Sephoracustomer service


I placed an order with They sent me an email stating they had processed the order. After several weeks I went online to check the order and found it had been cancelled. I called customer service and they stated it was cancelled because my address wasn't residential and they only deliver to residential addresses. After confirming my address I was put on hold for 20 minutes while they googled my address. I was told it was my P.O. Box and that I didn't live there. I went back and forth with them for another 20 minutes. The customer service person said they would reinstate the order. I agreed and hung up. 15 minutes later I get a confirmation with a completely different list of products. So I called back and was told the previous items I ordered were out of stock so they substituted other items. An illegal bait and switch. After another 20 minutes the customer service person finally agreed to cancel the order.

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