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Sentry CreditFraud

Received a call from Sentry Credit concerning a open account with a local bank. I informed the collection specialist that I wanted to pay this debt and requested a payment plan and that this debt not be reported to the credit Bureau.

She informed me that she couldn't authorize this and I would have to speak to a manager. I was placed on hold then transferred, I reviewed my request again for a payment plan (that what start with a payment today.) and I was told they needed payment in full during a 30 day window to avoid this being reported.

I told her I couldn't afford to clear this matter in that time frame and asked her if they could work anything out for me. Her reply was I am looking at your 401K statement and that you own a house worth XXX. She was suggesting I cash in my 401K (that was been hammered with losses) and they I could take out a second mortgage on my house(which has lost over 120K in value).

I told her that she couldn't have access to my 401K because that wasn't a matter of public record. I told her she was lying to me about having this information and she started making excuses.

Lastly I asked for your name and title, I then found out she wasn't a manager and that she was another collection specialist who couldn't even authorize or deny my requests.

I find it funny in this time of financial hardship that they would treat me this way when all I wanted to do was pay this balance and move forward.

Here is a quite from the website:

"Sentry Credit is committed to compassionate collections; always ensuring that every consumer is treated fairly and with respect. Collectors are trained to find ways to resolve problems and overcome obstacles. We believe every interaction should be conducted with patience, persistence, and professionalism.

We know in these trying and troubling economic times, we possess the power to impact people’s lives in a very positive way. We understand that usually there are valid reasons why a bill went unpaid, and we are willing to listen and help figure a way out"

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