SCSluton branch staff and managers totally incompetent and useless behaviour


SCS means "Stress & Continued Stress"
I would like to share my horror story with SCS Luton branch which is just not concluding. The whole saga started when I ordered a sofa set for our newly decorated room back in July. The service at the point of sale was good as you would expect as company was getting new business meaning more revenue for them. However what followed afterwards is a nightmare experience which is still on-going. I called the Luton branch when October started as it had been almost 10 weeks since we ordered the sofas. I was told that they were expecting our delivery on Monday 9th Oct and somebody would call me back to arrange for the delivery. I visited the branch and paid the remaining balance just to ensure that there was no delay from my end. When I did not hear anything from the branch on Monday 9th Oct, I called them again on Tuesday 10th Oct and I was informed that delivery actually arrived on that day and they were just waiting for the delivery slots to be active and then they would call me back on the same day to arrange for the delivery. Again nobody called me back and same thing happened for next three days until Friday 13th Oct where I would call them and they would promise to call me back to arrange for the delivery. By Friday morning I was getting really frustrated so I asked to speak to the branch manager Yaser. After holding for over 10 minutes I was informed that Yaser is with another customer and he would call me back shortly. Whole day went by without hearing anything back from Yaser so I decided to visit the branch in the evening after finishing my work. I found Yaser wondering in the branch with absolutely no customers on the shop floor. I asked him how come he had not called me back and to my surprise he replied that he had not been passed any information to call me back. After making formal complaint about the customer services I had received from his staff for the last 5 days he checked the system and informed me that actually our delivery had not arrived at all despite of staff confirming me every day when I called them but in-fact the container containing my sofas had been stopped at the port by the customs to do some checks. I was really annoyed at that stage as the staff in the branch lied to me every day but for the sake our new sofas I decided to ignore this again and I asked Yaser to inform me at the earliest when can I expect my sofas delivered to me. He promised that he would call me early next week with an update, but I did not receive any updates from him. Then on Friday 20th Oct at 3pm I received a call from the branch saying that they had received the order and she was calling me to arrange a delivery. At that time I took a deep sigh and I thought that was the end of the terrible services I had received from SCS Luton branch but how wrong I was!! While on the phone after informing that sofa had arrived and she was arranging for the delivery, I was told that she could not get access to the delivery screen. The alarm bells started ringing again as the same thing had happened when the same lady told me on the 9th Oct that my delivery had arrived. I asked her that if my delivery had arrived how she could not access the delivery screen to arrange a delivery slot and how come she did not check this before she called me. I did not get any explanation from her but a rude response that's how it was and she would call me back shortly. She did not call me back until 5 minutes to 6pm ( I assuming she must be finishing at 6pm so delayed as much possible as she could) to inform me that she could get access to the delivery system and nothing can be done until next Week on Monday when warehouse will be open again. I totally lost at that point and demanded to be put through to the store manager Yaser. I told him he had not given me any update for the whole week and informed him what had happened that day again. At that stage I found him again totally unprofessional and out of touch and a liar. He tried to give me a story that I had been called that day to inform that my order had been arrived and not to arrange for the delivery while lady who called me twice on that had clearly told me the reason she called me to arrange the delivery but couldn't get access to the delivery system. He never offered any apology for his lies and never suggested any solutions. I had to remind him few times that I was a customer and have basic customer services skills to deal with me but all I got from Yaser was rude, totally unacceptable and shambolic behaviour where he could not do anything for me. With the frustration I actually told him that because of this totally unacceptable behaviour of him and his staff I was thinking of cancelling the ordered and as a result he almost threatened me that I could not cancel the order as I had signed the agreement. I informed him that I need to put the phone down as I simply cannot listen to his rude remarks. Then I received another call from the store on the Saturday 21st Oct saying they were calling me to arrange for the delivery. By then every time I saw SCS phone number on my mobile I had to sit down just to ensure that I don't get any more surprises by the staff. This time lady told me that she was arranging for the delivery for Wednesday 25th Oct. I informed her that nobody would be available on the 25th Oct until 3.30pm to receive the delivery so either arrange the delivery after 3.30pm on 25th Oct or arrange for 26th or 27th Oct as I would be on holidays on those days. I was told that only day available was 25th Oct and she could not do anything despite of reminding her all the inconvenience I had received from them. Again with controlling my frustration I asked her at least find out from the warehouse if they could deliver it on 25th after 3.30pm or not. She promised me to call back on Monday 23rd Oct to confirm but no one called me on 23rd or 24th. Today I called again to confirm about the delivery arrangements for tomorrow 25th Oct and I was told that delivery had been arranged for 25th Oct between 12 and 3pm. I had lost any words to explain my anger and after reminding her she never called me back on 23rd and 24th and despite of me informing her many times on Saturday that nobody would be able to receive the delivery on 25th before 3.30pm why delivery had been arranged between 12 and 3pm. Following SCS trade mark NO HELP attitude she told me that she could not do anything and when driver calls me one hour before delivery to tell them to deliver after 3.30pm. I am not sure what will happen tomorrow but knowing the history so far I have not hope left for anything to do with SCS to go smoothly.

My biggest frustration is that how can totally incompetent person be a store manager who lacks basic customer service skills and continuously fabricate the stories rather than accepting the mistakes made and try to come up with some solutions.

I have advised all of my friends & family for this experience (which has still not ended) and will ensure they never put their foot in Luton SCS branch.

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