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Shopee - 3cofficialstore. ph

My order #19052017455FTVU

[Shopee Philippines][Case Number15232073

After a month of contacting Shopee support through chat, phone conversations an email with nothing but promises and the seller actually laughing at my attempts for a refund or replacement of faulty android box I guess the reality is they are theifs and liars both. Promises by support to investigate have ended up with them admitting if the seller does not agree to do anything then Shopee will not either. Especially if it's an overseas seller. The mentality is once they have your money screw you!
The seller is crude, laughs directly at your efforts and this is ok with Shopee.
I lose a little 3, 519 pesos but for them in the long run, they lose much more.

Shopee - I am complaining an unknown transaction/order using my credit card

Your BPI OTP is 617850 for your ongoing transaction at Shopee Philippines Inc using your card ending in 4460. Call 89100 if this is not your purchase.

Your BPI OTP is 783647 for your ongoing transaction at Shopee Philippines Inc using your card ending in 4460. Call 89100 if this is not your purchase.

Your BPI OTP is 933053 for your ongoing transaction at Shopee Philippines Inc using your card ending in 4460. Call 89100 if this is not your purchase.

Your BPI OTP is 394049 for your ongoing transaction at Shopee Philippines Inc using your card ending in 4460. Call 89100 if this is not your purchase.

Your BPI OTP is 608274 for your ongoing transaction at Shopee Philippines Inc using your card ending in 4460. Call 89100 if this is not your purchase.

A recent transaction of PHP969.00 at SHOPEE PHILIPPINES INC [protected] PHL on 06/25/19, 6:33PM using your primary BPI card ending in 4460 was declined due to insufficient credit limit. Need extra credit limit? Please call 89-100 or visit your nearest branch for assistance. Thank you.

Jun 27, 2019

Caller name: James Madrigal
Caller number: [protected]

Note: i have a full recorded conversation for proof.

Shopee - delivery by xpost

I need an explanation from XPOST. Malalaman ko kapag may magdedeliver na XPOST sa office ko, sinadya ko na sa office ko ipadedeliver kasi palaging may tao, never nawalan ng shift ang office ko. However, to my great dismay, I was looking up for my order sa Shopee and found out sa status niya na "Return to Seller Initiated" tiningnan ko kung anong meaning niya, and that flared me up, paano niyo naman po ibabalik sa seller agad ni walang text at notification from you na magdedeliver kayo, walang tawag and walang delivery attempt certainly. I don't know what's been happening to your system. But please, kawawa naman yung sellers na hindi maibalik sa kanila yung items, and ying customers na nagbayad at hindi COD transactions.

Shopee - lbc and xpost

Its says that idedeliver nila kahapon and then bakit po bigla nag "Failed Delivery"? Kung hindi man nila makita yung address bakit hindi nila ko tinry kontakin for location? Ang dalas kong umoorder sa Shopee but this is the first time na nangyare 'to. So DISAPPOINTED!!! LBC and XPOST PAKI AYOS LANG!!! Kase ang tagal kong hinintay then biglang magfefailed lang!

Yung sakin po, RETURN TO SELLER kahit wala namang attempt na ideliver, ni walang nag text or nag call.

Shopee - delivery

sinungaling na shipper. lahat ng tao nyo palpak at sinungalung. nagresched ng delivery kahit walang 1st attempt? di ako umalis ng bahay. lahat ng order ko ganyan ginawa nyo. sinisira nyo ang seller mga walang kwenta delivery boy nyo. mamatay na kayo. wala akong order na di nareschedule. wala namang dahilan na binibigay. sinsira nyo ang mga seller ng shoppe wala kayong kwentang shipper. mga sinungaling at tamad tauhan nyo. masasapak ko muka ng mga yan pagdeliver ng item ko sa gigil ko sa inyo.

Update by niko alix
Jun 23, 2019

order number ko 1906210938015GD. nag resched ng delivery ang hayop nyong shipper BAE EC LAGUNA, yang hayop na si LUNA RANDE. di sumasagot sa tawag at napakasinungaling ng demonyong yan. di naman nagattempt pumunta sa address ko putanginang yan. tapos ireresched mo? andami nyo na complains, wag na kayo magtiwala sa BAE EC LAGUNA na yan. nasisira ang seller sa putanginang mga tao nyang shipper na yan.

Shopee - xpost/delivery failed status

my order was supposed to arrive today June 20, 2019. But no parcel arrived, when i checked xpost tracking service it said: delivery unsuccessful due to consignee unavailable, when i was in the house the whole day. And that package was on their warehouse last June 10. It was very disappointing i didn't even received any follow up message or call if they needed additional direction if they didn't know
my address.

Shopee - wrong parcel received

We ordered a PS3 last june 13 and we make an over the counter payment thru dragon pay. The seller prepare the parcel same they and ninja van pick up the parcel june 14 with a tracking no of SOP181861022825761. Arrived at sorting hub Metro manila taguig make parcel measurement update june 15 and arrived sorting jub again same day.Vehicle delivery on the way last june 19 and by afternoon it arrived on the address written but to my dismay i received WRONG parcel because it consist of kitchenwares which i haven't ordered. I don't know who are the one's to blame but im expecting an action from the management ASAP. Remove untrusted and unworthy employees and have a clear partnerships with your trusted couriers.

Shopee - non-responsive seller

I want to cancel my order. But the seller is non-responsive. I will be leaving soon and might not be able to receive my orders.

I have ordered some items from this shop, however, the seller is non-responsive to all of my queries despite being online. It's been 3 days already. And I want to cancel my order because of it. How can I cancel my order?

Hoping for your respond. Thank you.

Shopee - usb otg

i ordered 7 pcs. of usb otg but 1 of this is not working, i contact the seller to return/refund the item which is not working but it has no response, i just want to complaint the factory goods seller because of being responsive to their customers before shipping the items it didn't contact the customer unlike the other seller that i have been experienced before they contact me before shipping i hope u can help me to return/refund the item that i complaint thank you very much

Update by ciouseguiaflores
Jun 18, 2019

the factory goods seller is not responsive to their customers

Shopee - ninjavan

Vulcan Post reports "Shopee's partnership with Singaporean logistics startup NinjaVan handles all deliveries so sellers don't have to." And if you look around, Ninjavan is one of the worse logistic companies there is here in the Philippines. There is an enormous amount of complaints with the NinjaVan company.

My last order, I highly suspect collusion from Ninjavan, Shopee and the seller and I provide images showing poor service. From the moment I placed the order it appears the glue was placed to slow my order. The two images I provide speaks it all.

The very first thing that comes up is no Air WayBill for the order. Really? I mean how can a store stay in business if it cannot do the simplest of paperwork. VERY IMPORTANT, notice the order was packaged to be delivered!

Days go by. Even up to and passed the day it was to be shipped. The day after it was supposed to be cancelled, the store says it doesn't have the black color robe I ordered. Really? Then what did you try to ship to me when you found out you did not have the ARB? You had black then but no black now?

Last Sunday, the order left the last sorting. Every order I ever had delivered, when it leaves Laguna Cabuyao sorting, it is here in my town and out for delivery in 24 hours. Not 99% of the time, 100% of the time. Well that is the way it was but no more. Ninjavan would just avoid the final scan and sit on the package until the day it was to be cancelled then deliver it.

No MORE Ninjavan / Shopee

Collusion is a bad habit to play on your customer base.

I told Shopee to deliver the package and not make me wait for days and days anymore but they did not do it. Today, they will try to deliver but I will not pay. I told Shopee to deliver it or cancel the order. I was not going to allow Ninjavan waste anymore days.

What started the problem was I made orders for Mothers Day. It was a total of four orders made and these orders was made at the same time. I got 3 of the orders on time. No wait. Well before Mothers Day. But one order was having some issue. Ninjavan picked up the order but it was not going to the first sorting. This typically takes a few hours. *I have 3 orders!* A day goes by with no sorting. My delivery should be OK. Day two and if it waits any longer I may not get this delivery on time so I email Ninjavan. Instead of trying to help I was told "it is still in the delivery schedule" which it was but it was going to be very late and should not have been. The email from Ninjavan was very much insulting and that is what I told to Ninjavan. From that moment on ALL my orders are delayed.

I even made an order that the store would not even fill. Ninjavan would get my order to my town and just hold the order until it was going to expire (auto-cancel) and they would deliver it on that day I found. So this told me that Shopee was in collusion with Ninjavan to slow my orders.

I am a HUGE online shoper. I have never experienced anything so CHILDISH and with so much abuse towards the customer.

Check the image. The seller says she doesn't have the black robe and tells me to make a new selection. I do not answer and magically she has black again as you can see it in the image. The other photo shows it should have been auto cancelled. I do believe they was waiting on me to extend the time which you can extend it 3 days. I did not do that. So they had to ship it without any further delay.

When it got here to my town, I gave Shopee an altematum to deliver it today or cancel the order. They did not deliver it. Next day, it is out for delivery but I wrote Shopee that I cancelled it and that I do not want Ninjavan knocking on my door.

Shopee evenwent as far as calling me a liar. I told Shopee that my package was in my town and they told me it was still in the last sorting (Laguna Cabuyao). They only look at their own data and think that is the Shopee Bible. Ninjavan tracking showed it left Laguna Cabuyao.

Shopee really needs to learn to respect the consumer. Their Customer service is full of the "I'm sorry" canned messages but it takes a bit more effort to win the consumers faith. They constantly chip away at their customer base. They will dry up over time unless they start serving the paying consumer.

I pay Ninjavan to deliver my parcel and all I get is Mickey Mouse service.

Shopee and Ninjavan thinks we must live on their time. Do not allow them to make you their slave. You pay them. You are the consumer and you pay their wages!!!


Shopee - item delivered not as per ordered.

Order No: 190527213631NUB

Ordered a sofa bed slipcover but received the wrong size.
(Ordered size 160 - 190 cm but received size 120 - 155 cm).

After requesting for solutions from the seller she is adamant that the product is usable even though she acknowledged that the size is wrong. Let me know if you would like to view my conversation with seller. I gave up!

Update by Juanita Anthony
Jun 17, 2019

Conversations with seller:

From me @ buyer:
Hi, i've received my order but its a wrong size

Halo, kawan, apa yang boleh saya lakukan untuk awak? Produk ini ditebar, seperti untuk membuat pesanan, kami akan mengatur penghantaran untuk anda secepat mungkin.
i order size 160 - 190 cm tapi yang dihantar ialah 120 - 155 cm

This is flexible, you can see if you can use

it cannot fit
please let me know how to deal with this

Can you take a photo and show it to me?

I attached the photo to seller


Hello, this is a one-size, you can try to see if it can be put on, because this is elastic

Hi, good mornin
*good morning
like I mentioned, i ordered a different size and have tried. It simply cannot fit
let me know how i can get the correct order

Please wait a moment, I will check with the warehouse.

Can't both be used?

Hi, it definitely cannot be used
please let me know what is the next action
Hi, can you please update me? Or do I need to make an official complaint? Thank you

Hello, I am here to ask if the warehouse personnel have entered the wrong goods.

While you sort that out with your warehouse personnel, please let me know what options I have. Thank you

If it is verified that the warehouse is wrong, I will give you a replacement.

Hi, any updates?

Hello, this one has only one specification, because other users have not reflected that the size received is not the same, you can take it apart and try it.

I hope this will be the last im telling you. Firstly the size i ordered is not the same as I received. Secondly, IT CANNOT FIT as it is too small. So now please let me know if the item cannot be replaced. If cannot I would like to return it and get my money back.

Can you take a video to see?

i am sorry, but this is ridiculous. I have given you a copy of the item delivered (which clearly shows the wrong sizes delivered). . This is my final request. Let me know how I can return the item and get my refund. otherwise, you leave me no choice but to make an official complaint. thank you.

But we checked the warehouse and there was no wrong batch. Product size is showing this, but it is flexible

This is the most unacceptable excuse!! You must as well don't indicate the size of your product!!!
and so I am assuming you will not change or refund me, you now leave me no choice but to take further action.

Shopee - I am complaining about my account that is banned

Why is it my account was banned?!! I tried to sell my preloved canon but since 1 buyer woud like to have an offer that is lower than 4k and I declined it. Yan ba yung reason mg babanned kayo?! Be fair. You have to do an investigation first before doing such thing like that! Recover my account today or else I will never order again!!!


Shopee - shopee investigation team

i'm a seller at Shopee, one of my customer bought an item from us, and upon receipt, claimed that it was not the right size as posted, this customer requested us to measure the item before ordering and we obliged, and she approved and order it subsequently, and now she filed a return request claiming wrong size, your investigating team suddenly issued a resolution favorable to buyer stating that we sent the WRONG ITEM, saying she/he arrived at the resolution after thoroughly investigated, when in truth and in fact they didn't even bother to hear our side, not even once, so, in cases like this where can we seek redress as they are not replying to our emails, hope you can at least hear our side, thank you

Shopee - failed delivery

I ordered in shopee. last Wednesday June 12, 2019 I received a message from ninjavan at 8am that they are going to deliver my order but i have waited for the whole day no delivery came and upon checking my account its already delivery failed and i didnt receive any message from the driver.. so disgusting! then this thursday june 13, 2019 i received a message again from ninjvan that they arr going to deliver. then the driver txted me @ 10am that he is in my area so he asked for my exact location so i told him about it then i told him to txt or call me if he's already outside my house and he said okay, then i waited until afternoon I go to work at 1pm, i txted the driver again asking where is he now but he replied "hala maam, i have been to your place and i am already in the warehouse" then boom! i was so shocked! he went to my area but he didn't call nor txt me that he is already outside the house. crazy! now my order already delivery failed and return to sender.. then the driver said he has a lot of orders to deliver so he didnt deliver mine! crazy!!!

Shopee - shopee selling fake or counterfeit merchandise

First...I am an excellent customer of Shopee. I recently started using you instead of Lazada. If this problem is not resolved I will stop using Shopee. I did not realize when a refund is necessary you make the buyer go back to the seller! That is the wrong thing to do. If you check my account you will see i am a good customer. I recently bought a cell phone that clearly stated "Samsung Original and NEW". Order #190527123935CV7. When I received it I checked Order Received not knowing this was a loophole. I reviewed the item as poor and likely used or a display model. A week after receiving it it no longer worked and I took it to a cell technician who said in a few seconds it was FAKE AND USED. I complained to the seller who was very rude but offered a refund but I could not click on any refund link because I had check that I received the item. I told the seller just refund my money and I will gladly return the FAKE item back to him but the owner is ignoring me now. I contacted Shopee, see Case #[protected], and was told that if the owner did not respond in 2 days to contact Shopee back. Owner is still ignoring me. Please check our chat conversations. Item received on 6/3/2019 and disputed on 6/10/2019. This is quite a large sum of money and if i am not issued a credit or refund I will stop using Shopee completely. I will also notify government agencies that Shopee is selling Counterfeit Merchandise if this is not resolved. My name is GLENN GERARD GAMACHE. My email is: [protected]

Shopee - unauthorized credit card charges

Around May 8-11, 2019 as I was browsing the Shopee site to look for USB OTG and cellphone case, 'Shopee. PH survey' popped up on my screen. I was a qualified visitor and needed my feedbacks or...

Read full review

Shopee - delivery man of quadx, unethical behavior,

June 11, 2016. nag text po yung delivery man kung saan po ba location ko kase di nya po ma locate kaya nag text ako at tinawagan po namin sya. mama ko po kumausap sa kanya ngunit habang nagtatanong pa po mama ko bina-baan nya kaya nagalit po si mama. pagka gabi po mga 6, tumawag yung delivery man at nagsabing andodoon na po raw sya sa labas kaya sinabihan sya ng mama ko "oh sige papunta na kami" tapos narinig ni mama na nagrereklamo sya tungkol saamin tapos nung first call nya pa ito ginagawa kaya kinausap sya ni mama at nagalit. hawak-hawak ko na ang order ko pero binawi nya at umalis habang galit. sa akin lang po, ilang weeks po akong naghintay para sa order ko tapos ganun lang? I want my order back and i think he need to be fired from his position for being inconsiderate po, i dont want to happen this again with other buyers.

Shopee - grocery selling gogogo

I am reporting this shop name 'grocerysellinggogogo' i paid the right amount on a COD base. But when i opened the package one item was missing it was the Maybelline FIT ME 2in1 Liquid foundation + BB press powder. So i chat the shop where i made that order asking for an explanation and in what way they can resolve it but they are not responding on all of my chat. They just ignoring me. On a small paper where my orders are listed they put a notice 'shoppee wallet sorry out of stock'. What they are thinking that its ok if they delivered the iyem that are not completed. They don't even bothered to inform me before they shift my item. Then now they just ignoring me. Its unfair. I'll work hard just to earned money so i could have a guts to pay for what i buy. But they just wasting it. I am requesting for a refund on that item that i paid but i didn't received, but no actions. So disappointing on behalf of shoppee they just let a shop do that on their customer.

Shopee - refund pending since march 2019

I have sent multiple emails and Facebook messages then came to a point no one was responding to me anymore. My Facebook chat was escalated once to a manager because of profanity (but seriously, who wouldn't be pissed!!!) but that manager did nothing about my issue. I have filed a complaint then found out the seller already told Shopee to give me my refund but to date, no refund has been processed. I am uninstalling and deleting my Shopee account as soon as I get my refund. Needless to say, I WANT MY REFUND! I hope someone can address this. My issue is very simple but I could not fathom what's making it so hard to get this resolved.

Shopee - seller who intentionally sends incorrect item and chat reps who are rude not resolving my concern for over months now.

The seller from ogsrph sent involved item refused to refund my return shipping and ignored my concern. Order was made last April 4 with order number [protected]. Up to now customers service particularly Chat reps never resolved the issue. Chat reps even end chats on their end if they cannot provide solution. Return process needs to improve. This is a burden on customers end even its the sellers fault. I recently ordered again same thing happened seller sent incorrect item. This is becoming a trend in shopee sellers since they know that the buyers will have hard time getting the refund. This is too much. I am willing to be contact for further info [protected]

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