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I would not purchase any item from Sephora until I know I love it and second thing, I am willing to swap or sell it if I'm not happy with my purchase. They do not seem to have any written policy for returns of items purchased with gift certificate. I purchased an item from them, I didn't like it really as it was not what it was shown so I phoned them, a rep told me that my refund check will come in within few day. They didn't send me check as told so I called them again this time someone told me that I will receive another product in exchange. I thought of taking chance and call them one more time as still there was no product. This time the rep was surprised that someone had told me I will receive a product in exchange!.. Finally it worked out, I receive my product and also got charged $25 for that product!!...


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      Oct 10, 2009

    I used to enjoy ordering online with Sephora-now their customer service is quite bad.

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      Feb 24, 2011

    Awww...that wasn't fair at all!!! How could they not have a security camera in-store as if like they're TOO POOR to afford one especially since it's a franchised store chain?! I'd say that you should go file a lawsuit against them in order to get your dignity back as I think it's probably permanent in your records now!!! Sephora is a FAILURE!!!

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