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Reconstructed my mobile on Jan 2017 and completed the circle as I was told i only needed the SingTel to which I don't have...sales at Jurong point told me pay only 50% no contract can watch the family starter I agreed...much to my dismay after the 1st month all channels free I'm only left with 6 channels, called in and was told I'm on what funny jingxuan mini which wasn't like what I was told by the sales, or their brochure ... call in complain and said I signed for the jingxuan mini and nothing they can do and wanted me to sign for the family starter for extra $29.90...why the hell would I want to pay extra for something I was promised in the 1st place yet deprived of ??? I will terminate my SingTel tv this weekend when I'm free and will TERMINATE all my mobile, fibre and home bundle for the poor service rendered upon me...I felt cheated yet the only [censor] bull stories they told me was sorry they can do anything about it...I'm absolutely disgusted and disappointed by SingTel...customer for coming 10 years yet this kind of service and attitude...congrats on losing as your customer in 2 years time when my contract're fired!!!


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    Chan Yew Gin May 21, 2017

    Dear Sirs/Madam, I am referring to my mobiletelephone number 97329470 account no: 04359199. I have along paid by promptly with fail. It usually amounts to just over one hundred dollars. But this time I received a shock. The amount is Sdlr 280.43. For years I have never paid such amount. So I rang 1688 a few times. The answer I got was most unsatisfactory. It seems that they do not know their job. The only answer I got from one of them was because I did request for my mobile and home bill to be incorporated into one bill. I was shocked. Why wasn't I told that there will be a cost at the time of my request? Had I known that there is will be a cost I would never have requested. No satisfactory was given after so many calls to 1688. I then sent a few emails to billalert... But as usual received no reply. It seems that I should not be sending email to billalert...but the staff who have received them should have the courtesy of forwarding all my emails to the proper department. Nothing of that sort from them. This is really frustrating. I then managed to get in touch with one of your customer officer who promised to look into the matter and give me a reply. He had my email address with her. Upto today there is not a single reply from Singtel. Just wonder why should I subscribe to Singtel when there is STARHUB AND M1. You have deducted the money from my Bank account which Singtel is very good at . As for my mobile telephone
    despite me telling all of them that I need a reply to claim the money for both the telephones from my employer
    I have not received it. Each time they said they will help me to push for a reply. It seems those words go thin air. I find it very strange - my home telephone from a certain amount has become zero. Someone in Singrel must have got all the wires crossed. It has been almost three frustrating weeks of dealing with Singrtel for such a simple matter

    Can I know who should I appeal to get a reply. Or I should approach my MP to tell him the treatment I have received from Singtel. Singtel should employ staff who wants to work and not those who are looking for a job

    Chan Yew Gin
    Mobile: 97329470

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    RubieSinghal Nov 21, 2017

    It is 21 November 2017 and the time is 2pm. I started my call at 1:08 and ended WITHOUT ANY SATISFACTORY SOLUTION TO MY BILLING ENQUIRY at 1:59. That was a waste of 1 previous hour on your customer care line!!!

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get through to your customer care officers. Even after getting through it takes more than an hour of valuable time to sort out even a simple single issue because of the length of waiting time while talking to the customer care officers.

    One reason is lack of knowledge on the part of the officers which leads to 'Let me check and get back to you' or passing of the call to one officer after another.

    This is GROSS INCOMPETENCY on the part of your "Customer CARE???? Officers".

    I am not able to manage my bills properly because of your service incompetency

    Rubie Govindraj

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