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To Whom It May Concern,
Car hire in Miami Florida from Sixt at Miami Airport, date 3-16 September 2019. Paid bill for hire on credit card plus paid for in full for additional services recommended by agent i.e Car Insurance and Roadside Recovery.
Shortly after leaving pickup centre around 2 am in the morning the tyre pressure senor indicator light came on. Later that day after resting from our flight I drove to a petrol station and the pressure in the passenger side front tyre was topped up. The light came off and everything seemed okay, but overtime the light kept coming on and off. We were not to concerned as the tyre did not go down but due to the indicator I stopped off several times to top up the air in the tyre when it came on. Initially I thought there was a fault with the sensor as mentioned before the tyre did not go down, but I then decided to contact Sixt when it signalled once again soon after I had air put in on my way home Sunday 8th Sept. I parked up a couple of streets away from my destination to explain the ongoing issue to your agent and the fact that I had planned a 3 hour drive to Orlando to visit the parks, (this was the main reason I hired the car to take my son to the parks there for his birthday surprise gift) the following morning and was worried about the journey as I would have to drive over the highways and interstates, and could not quite understand why the sensor was coming on and off on the car. I also took the opportunity to mention that I was dissatisfied with the service from collection, the vehicle appeared not to be clean, interior and exterior which I had never experienced before with regards to the numerous occasions I have hired cars previously. It also took the agent 3 attempts to allocate us a suitable vehicle albeit I booked days in advance prior our arrival therefore it should have been ready. I would have complained there and then, but my family and I endured long flight delays due to the hurricane and we just wanted to rest.
The agent mentioned that he there might be a spare tyre in the boot of our vehicle but then advised that he would make arrangements for me to 'exchange' the car at the nearest Sixt Centre which was around 25 minutes away from where we were staying, even though I had aired my concerns about driving on a possible faulty tyre and also informed him I had Car Insurance and Roadside Recovery Cover which he should have been aware of as soon as he typed in my reference number and the fact that I was a visitor to the Country.
Despite my reservations I followed his instructions and made my way the following morning to the centre. When I finally arrived at the centre the car was inspected and I was told there was a screw embedded in the tyre and that was the root of the problem and also that it could have caused the tyre to blow out at high speeds. I went on in great horror and disbelief to 'exchange' the faulty vehicle and after a short break to compose myself, set off to Orlando with my family.
At the end of my hire agreement 16th Sept, the replacement car was 'returned' with a tank full of fuel as contracted.
A week after my return from our holiday, I started to go through my bank statements particularly paying attention to my expenditure in Florida, and was shocked to see that your company had charged me an excessive bill for fuel amounting to 108.89 dollars. This charge could only have come about due to the exchange arranged by your agent because of the unsafe faulty tyre. It is utterly unacceptable. I was not a anytime during my two conversations with your advisor's one 8th and the other 9th, as no one seemed to be answering the Sixt Centre phone where the replacement was arranged during several attempts to let them know we were on the way, again instructed by your first advisor, was I instructed or advised to fill the tank before the exchange.
As mentioned prior, my family and I were due to drive to Orlando that day so my instinct was to drive straight to the centre before the pressure reduced again during the 25 minute commute as per instructed. Therefore to learn that I have been charged for the above incident even though I paid in full for Roadside Recovery Cover and it was never suggested by either one of your advisor's to send out a recovery agent to inspect the car, replace the tyre or to recover the vehicle and deliver a replacement as a safety precaution was outrageous and very disconcerting.
I have spoken with family members and friends who have all said I am well within my rights to submit a letter of complaint under the given circumstances. I am therefore requesting a full refund for the fuel bill totalling 108.89 dollars and an detailed explanation to why a service I had paid for, Roadside Recovery, was not used or offered as an alternative.
This incident has not only tainted my family's holiday experience but mine also plus it has tarnished my faith in Sixt as a trustworthy car hire company as your service was highly recommended to me.
Your immediate attention and response to my complaint and issues via my phone or email address would be much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Miss Domanique Scarlett
mobile: [protected]

Sep 30, 2019

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