Shell/ Circle Kgas pump

U Nov 17, 2017

I parked at a gas pump at the store located at 1801 N. Goldenrod road Orlando Florida at about 430pm. I used a gift card to purchase gas. Every pump I've been to at that store has an indicator that stops the pump from pumping gas out when the car is full. So I was pumping gas and started to hear a waterfall type noise to find out the gas was just pouring out of my car from the pump.It never stopped pumping when my car was full it just kept going so god only knows how much money was wasted for gas that spilled all over the ground my car and myself. I tried to talk to the men inside the store about it and they told me that I was wrong gas pumps don't do that. They weren't exactly nice about it either. I have an issue with one of the gentlemen that is there Everytime I go into this store because he hits on me and is always on his cell phone paying more attention to it than the customers. I've bought gas from this store before at another pump and when my gas tank was full it stopped pumping but not at this pump. The men acted like what happened wasn't a big deal and like they didn't care. I tried to call corporate and can't get through to anyone.

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