Sephora5 time sq store thought I was a thief


My experience today was really depressing at 5 Times Square. I am a vib rouge and I already had purchased $209 worth of fenty new galaxy launch today during my work lunch break I came to 5 Times Square after 5pm after my work to exchange 2 of the eyeliners from fenty that I bought because they looked defective in the bottle the top residue appeared dried out I went to the fenty section no eyeliners were on display due to selling out and I didn't want to go through drawers without permission I looked around for 5-7 minutes trying to find a cast member to help me no one cared or acknowledged me. I even saw 2 leadership men holding the daily schedule papers in their hand I was waiting for them to end their conversation so they could assist me and they didn't care that I was standing next to them. I went back to fenty display and found a color artist by beauty studio and begged her to help me she was kind and did I told her there's no eyeliners on shelf and she grabbed the 2 from the drawer I needed I explained to her why I was exchanging my earlier purchase even exchange because they looked dried out she helped me open the brand new liners from the drawer to check and she noticed as well they looked weird she said they were settling to the bottom so I trusted her that the drawer ones were good and said perfect I'll take them and exchange I headed over to the registers to stand in line and here's where my time here at 5Times sq got worse, the loss prevention man was standing right next to the register line staring at me like he was about to murder me he was looking at me in the eye for 3 minutes I looked away then looked back at him he was still staring at me he called someone on the ration to grab a mobile to check me out before I steal the 2 liners, this other young lady came over to me asking if I'm paying with credit card I said I'm doing an exchange she seemed disappointed and said "oh... yea you have to wait for the real cashier" the sad part was when she walked away she didn't even ask the other clients in line to pay on mobile only me then walked away from the line all because the loss prevention man chubby, beard, short buzz haircut dark brown hair told her I'm a thief. I was just exchanging my defective eyeliners and I explained that to the color artist by beauty studio initially assisted me its not like I went behind employees back to open drawers open packaging and damage merchandise I did it with a color artist in front her with her permission explaining the defective issue with the fenty eyeliners. As a rouge I felt so humiliated unwanted in this store today, the loss prevention manager who was staring me down like a hawk while I stood in line was evil and totally had the wrong impression of me. He has his Nora/theif finding training all wrong! Because I'm a vib rouge i should be treated like your most valued customer I had a Sephora bag from the same day hours before with me with a $200 purchase and I was simply exchanging 2 fenty eyeliners that were defective. Even the cashier that did my exchange didn't smile at me was unfriendly and treated me like dirt I tried to make conversation that oh I love Rihanna her products are taking my wallet and made a joke and she didn't even care. All because your loss prevention chubby brown hair and beard man announced to the whole store I'm a Nora. Not only am I a vib rouge but I'm a former cast member as well, which is why when I was looking for a color artist to help me I ran into an account executive on the floor a brand rep he remembered me from my old Sephora store and we briefly chatted in a loving conversation. Little did he know I was being treated like crap at 5 times sq as a rouge client and being mistaken as a Nora all because I wanted to exchange a defective item. I had a terrible experience start to finish today at 5 times sq. Thank you for making me feel unwanted unwelcome and putting a Nora title on me. Next time I will never attempt to exchange anything in store and will simply get a refund and order online. I will not give my hard earned money to your store business anymore. Shame on you loss prevention fool manager.

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