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P Jan 14, 2019 Review updated:

Having seen the footage last year of jamie carragher spitting at a man united fan and his 14 year old I am disgusted that he is back on tv. Sky clearly have no standards if you think his behaviour was acceptable and I wonder if he had done this to a, sky executive would he still be employed and appearing on tv. Don't bother with a response i'm not interested in the excuses you will write. A unhappy customer.


  • Ga
    Gazza gillespie Jan 28, 2019

    Watching Livingston rangers game Andy Walker should not be allowed to be be a pundit on rangers games he cannot give a honest and unbiased view there must be pundits out there with no affiliation to either rangers or Celtic who could do this job

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  • Zk
    zks Jan 11, 2020

    Totally biased and disgraceful so called punditry from Jamie x 2 and Gary Neville. You don't want to listen to their opinions but listen to an open and honest discussion/debate about the game. It was more like a witch hunt against Jose Mourinho. Not once was it mentioned that the goal shouldn't of stood nor the fact that LiVARpool were fortunate to have Robertson stay on the field. Jamie Carragher should not even be sitting in the studio after his unpleasantries, what message have Sky sent out by re employing him its an absolute disgrace.

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