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I did not receive my order, it has been more than one month and they refuse to refund me.

i never received the order and they refuse to refund me, now the order total is 300$ so you can understand my nervosism at this point. It has been more than a month, they tell me...

FragranceXunauthorized credit card charges

Hello... after noticing that money is missing from my bank acc I saw the monthly reports and find out that there is unauthorized charges from my credit card. For the first charge an amount of 107, 75$ is ok because I ordered 4 parfumes with order number [protected] on 27th of July. Later on 1st of August another 107.45$ are also charged from my acc without any order. Can you explain me how is this possible and I want my money back on my bank account please. Thanks for understanding your mistake. I will be still your customer because I'm sattisfied with your products but this is unexpectable.
Best regards
Dimche Ristovski

unauthorized credit card charges

my money is not returned!! since 10 days

I ordered twice last 10 from fragrancex for my husband how's living in USA but my Visa card was not American card the first order they emailed me telling me the address i...


28.October i received 2 orders, one of them (Order #[protected]) shipped to my name but the invoice and items inside is not for me, it suppose to go to someone else his name id in the attached photo, i have paid for micallef perfume $355 but received some cheap items not for me.
Now returning these items back with fedex will cost me $175, and I sent many complaints since that date and got several promises responces that they will be responsible and have fedex to pick up the order and return it to you, but so far still promices, i an trying to call their phone but no connection as if it is false number.


My order never arrived and they will not refund the full amount. The reason is unknown, they are not very talkative and helpful. All I know is that they are big scammers.
And if you live in another country you will pay more for every item you are about to buy. So you will spend much more money than if you go to the nearest store and buy something like this from there.

FragranceXLiars!! They stole my money!

I have ordered some items from and they sent my order to the wrong address and refused to help! Weeks passed and I received nothing so I contacted them and asked about my order. Then I found out about their mistake. They started to blame USPS and told that I have to deal with them on my own. It was not USPS mistake! FragranceX provided them the wrong address and it was clearly their responsibility to fix everything. They stopped replying to my messages and they really don't care about anything!

FragranceXDaylight robbery!

I have sent them tons of emails for the last 5 months and received no reply! My times I asked about the status of my order, then asked for a refund, but they are ignoring me. I placed my order 5 months ago and bought some perfume for my wife and mother, but nothing ever showed up. It seems that FragranceX decided to keep my money and my order. Too bad I did not check the reviews before I made my ordered! This place is a 100% scam!

FragranceXAwful company!

Ordered some perfume for my girlfriend back in December. That was supposed to be Christmas present but Christmas came and went and nothing showed up. It is now April and still noting. They do not respond to my messages and there is no way to get a refund. I wasted my money and I'm very disappointed. I decided that it is not worth waiting and gave up. Just wanted to share my terrible experience and maybe this will stop someone from making the same mistake that I did.

FragranceXDon't place an order with them, they are cheats!!

Do not order anything from they are real scammers! Ordered some stuff from them about two months ago, paid some extra for rush delivery and received nothing yet! I'm buying things online for years and never experienced something like this before! One of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I never received anything and I doubt that I ever will!

FragranceXFragrancex will keep your money and will send you nothing!

Do not buy anything from this irresponsible company! I ordered perfume for myself back in September. They charged $150 from my credit card. Weeks passed and I heard nothing from FragranceX, they didn’t even send me a confirmation email after I paid. It is now January 22, 2016 and I cannot get in touch with them. I still received nothing and they continue to ignore me. I sent them many letters and spoke with them on the phone. Fragrancex customer service representative said that my order was successfully delivered and called me a liar! I never received my perfume and they just don’t want to help me! These thieves stole my money and blame me for everything! This company is a scam and it should be stopped! This company is making their money from robbing people and they should be stopped!

  • Kh
    Khariton Zazhitskiy Mar 04, 2016

    I want to add that FragranceNet is selling fakes. I received 3 watered down perfumes with the cutted out codes. Smells like plain alcohol with a hint of the original fragrance. I am furious. At myself of course.

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FragranceXCustoms and excise charges

Ordered from fragrance X and when the parcel arrived DHL wanted £22 because the correct custom and excise payments haven't been paid . Emailed fragrance X who hide behind computer generated emails to request they contact DHL to pay the said money .DHL have been told to return the gods back to fragrance X and DHL are as bad as fragrance X .So bypass all them go to PayPal raise a grievance or a resolution and don't pay the excise duty it is fragrance X responsibility to send your goods in the same way you paid for them .IN GOOD FAITH.

FragranceX — My fragrance wasn't shipped

Don’t buy from the company!!! I have ordered fragrance from them, and within two weeks the order was in process. I emailed the support team and asked to...

FragranceX — Fragrancex fraud and scam

Really poor irresponsible scam! The staff told me the amount was cancelled and will be refunded back to my account, when I called my bank, the bank told me the amount was not even...

No info and can't track the order

I bought bottle of fragrance from the website I paid money through PayPal, but the company fooled me. The seller didn’t provide any info and I...

Caron Pour Un Homme De Caron — Sell Fake Juices

Hello there sell fake juices I live in Pakistan and own a handsome collection of colognes. Back in 2010 my uncle, upon return from UK, brought a gift for me which...

I will never use them again and will warn all my friends and family about them

I ordered and paid for a 100ml bottle of perfume and received a 75ml bottle.
When I emailed them (I am in Australia) asking what they were going to do about it, they firstly wanted a photo of what i received, which I sent to them, then they proceeded to tell me the price was for the 75ml bottle (when clearly the order stated 100ml bottle with photo!)
A few emails were exchanged when the final one come asking me if I would like them to charge me another $9 for the current price of the 75ml bottle seeing that is what I received!!!
I have dealt with this company a few times over the last few years and had no reason to complain, but was totally blind sided by their lack of concern regarding my complaint.
Although this is what is on their website "Shop with confidence, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee"... DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!
Disgraceful service, I will never use them again and will warn all my friends and family about them.

  • Au
    aussiegal Sep 13, 2013

    I was a long term customer with them also; a delivery hadn't arrived within 6 weeks and they requested I wait a further two weeks as product was sent, before advising paypal. Paypal have a 45 day limit on claims it would have taken it well past that limit. I did dispute with paypal and have never received the package. If I had waited as they insisted I would have had no come back.

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I ordered some perfume and paid them £30 through paypal, never received it.

AVOID, AVOID AND AVOID. Around 18 months ago I ordered some perfume and paid them £30 through paypal I never received it. They will rob you off that it is probably stuck at customs or ignore your emails then before you know it 45 days has passed and it's too late to claim back through paypal. LUCKILY my credit card company (Tesco) did refund me the purchase amount after me sending copies of other reviews for the company and proof of purchase any emails etc from them. I wish I had read other people's reviews before i placed my order and I certainly would not have bothered.

Worst Customer Service

When I recieved a mail from FragranceX.Com stating that my order was on Hold and I need to call them to fix the issue, I called. This lady named "Sam" picks up the phone and speaks with utmost arrogance. This was the worst customer service I have ever had to interact with. When I told her the billing address was correct she would not listen to me and she just cancelled my order without even asking to me... When I asked to talk to her manager, She says I am my Manager. I am not sure if posting this complaint will help teach her a lesson, but I sure hope some one does...

  • An
    Angeleyez0909 Feb 15, 2013

    I'm so sorry but you people that come on these websites and leave complaints like obviously have nothing better to do than complain about your useless lives. Why are you not grateful for the fact that you have the damn money to spend on superficial garbage like this, while people in the same country probably in YOUR ssme town struggle to feed their families???? Reall people???? Take a long hard look at your stupid complaining about your stupid perfumes and makeup before you put your sorry pathetic ungrateful superficial garbage on websites like this. Get a f*cking life, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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  • Sa
    Sanjay CHh Feb 16, 2013

    There are people in the world who do not have enough food to eat and not enough clothing, does that mean you walk naked on the streets and have u stopped eating one of your meals a day to help feed them.. no right!!! You must be some fat ### complaining about this because obviously you want to have the luxury to buy expensive stuff like others do and somehow you are ### about it because you are not getting it... So please do me a favor, unless you are Mother Theresa's reincarnated soul... Shut your hole and put your energy to work hard and stop whining!!!
    And change your name from Angeleyez0909 to Whinyass2013

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FragranceXLack of information and control

Well, I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and I am a loyal customer of this website since 2009. They sent to us with free shipping costs and with wonderful prices, since here colognes are too much expensive. I have always received my packages within some weeks and I have been satisfied with their services until June, 2011.

Unfortunately, since this date, I have done more then 17 orders and I have received NONE of them until now. And I am not the only one. I am part of a group at Facebook, made by people who loves colognes and buy a lot among the most known websites. Everybody from Brazil are complaining about the same thing: the orders from Fragrancex are not arriving and they simply don't give a direct answer to us, because they always use the worst excuse, which is: "sorry, free shipping can't offer a way of track your order". This is a complete absurd!

I am charged on my credit card in US$ and I haven't received my orders and, until now, the Customer Service only refund me in 5 orders. Last week I sent an e-mail asking about the others refunds and they said: "sorry, but we have done 5 refunds since June-August and you have to give more time for them to arrive".

More time??????????? I have orders with almost 5 months...
I am totally disappointed about them.

I hope they find my orders or give my money back.

  • Cr
    Cristiane Kawassaki Apr 20, 2012

    I am also from Brazil and it was my first order. I bought 3 products and paid it through paypal.
    I simply did not receive the products and have been calling them and sending emails with no answer whatsoever.
    When I call the representative assistant doesnt even hear me out, she just says that I need to send an email and I will get an answer back.
    Their client services is a joke and the lack of respect to the customer is outrageous!! I keep asking for my money back and they dont care.
    I really want to know how can I sue them, cause I will as soon as I found out.

    Cristiane Kawassaki

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FragranceXNo delivery and no feed back

I ordered perfume from FragranceX a month ago with no avail do I get any feed back from them. I try to phone them but also with no avail they don't answer their phones and neither e-mails. I spend R298 worth of ordering perfume.
I contacted my bank in South Africa and they are going to reverse the payment.
Please people be aware do not order anything from these people I think it is a scam they are ripping people of.
Yes I'm also one of those that was caught by these fake companies on the internet which I think don't exit

Ria Jacobs South Africa

Made 1 order, charged me for 2

Only made one order but they charged me for two, I have filed complaints with BBB and KANSAS AG, I want to incourage everyone ripped off by the company to report them to the local BBB, and you States Attorney Generals Office, and letsn shut them down, I have advised them of the K.S.A Law on theft, there is no differance from someone stealing and someone depriving me of my personal property, Theft, I called them and they gave me bogus/Fake names this company is a front, I want them investigated for possably funding terriorist.

FragranceXtook payment, did not deliver the goods

i ordered around $80 of perfume and aftershave in November 2010, it is now June 2011 and they have failed to deliver the goods. I have contacted them many times to complain and have asked for the goods to be re-shipped, or a refund. All have been flatly refused. Leaving me with no money to buy the goods and no Christmas gifts as well.

I have checked International Law and they should have given me a full refund within 30 days. They refuse. Because I am in the UK, my consumer rights exist but are impossible to enforce.

FragranceXfraudulent shipping fees

Fragrancex specified that shipping was free and I am still being charged for it.
The lady on the phone hanged up on me saying that she could not cancel the order (I emailed them immediately) because their had noone on stff during the week end and that the coupon should not have worked. The coupon is STILL on the site and people are still being charged. Terrible business. Terrible attitude!

Fragrance XNever received goods

Hi, on the 12/3/2011 I purchased a bottle of perfume from a online store called Fragrance X. I paid for the product over the Internet using my visa card. It has been nearly TWO months and I still haven't received my product. Every time I try and ring their telephone number I get a recorded message and I have emailed them numerous times and each time they have told me that it might be being held by customs. I'm a customs officer here in Australia and no parcel from fragrance x has arrived into the country at all. Plus Australian customs do not hold parcels unless they are suspicious. I have done so research on the Internet to find that this company is known to fraud their customers yet they are still allowed to operate. The company do not even place a tracking number on their parcels so there is no way of seeing where the parcel is, or proof that the company have even sent the item to begin with. I'm very very upset with this company and have demanded a full refund as to no avail. I'm hoping that you might be able to help me in some way as it is hard being in another country otherwise I would go to the actual fragrance x office myself in person. I have all the emails and proof of purchase ect. Please help ! Cheers aleesa

  • Vi
    VI23 Jun 07, 2010

    I am very angry with FrangranceX. They have not delivered my product and are not answering my email complaints. Do not waste your money with them!!

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  • Fl
    FLEITERL Apr 12, 2011

    me too, mine was ordered and paid for in February... meanwhile its now 12th APril, and i am truely pissed off with them ... thieves !

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FragranceX — non delivery of order

I orderd perfume early November 2010 from fragrancex .I was contacted by email from fragrancex that order had been dispatched 19/11/2011 . To date . 23/04/2011, have not received...

Scent, came opened, box damaged and 1 inch of scent missing

I purchased Miss Boucheron eau du parfume and shower gel and body lotion from them for my daughters 20th birthday.

They arrived very quickly. They shower gel and body lotion came in good packaging and sealed in cellulose.

The scent, however, came opened, box damaged and 1 inch of scent missing. They told me to send them pics which I did. After looking at them they offered me 10% off. I asked them to replace the bottle of perfume and they outright refused and offered me a 15% discount off the order.

That was all I wanted was to have the scent replaced. They did not. I never got my money refunded either.

Terrible customer service.


For finer fragrances and handbags...stick with the department stores. More money yes. But authentic and guaranteed.

non delivery

I made an order through on 16th November 2010. I also received a receipt on this date about my purchases. My purchases were 2 orders to be sent to Australia and England, both gifts. My order numbers were 6752171 which was Believe by Britney Spears 3.4 oz Body Souffle for Women and Believe by Britney Spears 1 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women $28.72au. The second order number was 6752186 and I had purchased mens Chrome by Loris Azzaro 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette $27.75au. I received an email saying that the goods had been shipped on November 17th 2010. It is now March 23rd 2011 and I have not yet received my goods. I have written several emails and I have been ignored but occasionally when they do actually reply I have received the same answer about how it takes time to deliver and go through customs. I have contacted paypal but they cannot help as it has past 45 days. I am very angry and upset but also disappointed. I had ordered through them before and I received my goods within 2 weeks so I trusted them this time to do the same. All I want now is my money back.

FragranceX — Non delivery of items

Although this company states that they use USPS airmail, I believe this to be a blatant mistruth. It is now 9 weeks and I have not received my items. Their response consists of...

FragranceXAlmost 3 months and they mever came

I made a big mistake, I havent read these complaints and shop from FRANRANCEX. They are scam. I paid 160 USD and ordered two perfumes. I think they didnt even shipped them. They stole my money. Please dont buy from them. And anybody can help me, where can I take this issue to get my money? Even if I get my money back I will never shop from them... [protected]

  • Bo
    Bosjac Mar 15, 2011

    Yes, there is a solution to your problem!!! Go to Better Business Bureau.Com, lay a complaint, you will then get your refund. No doubt you have had all the usual excuses for the non delivery of your purchases, you will also have received their apologies and thanks for being patient, you will also have been asked to show a little more patience as the parcel is sure to arrive shortly----- what a load of crap----- they are just a lot of low life lying ###. The parcel will have never been sent.

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Their replies to my e-mails are delayed and are, regretfully unhelpful

I am a UK resident I ordered £92+ worth of goods on 27th Nov as I write this its 6th Feb and still no sign of the goods. Their replies to my e-mails are delayed and are, regretfully unhelpful AVOID AVOID AVOID esp UK users as you have no redress and if the costs are < £100 you will not be able to claim the loss from your credit card company. The US authorities should close this website down.

  • Ks
    ksmiley Feb 14, 2011

    I have had the same problem... my product was supposedly shipped on 19th November yet I am still waiting. Have tried emailing several times only to get the same generic reply. So in the end I called, & was hung up on as soon as I said my product hadn't arrived. I eventually got to speak to someone after pressing a different menu option & was told that it would be held up in customs (for 2 months?!). Was told to just wait but it has now been nearly 3 months & I guess I just have to accept that I have lost my money.

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FragranceX — Sent wrong item, kept shipping fee, poor customer service

Purchased 4 bottles of Black Cashmere. Received 4 bottles of Cashmere Mist. Contacted FragranceX by email, and then by phone. Was told by the CSR that the shipping fee would be...

FragranceXItems not received, no correspondence

Purchased goods in July 2010, goods not received. Emailed company three times, first responses I was told goods must be caught in customs and to be patient, wait until goods are sent back to FrangranceX and then they will resend??, third email to company requesting reimbursement for goods not received have been ignored. If items were in customs I would have been notifed. No response from company who I have paid for in total. Do not notify you that goods are not registered and cannot be tracked until you complete shoppping basket on internet - total scam and advertising world wide postage for goods that don't arrive.

FragranceXFinnaly Get Item after 5-6 weeks (Birmingham UK)

Finally my Fragrance Arrives - (Birmingham UK)
Here are the time Scales.
I ordered 5 items on the 24th sept 2010, i got the items today 4th Nov 2010 (5weeks - 6 weeks later) . The US post mark says 10/ /2010 Sent by a Gareth Chambers from United Express International, 7300 NW 34 Street, Miami, Florida 33122.
Customs Charge by UK border Agency (26.00) Dated 29/10/2010
Card from local post office 3/10/2010

I made 4 phone calls to fragrancex trying to track the item - each time was told it was delayed by customs, They do not instigate any refund procedures at least 3 /4 months after date of order. The 30 Day money Back - Only applies if you have received the items and they are not what you ordered - Does not apply to non delivery.

If you do live in the UK Just watch out for the CARD from the local post office telling you theirs a item to be collected - They will keep it for 3 weeks (non Registered) or 1 week ( Registered) before returning it to the sende, so if it took 6 weeks to get here - 3 weeks at post office and 6 weeks back to US Thats close to 4 months before they get the item back to start a refund procedure.

My only suggestion is if you do choose to order - be prepared to wait 5-6 weeks. Better still shop elsewhere.
Parcel Force - [protected]
Royal Mail - [protected] Opt 3, Opt 4 for Switch board.

Huggy The Bear

  • Julie West Nov 18, 2010

    Thanks for a very Informative post - Ive contacted my local sorting offfice and they had my Parfumes waiting for me - just by chance they had only been their two days - It took 6weeeks and 4 days for my items to arrive.

    Wont be doing that again.

    Tanks Huggy Mwah xx

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FragranceX — Products not received

I have passed an order of 2 bottles of perfume (Noa) and paid by paypal. I have never received them. More than 80 euros lost. I have been sending e-mail to them during 3 month...

Fraudulant charges on Credit card

I purchased one item on 10/18/10 from The same day 3 charges appeared on a different bank account from totalling over $150.00. I have received an apology from FragranceX, but the charges are still pending. The employee stated the charges will go away.

If I purchased something from one company, how can a very similar named company take money from my account. She stated that the 3 orders were going to addresses "all over the country."

That is the nature of my complaint.

  • An
    Anita Hickok Oct 27, 2010 did reverse all three charges on my credit card.

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I ordered $200 worth of products from fragrancex. Having paid by credit card, two months passed without the items being delivered. I asked for updates on shipping but was told that the delay was attributed to customs/security. When, after 2 months, I asked for a refund, fragrancex refused to respond to my request.
While this company appears to fulfil some orders, it is clear that they blatantly defraud overseas credit card customers as they no doubt feel these customers are unable to redress the fraud.
My advice is do not deal with this company.

  • Co
    Conned_in_Australia Jun 03, 2010

    This company has scammed me out of $110.50. I bought two items from them more than 2 months ago and I have never had a delivery. All of my follow up emails are be replied to with pre-written templates and I am not even sure it is from a real person as the names seem to rotate. This could be the work of a automated bot.

    The company does not have any confirmation of postage.

    It would be very wise if you chose not to use this company to purchase cologne. Once they have you money there is no way you can get it back.

    If anyone has any questions or wants to know further details, please contact me via the register email address.

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  • Ed
    Edan Jun 06, 2010

    Re-submitting, as I misspelt the company name and it's important to get it right!

    FRAGRANCE.X has failed to deliver goods, despite numerous attempts at chasing them. When I emailed a query, they first said that the product had been despatched. When I sent a second, more stern email, they claimed that they had a backlog of orders because of the Iceland Volcano problems which had affected flights. They claimed that the goods would be despatched and it still has not arrived. I am now endeavouring to get a refund so I hope the organisation isn't a total scam and just incompetent. But I'm not optimistic!

    How I wish I had seen all the other comments before I bought from them.

    Everyone else who has been stung take care... if you used your personal debit card to pay the company, talk to your bank. They have your personal details which you need to protect ASAP.

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  • An
    annBax Jun 09, 2010

    I purchased a deodorant from this company on May 6, 2017 and today May 9th - still no product and the usual response - please wait, etc and my last email to them was not even replied.

    In my opinion, they advertised this product knowing fully well that they probably dont have it in stock and yet they went ahead with their advertising and took my money with no reservations at all. They even had a nerve to give an automated Order number.

    I have since put forth my complaint to PayPal and I have to wait and see the outcome. I will be very concerned if PayPal doesn't respond in my favor because to me it seems like they will be enabling this company.

    Such companies must be put to shame publicly. People like me made an honest purchase and we do it in good faith but these shiesters have no qualms about cheating us - their customers.

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  • Cm
    CM1986 Oct 01, 2010

    Charge back the amount it shouldn't be too late.

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  • Ve
    VeryAngryaustralian Jan 24, 2011

    Never received item supposed to have been shipped. Item was claimed to be shipped on 15th November 2017 but it's now the 24th January and still no item. I live in Australia and have emailed customs and rung local post office but neither have received it or can help me as there was no tracking number. I have emailed several times and get same automatic response of being patient and it was shipped. They won't even answer my question of how to get it reshipped or a refund. Very angry!!

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  • Gr
    greville pabst Apr 11, 2011

    i place order for a small bottle of creed after shave on February 23rd 2017
    it is now April 11 and still no delivery

    i have left approximately 10 emails with them and received standard auto reply responses that goods could be held up in customs

    my email is [email protected]

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FragranceX — Fake

I purchased a perfume Bvlgari 3.4 oz tester from their site. First the perfum was delivered 5 weeks later and it was a fake. It was no original perfume. The smells dissappeared...

FragranceX — Faulty product and bad customer service

I receive a John Varvatos gift pack that was leaking from the EDT bottle and had stained the box and packaging. It was also only 3/4 full. They requested photo evidence of the...

Non delivery, no response

This company is total scam, DO NOT BUY anything from them. I ordered some perfumes (worth $122) on 3rd June 2010 and they have not arrived yet, I tried to contact them with many emails but no reply. I searched my post office register with post office staffs and they found nothing arrived in my name from FragranceX. Once they sell, they never response to their customers which is a sign of fraud. Also they do not keep any shipping receipt/information of packages w/o tracking number which is very suspicious.

  • Ks
    ksmiley Feb 14, 2011

    I have had the same problem... my product was supposedly shipped on 19th November yet I am still waiting. Have tried emailing several times only to get the same generic reply. So in the end I called, & was hung up on as soon as I said my product hadn't arrived. I eventually got to speak to someone after pressing a different menu option & was told that it would be held up in customs (for 2 months?!). Was told to just wait but it has now been nearly 3 months & I guess I just have to accept that I have lost my money.

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We have purchased some products from the web site They claim to be confident and have worldwide shipping. It's been more than 2 months and we haven't recieved our products. They don't even give any information if our products have ever entered our country. For people who intend to shop from this web site, be aware that they are not at all confident. If there is any authorized foundation for confidential internet shopping investigate

  • Ks
    ksmiley Feb 14, 2011

    I have had the same problem... my product was supposedly shipped on 19th November yet I am still waiting. Have tried emailing several times only to get the same generic reply. So in the end I called, & was hung up on as soon as I said my product hadn't arrived. I eventually got to speak to someone after pressing a different menu option & was told that it would be held up in customs (for 2 months?!). Was told to just wait but it has now been nearly 3 months & I guess I just have to accept that I have lost my money.

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  • Er
    Erika Halmos Nov 05, 2016

    fake parfum horrible management people working illegally and the parfum not real only hired people who not speak English only Spanishpeople working without paper

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