Singapore AirlinesAtrocities i went through at Delhi airport due to ground staff incompetence

R Aug 03, 2018

I was booked on SQ403 on 2/8/2018 back to SG. Flt dep time was 2155, so i arrived at the airport and queued up at the check in counter since 1930. I was bounced to 4 different counters to readjust my baggage 4 times in public which was already humiliating enough.

At 2100 i requested that i would want to be attended to by a superior when the duty officer Nitin came to me and offered me a solution because he needed to close the flight system for dep. After his adjustment the counter staff still insisted that i reshuffle my luggage. That was the time when i really gave up. I am travelling on a holiday and was extremely tired from the road travels in India.

Nitin said he will get the flt to depart and come back to attend to me. He promised me that he will get the reservations to book me on the 4Aug2018 sq403 but i would have to call the Delhi reservations hotline to confirm the booking .

On the 3aug2018 i had called the reaervations office a number of times but it just goes on hold followed by a complete silence . I did not get to speak to anyone with regards to my booking. I called Nitin again and he said it should not be the case and told me to call them again on 4aug2018 which is tomorrow.

I am a singaporean / foreigner in India and i do not have any permanent accomodation so due to their incompetent level of pax handling, i now have to book my own accomodation and pay for my cabs and still be stuck in this position where i do not have an idea if i am on the flight as yet.

"SIA a great way to fly & warm asian hospitality" this slogan totally does not fit in to what i went through. It is with the saddest heart i am writing that there is no proper system of their operations here on ground. When i requested to speak to the station manager, i was just brushed off by them saying that he is not around. I am totally devastated by such behaviour and am really thinking of approaching the singapore embassy in delhi for help.

While i was waiting to check in, i saw other countera where people had different number of cabin baggage in all sizes and shapes not following their required weight and aize but they all checked in smoothly. Me being alone in a foreign land, have to go through this unethical behaviour from my own country airline and their appointed staff here is probably the worst i have ever been through.

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