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December 2017
I think I was scammed by easonqiu (username of the seller on Shopee). I ordered different items of different prices from the same seller. To avail the free shipping fee, I made sure that all items that I ordered will cost up to 500. I never knew (since I am only new there) that each item ordered has also its equivalent/corresponding shipping fee. I asked the seller about the shipping fee but he/she never answered me in regard to it. So I assumed that I'll get the free shipping fee as stated by shopee. When some of the orders arrived and were delivered to my house, (some because I still have some orders to be received) I was shocked because I paid a total amount of 311 pesos. 101 for the prices of products and 210 for the shipping fee. If this is the case, then I have to pay for the other orders that are yet to come higher than what I expect. I just want this to be clear. If ever what I suspect is true (that I was scammed), then I want a refund for the excess money I paid.
I hope this complaint of mine will be given attention. If you may, I need your response as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Shipper: Eason (15)
Contact number of the seller: [protected]



  • B
      Jan 09, 2018

    Hello buyer,

    I am seller too, and this problem is not from seller or

    You buy at same shop but DIFFERENT ORDER ID (checkout process),
    You should add cart all items you want from the same shop, once the TOTAL AMOUNT is 500php, click checkout at once so that the SHIPPING FEE will be lifted. NOT MULTIPLE CHECKOUT of products.

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  • F
      Sep 27, 2019

    Nahhhh! For me, I ordered one item worth 535 which is suppose to get free shipping but ended up paying 635 when the product came. Had me paid 100 pesos for a supposedly free shipping transaction. How is that?

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  • J
      Oct 11, 2019

    I have the same complaints. I order with the amount of 1, 058 and the shipping fee is 510. Why is that?

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