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Sephoracustomer service @ guildford mall

I came in to search for the right cleanser for my skin. I'm used to shopping at the Sephora at Metrotown and I've come to expect great customer service and friendly, well informed helpers. I spend thousands of dollars at Sephora and I'm a huge fan of the products it carries. So I expected the same thing when I went to the store at the Guildford location. I went up to an employee called Nina and asked her very politely if she could help me look for a cleanser. She instantly turned her back to me and leant over to arrange a product on the shelf. When she was done arranging it, instead of responding to my question she looked me straight in the eye and WALKED AWAY. She looked like she was offended that I asked her for help. The whole thing was pretty disgusting and unprofessional. My boyfriend who was with me was just as surprised as I was. The girl wasn't even busy in fact she circled around the area I was in and was talking to a fellow employee. I've never met this girl before in my life and I couldn't understand what induced her to behave like that towards a random customer. Sephora at Guildford mall really needs to reevaluate their employees. I'm seriously disgusted and from now on I intend to go out of my way and make a trip to Metrotown where the employees actually help the customers. The only way I'm going back there is if I knew that steps have been taken to correct this girl's behaviour.


  • Ma
    Makeup lover Dec 23, 2014

    I went to sephora in guildford mall and all I can say is NEVER EVER GO THERE... The staff is horrible and they are beyond rude. You ask for help and they just stare at you and walk right past you. Especially the East Indian girls they have a very snobby attitude. Go to sephora in metrotown the staff is amazing! Not guildford

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  • Kk
    KK95 Sep 16, 2015

    I go to both Metrotown and guildford locations. More of guild ford because I like the mall way better. I've encountered employees a couple of times who weren't the nicest and times where they were really helpful. I usually am not huge on being super nice but when I am purchasing or trying to look for a product I expect good customer service. Since I am spending much money here on sephoras cosmetics. Instead my cashier was super rude with me. I'm not sure of her name but I remember that she was Asian. While I was asking her about a product and trying to talk to her, she turned right around. She also was really nonchalant and it seemed as if she was just waiting for me to leave. Now when I encounter not great experiences I usually let it go. But I have been ignored at this sephora before so I thought I would bring it up. Considering that there isn't much unemployment is up, I would think that sephora would hire some nicer employees. There's people out there that I bet would do a better job at it. Sephora just check your employees because clearly this location isn't good at the hiring process.

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