Shaw Cablepoor customer service and billing process


I got home on Friday after work and as usual, attempted to order a VOD movie to relax after a long week. I found that the VOD had been disabled. I reached a C.S. rep, who informed me that I had a balance of $21 past due, so my VOD had been disabled. I told her that I had paid the amount on my bill, but she said that as I had ordered more movies since the billing date, I owed more than the amount. Of course I was livid. As consumers - we pay what our bill tells us to pay. She referred me to manager, who went on to explain about billing cycles etc etc. I continued to push the issue in regards how I was to know what I owed, other than what the bill stated. He said he needed to check into the issue more and would call me in 5-10 minutes. After 90 minutes, I called back, and reached another C.S. rep, who referred me to billing. I got the same story, and after holding off and on for 45 minutes, I was connected to a different manager. He said this happens on occasion due to the way billing works. He also said there was nothing he could do, but that there would be a new billing system in about one year. He said that I would simply need to pay the $21 to have my VOD restored, even though my bill reflected no more money owing for almost 2 more weeks. Terrible process. Deplorable customer service. I don't care about being without VOD as much as I care about being treated like I don't matter as a customer.


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    Idocare Aug 20, 2012

    That sounds stressful! Did you watch a DVD after all this?

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