in to get help on how to fix it and was told to disconnect the bed and let it reset, which did not work. Then the man on the phone told them the bed needed a new motor and they would have to order it. The installer asked to have IT call him. Within minutes IT called and gave Dwight (installer) a walk thru on reprogramming the remote which then worked perfectly, so we didn't need a new motor. Due to a heavy delivery load the crew did not get to my home until 7:00 PM and because of the "mess" that they had to fix, those poor guys didn't leave until 9:30 PM! I felt so bad for them but was incredibly thankful for them, and their great service and integrity. We slept on the new mattress for two nights and were very pleased with it. But on the morning after (9/26/19) my husband woke up and went to transfer from the bed to his chair and did not realize the mattress had deflated. And when in motion, and having no support from the bed, he landed on the wheel of his chair and almost fell to the floor. And in his physical state, landing on the wheel as he did could have caused a wound or broken his hip which could have been a death sentence for him due to his injury. I immediately got on the phone thru chat as the office was closed to speak to someone and reported the incident including what happened to my husband. The chat employee indicated I had to do troubleshooting before SN would consider coming out of which I informed him was not possible with our disabilities. He looked to schedule me an appointment and informed me it would be some time in Oct. but that he was contacting another department to see if they could speed up the service call. He promised to contact me back via email with a date, which he did but the service date was not until October 3rd! This is completely unacceptable! Your company should have an emergency crew for people with severe disabilities, such as my husband's, to correct an issue such as this. So my husband has had to sleep on an almost flat bed as we have no other bed for him to access! I don't know if the issue is in the base or the mattress but the base is only a month old and the mattress 2 days old. Needless to say I am highly dissatisfied with your product and your service. If something had happened to him, or does happen, from the fault of your product, you are leaving yourself wide open to a lawsuit! I will be posting this information on the website of the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Facebook and any other outlet I can if something is not done to compensate us for the hardship we have had to endure, and the problem corrected. I expect a speedy response and I can be reached at [protected] or [protected]

Sep 28, 2019

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