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In Oct 2021, I went down to Woodlands Singtel Outlet to close an account for Home Broadband under my mother's account Christina Sashi ([protected]) and to open a new account under my name Elizabeth Sashi ([protected]). The salesperson noted with the understanding that we are closing my mother's account. Than later he asked if we wanna use her account to convert her prepaid to an official line. We agreed, as he mentioned that her account now will only be her phone line. He asked us to sign an ipad in a form of agreement. My mum signed it, as he verbally told us what we are signing for. He just scrolled the ipad all the way to the bottom for her to sign. Months later, my mum showed me her bills. I was shocked! Clearly the salesperson did a blunder of not closing her account. So now my home have to existing broadband. We went down to enquure, to my horror. The Singtel personel dropped the bomb and said there's nothing they can do about it and told us to continue paying or cancel and pay penalty for my mother's account! How ridiculous can this be? The mistake was done by Singtel Salesperson and we are expected to clear the mess. We told them to cancel the account resulting to an amount of $2300. Which we told them we are not going to pay as it's clearly their fault. Now it bacame our problem. I would like this issues to be settled by their side asap.

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