Shaw Communicationssneaky tactics

S Oct 03, 2018

I was convinced to sign up for the high priced 1tb /mo. internet with shaw for a two year contract. the 'guy' who pushed it onto me said I could download unlimited movies and music. imagine my surprise when I started using it and received letters of copyright infringement from lawyers. so I quit downloading media and tried to get out of the contract but after over forty years of my loyalty shaw effectively said, "f*k you," to me. all they wanted was to make me pay for two years. like rape, it isn't about good business, it's about power. now that I am in my last month of the contract I phoned and tried to contact a shaw representative. after forty minutes I talked to one who said I should be talking to someone else and he gave me a number but the number required a code which he never gave me so after an hour and ½ of trying to talk to someone at shaw I am sitting here writing my mind while I wait for another phone call from shaw. it would be nice to receive some service or value for dollar rather than being played as though my time is worthless and I am nothing more than an obstacle to get more and more money.

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