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S Sep 05, 2018

I was so excited to finally purchase a Sleep Number Bed and FlexFit3 mattress. I placed my order on 8/25/18 and was given two options for delivery, the 5th of Sept. or the 15th of Sept. I chose the 5th (today) and received an email confirming an eta of 9am-1pm. I took the day off of work to be available for the delivery. In order to have the FlexFit 3 installed I would need to get ride of my solid wood platform bed frame prior to the delivery. My husband and I lugged this bed frame down flights of stairs last night so we could have everything ready for this new bed delivery. So long story short, they claim to have come at 9 am and call wrong number (I never gave them, and I had been reached on my correct number by their representative just a few days ago). First of all I was home the ENTIRE 9-1 time frame given, my buzzer never rang and my door was never knocked on! I contacted them at about 11 via the email they provide for questions about delivery and still haven't gotten a reply. I called their customer service number at noon concerned about my delivery and was informed that they claim to have come by already. I told them very clearly that that was not possible as they would have found me here. I explained that I had missed work and thrown my bed away in prep for this delivery and needed them to make the delivery happen today. After 40 min on the phone 32 of them on hold I was pretty much told that they would "try" but it wasn't likely that they would deliver my bed today!! While I waited to hear back from then I decided to call and file a complaint with someone at Corporate. The very nice agent as nice as she was wasn't able to do anything but confirm that they wouldn't be coming back and that the next date they could deliver was 9/15! There was zero attempt to make this right be making sure I got my bed today, tomorrow or this week at least. All they did was offer me one of the dates I originally turned down on the 8/25 when I placed the order. I am so disappointed and frustrated with this company, I decided I NO LONGER WANT TO DO ANY BUSINESS with them and cancelled my order. I am actually really bummed because I have wanted this bed for so long, they totally messed up, and made no attempt to mend THEIR error. I won't have a chance to ever review their beds because I took my money over to Casper instead. If you like companies that really understand that customer service is key and that a reliable organized company I wouldn't recommend SLEEP NUMBER. I would give them zero stars but thats not an option

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