SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Sixt Rent a Carservice and overcharging

T Jul 24, 2018

I recently had the misfortune to rent from SIXT at Bristol Airport UK. I arrived at the office at 0010 only to be told that there would be 100 pound surcharge as the office closed at 2359 (It's at an airport) along with a premium charge of 20 pounds on top of the charges published + VAT at 20%. Anyway, the car park had moved and I had to walk an additional distance about 8 minute walk in the rain to get to the car, then the car was not in the correct bay, so had to do a Peter Kaye, clicking the remote to locate the car. I was told to return the vehicle and post keys back in box after rental. I did this as described below and to my amazement they charged me for an additional day. To date I have completed their complaint form FIVE times and have not even had an acknowledgement. Still waiting for refund, apology... but not holding my breathe!!!

Dear sir/madam, This is the Fifth time of asking, I received invoice no. [protected], today and found you have charged me for three days rental. The car was returned at 1500 on 19 June at Bristol airport and the keys posted into your key ring returns box as directed. I note that you collected the keys at 0709 the next morning. The car was parked in the bay right next to the office. I cannot believe this was not emptied until the next day. I require you to amend the invoice and send again, refunding me in the process. I have other complaints about the situation in Bristol Airport and wish to set them out with one of your personnel. Please contact me by email. Mr a kershaw

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