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K Dec 22, 2019

Since the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manager of Manchester United, I have noticed Gary Neville has had issues remaining objective or truthful when it comes to discussing players and previous managers. His comments about the Management at Manchester United prior to the appointed of his friend contrast sharply with his comments about the situation while his friend is employed.

I have also noticed a difference in how he analyses players at Manchester United who are foreign as opposed to those who are English- the 30 minute diatribe about Pogba following his missed penalty against Wolverhampton Wanderers in August was a stark contrast to his lack of analysis of Marcus Rashford's failure to convert against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford 5 days later. That he used such emotionally charged words like "treasonous" to describe Pogba's actions while absolving his English colleague screams of xenophobia.

His lies about the owners of Liverpool being the same as the Glazer family in August at the Season Kick off fan forum was also rather egregious. There are differences of opinion and there are indisputable facts. Jamie Carragher had to correct Mr. Neville's assertion, and based on all available records, Mr. Carragher's statement was correct.

Many football fans don't have access or time to access such information, and it is therefore of the highest importance that the information presented is factual so that fans can form their opinions on such matters. Gary Neville also has a conflict of interest when it comes to the owners of the club given his hotel being in business with Manchester United. These need disclosing to the public.

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