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D Sep 05, 2018

I feel compelled to make a complaint against Singapore Airlines who boast a reputation as having great customer service. My experience with them has been nothing short of tortuous. As well as the below complaint which I sent to them, at no point have they reached out to me to explain or apologise for the lack of service. From the below complaint I finally received an email saying my complaint had been escalated and someone would get back to me. Today, over 2 months later after hearing nothing from them again - at each stage it has been me following up on the progress of the complaint, they have not called me at all - I rang to see what was the progress of my complaint was. I was put on hold for over 40 minutes and during that time received an email saying that I would receive some compensation at the check in desk when i fly next year. I understand it may be policy to not reveal what compensation it may be. However, I am left not knowing if my complaint was handled - the service certainly hasn't been any better.
I had heard good things about this airline and it is very disappointing that their customer service does not live up to the hype, very far from it.

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Feedback :Further to my complaint on the 20th June regarding having been booked on and sent incorrect flight details I would like to add that since that incident occurred the subsequent customer service I have experienced has been a disgrace to your airline with the exception of two staff members who actually were willing and able to help me. I booked my flight to FCO on the 19th June 2018 for the 20th April 2019 and was booked on flights for the 28th April 2019. While I absolutely understand and accept that anyone can make a mistake the way I was treated was abominable. I had upgraded from Economy to Premium Economy with points and was told it was up to me to get those points back so they could be applied to the correct flight on the 20th. No-one apart from Chito offered to help me with that. I was told repeatedly that they couldn't do anything to help and i should expect a call from a specialist some time in the next 3 days so it could be determined if the error was mine or staff members who i had booked with. At this point and until i strongly pushed the point no replacement reservation was made to get me on the correct flight. This duly appeared on my account but had disappeared by the next day. I have spent a total of: 32 minutes on the 20th 15 minutes on the 20th 12 minutes on the 20th 15 minutes on the 21st 19 minutes on the 22nd on the phone to get a resolution of this problem. Nobody has called me to let me know that the error was in fact the staff members who took the original booking, it was left to me to call the airline and it was only a "sorry 'bout that" . I was told that SIA would fix the flights up and reapply the upgrade points to the Singapore to Rome leg and that (lucky me) I wouldn't be charged anything for the changes. I had also requested seat allocation that I was told would be applied to the corrected booking and that didn't happen either. This has been an extremely stressful contact, and my first with SIA and the lack of care for your customer is disgusting and leaves a lot to be desired. The only other person - and this includes KrisFlyer who didn't have a clue as to how to assist me - was the supervisor Jivina. I work in customer experience and know how a client should be treated and it is not this way. I think it would be fitting to grant some form of compensation as a matter of principal and as a gesture of goodwill and would demonstrate that SIA shows they take responsibility for their actions. Regards Diana Welbourn.
I would like to know what my compensation is as I feel that they may be refunding a minor difference in flight cost from my booked date to the incorrect booking date. If that is the supposed compensation I will not fly with them again.
Yours sincerely
Diana Welbourn

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