Sheetzracist shift manager and security officer

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The shift manager on third shift was very rude!! Very unprofessional and has made racial remarks every on every visit. Along with the security officer on duty for the third shift position.. They are african american and were very blunt with there actions and comments and speak in very inappropriate manners! I visit this location just about every night and have dealt with this to many times.. I am speaking to my lawyer about this issue, it has became way out of hand! There is absolutely no excuses for their actions.. Something needs to be done about this.. I am very unsatisfied and many others also. Once I speak with my lawyer further actions will be in forced.


  • SKOR May 07, 2012

    I find it ironic that you accuse the staff of making racial remarks - yet felt compelled to mentioned they were African-American. Why? Their ethnicity adds no relevant information to your complaint.

    What would have been relevant and useful is mentioning HOW they were rude and inappropriate to you - or why you admit you keep going back.

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  • Brenda* May 07, 2012

    Cheese. Swiss.

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  • The Lidman Foundation May 07, 2012

    I will delete some more, then I'll have the whole site to myself.

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  • Brenda* May 07, 2012

    Oh liddy, you always were in a class all of your own.

    Venice, you just need to "curb" your appetite.

    Slim - moderate this - pffttt!

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  • Regions Bank Employee May 07, 2012

    Why is their color important? What did they say that was so wrong? You sound like an over sensitive cry baby.

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  • Sm
    S. Moody Mar 10, 2018

    I think he was just pointing out a fact.. it does state to give as much information as you can.

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  • Ma
    matthew humphrey Sep 03, 2019

    it seem black people are complaining about black people being called out about being racist, ignorant white people do the same, its like black people can do no wrong, thats its owed to them to treat different people badly because of something that might have happned to their ancesters, when they could have been decended from black slave owners for from a slave if no proof exist then both are possible

    the government list 250 black hate groups and 150 white hate groups, black are less percent in the population but more proportion of creating racist groups

    these type of things need to be talked about in public and on tv and the news, THE PROBLEM OF BLACK RACISM

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