Sixtdamage scam


I hired a car from this company. On arrival at Edinburgh Airport we found the SixT desk and got our keys. After a 15 minute walk with out suitcases we found our car. We looked around it in the rain and waited for half and hour for someone from the company to arrive and take us over the inspection out process. No one came. On dropping the car off it was a different story. A lady practically jumped on us and having looked around the car pronounced that there was a scratch on the rear passenger door and a scuff on the front passenger alloy. This was wear and tear that was on the car when we rented it. However I have now received a bill for £400 for damage to these parts. What a scam. NEVER, EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. I have rented from many decent companies all over the World and never had a problem like this. Appauling.


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    JessicaBennett Jul 11, 2012

    This has just happened to us at Stansted. Please do not rent from these fraudsters. It is unbelievable. They must get a commission for saying you damaged the car, it beggars belief, really.

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