Singapore Airlines / failure to notify of booking cancellation by bestjet


Craig and Kylie Solberg
Flights SQ232 Syd - Sin, SQ452 Sin - Mle, 22 March 2019 1215
Flights SQ451 Mle - Sin, SQ288 Sin - Syd, 9 April 2019 2325

My husband and I booked tickets for 1215 22 March 2019 on SQ232 Sydney to Singapore, and SQ451 Singapore to Male via Bestjet last November, who as you know are now in receivership. I was not aware of this until, en route to Sydney on 21 March 2019 I called Singapore Airlines to confirm my booking and they advised that we were not booked on those flights, nor on the return flights.
I was told by Singapore Airlines that they could see the booking had been made however then cancelled by Bestjet. Bestjet did not call, email, or advise us in any way that they were cancelling our flights, nor did they send a refund. In addition, considering the folding of the company Bestjet, Singapore Airlines did nothing in the way of contacting us to advise of the cancellation and the need to rebook.
I was asked to send a copy of the tax receipt to you immediately for consideration, which I did, however was not contacted back when promised. I called again and had to go through the whole thing with someone else who just told us that our flights had been cancelled and we had to rebook.
I requested to speak to a supervisor, who was understanding, however we had to pay an extra $1500 in flights to what we originally paid, with no upgrade or offer to match Bestjet's original price. We are now out of pocket $3, 500.
I am disappointed with Singapore Airlines with their failure to notify passengers of the Bestjet collapse. In our case, they had 3 months to advise us before our flight. I would like to be refunded the original cost of the flights through Bestjet of $1929.97. Please contact me on the below number if required.
Kind regards,
Kylie Solberg

Apr 15, 2019

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