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sports presenter comment.

During a live television broadcast last weekend Jamie Carragher made a comment to Joleon Lescott, in which he asked Joleon why he had taken his trousers off.
Joleon was wearing a pair of brown trousers at the time, so the comment was obviously referring to his skin colour.
I found this comment to have racist overtones and be very offensive, I would like to know what if any action you have taken against Mr Carragher or indeed if you have taken no action, why not? If no action has been taken can I presume that you condone racist comments made by your employees during live television broadcasts.

Yours sincerely

Miss J Fairgrieve

gary neville

Why is this man commentating on the Man Utd v Arsenal match tonight! So biased in his views and just willing his team to win. And Martin Tyler was no better, loving Gary and willing Man U to win. And I'm a Chelsea fan! Sky has gone to pot.
I'm fed up with paying a lot of money to watch Sky and I'm getting more and more frustrated having to listen to a load of so-called football experts talking a load of rubbish.

no recognition of johnny rea's achievements

Watching Sky Sports News and am appalled there is no mention that Jonny Rea has just secured his 5th world champioship superbike title. This fantastic british sportsperson deserves recognition. If his name was Lewis Hamilton we would never hear the end of it. Should like to know the reasons for this lack of interest on the part of Sky Sports. Explanation please

sky sports f1 david croft

I have not missed an f1 race in over 35 years and have heard all the commentators on various channels and David Croft is by far the worst.

He talks way too much, never uses one word where 10 or more will do. I am currently watching the Russian gp and have been timing the dead air from him on the stopwatch on my phone. I was going to share this with you at the end of the race but unfortunately I just stopped it accidentally. This means I can share my finding with you early.

To lap 49 there was precisely 1min and 48 seconds of clear air where I could hear the cars.

With engine noise a factor in current f1 it would be good to hear the engines at least once every 5 laps or so.

Ask him to stop blustering, flapping and making up stories.

Restrict him to only 1 statistic per race, tell him to just use driver surnames instead of giving a full name each time. Even that would give us some quiet time.

I was really saddened to hear that he was back this year and am hopeful to hear rumours of his exit in 2020.please be true.

Sky, you are the only live coverage at the moment, last year I would switch to ch4 just because of him. I would watch all the pre and post race stuff with Martin etc but as soon as the race statlrted I would switch.

Even on the other shows he busters, buts in and upsets the rhythm.

I don't want to see anyone lose their job but This man could make a snooker match sound like the grand national and I am tired of it.

Please switch it next year somehow.

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    nelsonfen Oct 13, 2019

    I agree, david croft should go and also Ted on pit lane and the Scottish guy who you can barley understand(he should go to broadcast school to learn how to speak on TV).


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sky f1 commentary live

Just a complaint against the Commentators during the racing on sky f1 live.

Clearly they're ferrari fan's, making it obvious feeling sorry for them on broadcast when something doesn't go right for ferrari compared to all the other teams.

It isn't a problem to me that they follow ferrari but to broadcast it instead of focusing on the other teams does annoy me a little when watching the racing.

commentary during the mk dons v lfc game

I am writing to complain about a statement made during The MK Dons V LFC game on Wednsesday night by one of the commentators on Sky Sports in which he stated in regards to Caoimhin Kelleher's name that "he wasn't sure if it was his name or the WiFi code" which he followed by laughing at his name, this is a racist remark if such a statement was made about a player of African Origin there would be an outcry, it was a very tasteless remark and very offensive for Irish people. An immediate apology should be made by the commentator.


I am writing to inform of my disbelief of sky sports commentator rob Hawthorne's attempt of humour during Liverpool win over my dons in the carabao cup. The particular incident referring the Liverpool goalkeeper Caoibhin Kelleher as possibly being "WiFi code". This is pure arrogance and in this day and age some may class it as racism. As as market that serves sky very well, the arrogance of little preparation undertaken by the commentator in this case to know the pronunciation of players names and the remark in which was made is unacceptable and no excuse.

sky sports football commentary

Caoimhin Kelleher was playing for Liverpool in his first game and your commentator said his first name was hard to say and at first he thought it was a Wi-Fi code...this is anti irish racism. If this was an African player he would never have made such a comment. But it seems Irish people are fair game.. If you can't say it then learn how to pronounce his should publicity apologise for this pure racist comment

pundit on gillette soccer special

I am disgusted with the fact they have put an ex derby manager/player commentating on the Arsenal v Forest game tonight.
He has nothing but praised Arsenal and laughed at our shot at goal that went wide.
Absolute joke of all the pundits they could have put to commentate on Nottingham Forest they use rowett what a waster. I will not be watching anymore until they remove this clown.

biased football coverage

Why is it that SkySports thinks that viewers only care about Liverpool and the two Manchester clubs. The coverage of the West Ham v Man Utd match was appallingly biased with Neville on co-commentary, Marinho and Keane giving post match comments backed up by Carragher and Souness who also think there is nothing outside of the North West. Would it have taken much to-
1. Have at least one ex West Ham player involved ( not manager because you would pick Allardyce who hates West Ham)
2. Actually talk about the opponents and not just Man Utd

No-one was surpised which is really sad


What does Keene know about football, he showed no objectivity on Sunday, just his normal brutal, hurtful, vindictive manner, just like he said in his book, he deliberately went out ti hurt an opponent, and in fact ended his career. He tried that with Carragher on Sunday, but was ignored. I for one will ignore a Sky Panel that has Keene on i in the future. How low can Sky get, surely there are more appropriate people that can be objective, and cab show more respect to fellow panelists?

Come on Sky Sports - show some more responsibility and class in the future.

sky sports

How long are sky going to keep the dinosaur that is Martin Tyler on their commentary team? He is an embarrassment to sky.
Why not have an option in this day and age of "no commentary" just get the atmosphere from the ground without this biased old man ruining the game for everyone.
Another valued sky customer here of 25 plus yrs about to leave because of this relic.

british horse racing

Why is it that today Monday 23/09 /19 there's 4 British meetings and 1 Irish meeting but sky sports racing isn't showing any of them but showing the early meeting from France. This is not good enough. Instead of showing the British or Irish meetings sky sports racing are showing the debate show. They should be showing at least one of the meetings I'm referring to.

nfl commentary

Shaun Gayle commentary is awful, please remove him . He has an opinionated NFC favourable position and I'm sick of him getting facts/considerations massively wrong . Please remove bring back Cecile/reinbold, you look at the BBC coverage. It is fantastic and they don't have access to sky live games . I find it laughable that I have to reach a word criteria to complain . Gonna get rid of Sky if doesn't improve .

poor punditry

Being a west ham fan, I am quite angry at how the pundits on sky seem incredibly biased towards certain...

commentary on sky sports football

Listening to the SKY commentary on the Liverpool v Chelsea match on Sunday 22/9/19. I was appalled by the comments in relation to VAR, by Martin Tyler. He shows the Dinosaur and Neanderthal mentality, that has resulted in VAR being so long in implementation! When it comes to commentary on the subject of VAR, unless he is willing to inject some intelligence and Common Sense into his Neanderthal view on the subject, IT WOULD BE BETTER IF HE KEPT QUIET AND KEPT HIS VIEWS TO HIMSELF! Sky Sports usually has very good commentary! Tyler's views on VAR spoils otherwise good Commentary! My best regards David Victor Brown.

sky sports live football

Why are so many leeds united games featured live on sky sports every season. Honestly I feel like I am a...

lack of club badge on sports reports

I have had a number of Supporters in touch with me to say that when reports are made on our Club, which is a...

sky sports

How can you possibly believe that not renewing the contracts of David Gower and Sir Ian Botham is the right thing to do.

They are not only legends of English cricket but also the best orators of the game in the modern generation.

To even suggest that Ward and Key are suitable replacements is bizarre in the extreme.

I shall be cancelling my subscription forthwith.

This is a very sad day for a company that has previously done so much for the game of cricket.


Tony Forward

sky sport main event

I am so annoyed how they have Bournemouth v Everton on the main event over the Ashes. Biggest cricketing event in the world, our country playing chance to win the test today, yet they put a pointless football game, that means nothing, that no one really cares about on. All I have is Sky Sports main event so now I can't watch the ashes. So instead of watching country play I have to sit here and watch Bournemouth v Everton