Being new to makeup, I never had much knowledge about offline makeup shopping. And since I've acne, that was the first thing that attracted me to the world of makeup.
I'd seen enough of beauty tutorials to know about Sephora. And it became a dream kind of cosmetic shopping store.
So when i finally had a chance to go to one of their stores in Delhi, I was actually really happy about it. But after strolling and seeing each and every product, I've seen beauty bloggers use. I approached a sales assistant asking her about full coverage foundations for oily acne prone skin type. She just ignored me telling some other staff to see what I need. The other staff were busy demonstrating products to other beautifully polished customers.
I knew that I didnt want anything from Sephora anymore. So walked out.
If this was because I'd acne on my face and didnt look polished, I can't help, but hate the Sephora Staff for it.
I hated my dream store and will never walk into that store again!

PS: I got my HD full coverage foundation from INGLOT the same day. The staff was really helpful. :)

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