For the last 4 years at the transfer Pennsylvania Sheetz I have had a tree had one problem with only one employee. She knows me from her personal life 19 years ago. I am very tired of walking into the store for the last 4 years she doesn't have to be waiting on me she could be on another job somewhere else taking care of another customers order with the food or what 9 I can be at the counter checking out and she'll walk away from her position not tell anyone As She's Walking Away and just to hide so she doesn't have to see me. I understand that you allow your workers to not have to deal with someone if they don't want to but it is ridiculous when you have a line and you have to Cashiers and she decides to walk away not till the manager that they need another cashier up there and leave a giant line for one cashier to take care of it. She has not only done this to me but she has done it to my wife my mother my stepfather anyone who lives in my household this has been for years her name is Bonnie Totten. This is a complete unprofessionalism that I have ever seen I am a shift leader at a Papa John's or her own son orders from and I deliver a pizza to his house consistently and I don't care because that's what professionalism is you when you're at work your personal life means nothing this is been going on for 4 years with her or she just walks away or she won't take care of my stuff when she is the only other person in the store with the workers I have completely had people behind me in line when she just walks away and leaves one cashier up there by herself and usually is a trainee and that is completely wrong again this is very unprofessional of her she really needs to either be worn or have her job erased cuz not only if she's doing this to me but she's done it to my mother my father and my wife and it's getting really ridiculous because you don't like somebody doesn't mean you don't deal with them because they coming to your work that is unprofessional and she is making your company look unprofessional in the eyes of other customers. In the eyes of me as a manager I would not accept this from my own employees why should I expect this happen to me from another company's employee this is what I'm talking about on the unprofessionalism. She has slandered my name she is telling her manager and people unreal reasons of why she doesn't like me it is causing me pain and anguish cuz I can't even go to my own local gas station to put gas in my car my mom is afraid to order your food because she's afraid that this woman is going to spit in her food because she doesn't like our family I have limited most of this problem by just switching to a different store but the problem is is it's the only gas station within 7 miles from my home therefore I have to go to it if I am running low on gas. I would like either some kind of ramification some kind of payback for this pain that I have to go through costly going in there wondering if she's telling people lies about me and in making people want to turn on me or the fact of anything else I know my wife wants applied for that position in that store and because of Bonnie she was unable to get the position because he didn't like her and she told her store manager that she did not like her so my wife has been left out of a job opportunity because of that if you don't believe me I can give you quite a few numbers that have seen her do this and I can tell you right now there's another employee there by the name of Britt that saw this happen personally just a couple days ago I walked in and he was on food I was at the cash register I was nowhere near her she saw that I was there ran behind said something about me looking out to see if I was still there and I told the cashier that was taking taking care of me that don't worry she does this all the time for the past four years she has walked away from the cash register just deal with me. This is ridiculous please do something about it again the store is the transfer Pennsylvania store. Thank you for your time.

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