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'4 years intrest free on everything'

In june / july 2010 i went to scs set on getting some new sofas. What drew me in was their '4 year...

furniture broke a week after purchase

Bought two sofas they arrived on the 18th may
A week later one was faulty, I am now at the end of
July and still nothing resolved, customer service absolutely
useless. Would never buy from therm again and would definitely not recommend.


Bought a set of sofas in June 2009.
After 2 weeks they started cracking and breaking on the arms, on all of them. We rang SCS customer service, after 2 weeks a man has come to check on the furniture.
They said it can only be repaired and there is no way for refund or a different set of furniture.
After that we have sent out a few letters to them, complaining that we have paid for a quality furniture and we don`t accept them repaired. Another phone calls and nothing.In august 2009 we asked the solicitors for help. During another 5 months of waiting the solicitors have managed to get us a full refund.
Now it only leaves us with solicitors bill over 800 pounds.
We are trying to get the fee for the laywer back, I think that they should give the money in the first place, not after the solicitors are mantioned, I`m really sick of calling them and all of that situation. Will never buy from them again + if i read some complains here before i wouldn`t ever buy from them anyway.

my debit card was charged $86.42 for something called sup weightmax

My debit card was charged $86.42 for something called SUP WeightMax on 12/14, I had not ordered anything so I...

faulty furniture

I ordered sofa and reclining chair on 20th Jan.this year. On the 23rd Jan. I informed ScS that the furniture had faults with the material, cushions, etc. On the 27th January an upholsterer from ScS arrived, inspected the furniture, sent in a report saying "no faults". This is totally untrue. I sent in photographs etc. of the faulty material on the sofa and the chair. I contacted Consumer Direct and Trading standards who advise me of my rights under the SOGA. Up to date, a second upholsterer from S.Share and Sons, the manaufacturers, inspected the furniture on the 23rd of this month. He too put in a report "no faults" whereas he told my daughter and I that there WERE faults in the furniture. Yesterday my daughter telephoned ScS, two assistants were very rude to her, refused to speak to about the claims I am making, and refused to let me have a copy of the second upholsterer's report, although they did send one to Trading standards. My daugher telphoned Trading Standards, asked for a copy of the report, and they too, told her we could not have one, enough though I am the customer.

I am am now contemplating taking ScS and A.Share and Sons, to the small claims court, I am a pensioner on pension credit so will not have to pay any fees. ScS are not on the list of registered omnibudsmen. Beware anyone out there of ScS, their customer service is virtually nil, they are rude, and never write a reply to letters of complaint. The manufacturers too are just the same, A.Share and Sons Ltd. company no.323778, 45-49, Villiers St., Sunderland, SR1 1HA. Has anyone else suffered at the hands of ScS when asking for a full refund due to faulty furniture ? Would like to hear from you.

  • Ly
    Lynnmosher Feb 05, 2012

    They are so rude it is unbelievable. I am in a battle myself! I have contacted trading standards, and watchdog. They delivered my sofas with odd feet. They want me to take a day off work to sit in for the upholsterers to fit the feet, however it is not my fault it is theirs!! 7 months ago I asked them to send the correct feet to the shop i bought it from and to call me once they arrive and I will fit the feet myself, which they agreed to do. 4 months went by and nothing so i dropped into the store to check. still not there. they said they would call be, they never did so 2 months later i called them. they wanted to start everything from the beginning!! they said they will reorder and call me when the feet are ready. I am also considering legal action! Anytime I call the aftercare team they are so rude and they hang up if they cannot think of a resolve. They will not allow you to speak to a manager. So unprofessional!


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  • Ch
    christoffer Mar 21, 2012

    I know exactly what you two are going through, I have recently bought a sofa, it took them eight weeks to deliver it, it came in the wrong colour. Now I would like for them to take the Sofa back. What they are saying is that they would reorder the Sofa in the right colours. But I do not want to wait 4months to get a sofa, its the principle. So I am taking them to small claims court.


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  • Ab
    abi mcloughlin May 22, 2012

    If anyone based in the UK is interested in sharing their problems I'm researching a story for possible inclusion on a BBC consumer affairs programme - we have some similar complaints already - i can be reached at [email protected] thanks

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  • St
    stanym30 Sep 24, 2014

    I am having the same problems - faulty chairs which they are denying are faulty and saying it's not a manufacturing fault. So, according to them, I must be sitting on them incorrectly!! Chairs clearly not fit for purpose, they are denying liability, their customer service team are the rudest people I have ever dealt with of any company in my life and they won't allow you to speak to a manager but instead shout at you and hang up! 16 months on and we have paid for the chairs to be repaired so we can use them and are going to take them to court for the money.

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  • Cs
    C Storey Dec 11, 2014

    I ordered a new sofa, priced in excess of £1000.00, circa the beginning of November. At the time, both myself and my sister, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, voiced our concern (several times), that the sofa might not fit through the door into the living room. We were assured that once the cushions and the arms were removed, the sofa would easily go through the door way. We were not informed that there would be an additional charge for this. The sales person insisted that I sign a form to state that I had paid the required deposit, and that I agreed to pay the balance due 48 hours prior to delivery. Even at this point, unfortunately, it was not pointed out that one of the conditional clauses stated that a further payment would be required should the sofa arms require removing.
    The sales assistant contacted me to advise that the sofa would be delivered three weeks today (20th November). By 15:00, the sofa had still not been delivered. My sister had undergone chemotherapy treatment the previous day, and as I had to relieve her temporary carer, I left a key with a neighbour. The sofa was delivered at approximately 17:00.
    The neighbour, who had taken delivery of the sofa on my behalf, telephoned me to say that, as was feared, it would not fit through the living-room doorway. The 'phone was passed to the delivery man who told me the arms would have to be removed, which would need specialist furniture people, and would cost a further £120.00. At that time he gave me the option to have the sofa returned to the shop. However, because I thought that I would lose my money, I took delivery of the sofa, which was subsequently put into the dining room. At this point I was still at my sister's and so had not seen the sofa at my property.
    The following evening (Friday), I returned home with my brother-in-law. We inspected the sofa, and saw that there was a stain on the bottom left front. On Saturday, my sister contacted the Norwich branch of SCS, on my behalf, asking to speak to the manager. The receptionist advised that he was with a customer and that he would call back. An hour later my sister again called the shop, only to be told that the manager was still with a customer; she asked that he return her call within the next half hour. This did not happen, and so, for the third time, SCS was contacted by my sister, and again she was told by the receptionist that the manager was with a customer. On querying the length of time the manager was with this customer, she was put through to the sales assistant who had originally sold us the sofa. He advised her that the manager had not been in all afternoon; therefore the fact that she had been previously informed that he was with a customer was a complete fabrication of the truth, a fact that she commented on at the time.
    On Sunday, my sister contacted and spoke with the manager. It was confirmed that she had authority to speak on my behalf. The manager reiterated the cost of removal of the arms and cushions, and advised that all the sales people should point this out at the point of sale. My sister advised that this did not happen, to which the manager inferred that we were lying.
    The manager asked that a picture of the stain be sent through to him; this was done via my sister’s mobile phone at that time. The manager advised that the complaint and pictorial evidence would be sent through to the head-office. On querying whether any further monies would be due, the manager confirmed verbally that SCS would bear the cost. My sister requested that he confirm this in writing by email; this was not forthcoming.
    I rang the head-office the same day, and was told that someone would come to inspect the sofa on the 8th December. I was also assured that the sofa could be dismantled in order to get it to fit through the doorway of the living room, and that I could use it before the inspection.
    That night I went to bed extremely stressed by the ordeal. For the first time in my life I sleep-walked and fell down the stairs in the early hours of Monday morning, sustaining injuries to my head and face and breaking my arm. I subsequently spent the remainder of the day in hospital.
    That day, my sister, who herself is extremely unwell, also contacted the head-office. It appears they had not received any details of either the complaint or the photograph depicting the stain. Nevertheless, it was agreed that someone would come to inspect the sofa.
    Tuesday evening I received a ‘phone call from contractors, apparently at the bequest of SCS, to visit so that the sofa arms could be removed. When they arrived the men stated, ”This is not what they told us; these arms will not come off”. They then removed the feet, but still the sofa would not go through the door-way. I was informed that the whole sofa would need to be dismantled at an additional cost of £350.00. When I declined this ‘service’, I was advised that I would still be charged £30.00. This I paid, but was informed that I could not have a receipt unless I paid an enhanced amount. After they had gone, I realized that they had not replaced the feet.
    Because I was looking after my sister as she was extremely ill the preceding week, on Saturday 6th December I called the inspector to inform him that I would not be able to meet him on Monday 8th December. I left a voice message as there was no answer. Early that Monday I again called the inspector, to confirm that I would not be able to meet him and why, to which he advised that a colleague would visit later that week in his stead.
    Yesterday (10th December) morning, I again called the inspector to ask when his colleague would be visiting. I was advised that head-office would call, probably later that day, to arrange this. At approximately 16:30/17:00 I called head office, as they had not contacted me. It was apparent that they had had no intention of contacting me. When I pressed for a date for this inspection, I was advised that it would not be until the 29th December, (put back to the 30th December as I had a hospital appointment), approximately two months from the date of purchase, at which point I became very upset. When I tried to explain the problems I had suffered, I was dismissed and told to contact the store.
    This whole experience, coupled with my anxiety over my sister's illness, is causing me undue stress and affecting my sleep.

    Miss C Storey

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  • Ia
    Ian McCarroll Mar 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought 3 seater & 2 seater leather sofa from SCS, the 3 seater sofa is faulted in the stitching and this has been confirmed with the manufacturer's repair service. The service from SCS has been shocking and we are no further forward now that when we initiated the complaint. It looks like we are going to have to involve a solicitor to get any response, to be fair it looks doubtful they would get a response either.

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unauthorized credit card charges

I ordered two free trial products for $.99 shipping each, and before I had even had a chance to try the products, they had charged my credit card over $200. I recovered $87 but am still out $122. They said there is nothing they can do, even though I returned everything within 30 days of placing the order (when I saw what was happening to my credit card) but they refuse to refund my money. I have been on hold for 4 different times for hours waiting to talk to a supervisor but have not succeeded. They are dishonest and should be shut down!

being totally ignored and no response or remedy to their mistake

Please find attached the emails i have sent but in addition i have also been into the store and they completely waive responsibility..

esponse in the next seven days i will be cancelling all future direct debits and persuing this matter with the ombudsman.

Maria Carmen Francisco

From: [protected]@hotmail.com
To: [protected]@scs.co.uk; [protected]@hotmail.com; [protected]@hotmail.com
Subject: FW: Your ScS Website Enquiry
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 23:42:37 +0100

To whom it may concern,
please find to follow my fourth letter of complaint as regards the situation below and a reminder that i would like a response to my previous communications. I have this week recieved a 'follow up' phone call from the manager at the staples corner store where I purchased my sofa and he appeared totally in the dark as to my position. I reiterate that i am awaiting a satisfactory offer of rectification of the situation. i.e a sofa of the correct measurements i ordered or a full refund for the sofa if you are unable to supply what i was sold. I paid a good deposit and money has also been deducted from my account but still you have not responded effectively in this matter.
Should you choose to continue to ignore my complaints i will seek legal advice advice as to how to prsue this matter

Maria Carmen Francisco
From: [protected]@hotmail.com
To: [protected]@scs.co.uk; [protected]@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Your ScS Website Enquiry
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 23:12:57 +0000

Re Ref:S0058-881750
Maria Carmen Francisco

Please see attached previous letter dated 6th Feb for content and complaint.

I am writing following your letter dated 28/2/01 and received by us last week. the letter appears to bear absolutely no relevance to our initial complaint and to the conversation had with us and the adviser that attended the appointment to inspect the said sofa at our house last month.
It infact appears to be a standard letter and doen not deal with our query at all.
TO RECAP: WE WERE PROMISED A SOFA MEASURING 290CM OR THEREABOUTS TO QUOTE THE scs STORE MANAGER AT STAPLES CORNER "290 cm give or take a couple of cm" this being the advice we were prepared to take delivery whose measurement might be 10 cm either way, what we have instead received is a sofa measuring 260 cm, a whole 30 cm than quoted and only 30 cm bigger than the smaller much cheaper sofa we had seen in store ( please see below)
Once again i would like to explain that we feel quite adamantly that we were MISSOLD the sofa as it is not what we ordered and what we were assured it would be.
What we require is firstly and most preferably the sofa we ordered and were promised measuring 290 cm or secondly in the event that this is not a possibility a full refund for the sofa.
The secondary matter of poorly filled cushions is neither here or there and we have no idea why your letter only deals with this letter matter.
Please now take in to consideration the above and respond.
We are seeking legal and ombudsman advice and intend to cancel all future direct debit payments if this matter is not dealt with professionally and satisfactorily. Quite simply we have not recieved the good s we entered into contract to buy and had we wanted a smaller sofa we would have bought the one in the showroom at £400 less ( a standard 3 seater that seated 4) We have received a 4 seater that still only seats 4 and at 30cm bigger can not possibly be considered as having an extra seat
Yours in anticipation of a prompt reply
Maria Carmen Francisco

It would appear that following the visit by your representative you h

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 21:50:04 +0000
To: [protected]@hotmail.com
Subject: Your ScS Website Enquiry
From: [protected]@scs.co.uk

New Website Enquiry ScS
A new enquiry has been made via the ScS website. The details of the enquiry are shown below.
First Name maria carmen
Last Name franvisco sabin
I am enquiring about... My Order After Delivery
Customer Account Number s0058-881750
Enquiry This is a follow up email to reiterate a conversation I had with a customer services officer called Jean Melechie on Wednesday morning 2/2/11 at aproximately 10.30am. rnrnAt this time I had gone into the scs store in staples corner london where I had previously purchased a 4 seater sofa (with a total cost to me of over £1500) to complain following the delivery of a sofa i was not at all satisfied with.rnThe maanager of the said store informed me that they do not deal with aftersales at all and suggested if I wished to persue the matter I contact yourselves. Despite the fact that our complaint was directly with him as we feel quite strongly that we were misold the sofa by him precisely he was not interested in helping us to resolve the issue at all and so on his advice I called the after sales team immediately(yourselves)rnOur complaint is the following: rnWe were assured that if we bought the aforementioned 4 seater sofa unavailable to view instore but there was a 3 seater version that we viewed that it would measure approximately 290cm 'give or take a couple of cm' (store manager) We explained that what we were looking for was a quality leather sofa measuring 300 cm in lengthrnbut he assured us that this would not be possible in the regular sofa range. Eventually after much kajouling the store manager convinced us that there was not a great deal of difference between the 300 we required and the 290cm version they could provide. At this point we explained that what we neede would be for it to seat 5 and that what he was uggesting was called a four seater to which he responded that the one in store was called a 3 seater and yet seated for which we tried out and this was indeed the case. The 3 seater sofa our purchase was based on at the time measured exactly 230cm and we could see that with an additional 60cm there would indeed be room for a fifth person. We checked measurement details again with the manager and he went away and then returned to say that exact measurements were' not on the system' but that the aproximate measurement he was showing us woulld be accurate to a couple of cm either way as was standard' Feeling confident that our sofa length would be somewhere between 285-295cm we agreed to proceed with the purchase. Following this we were hande dback to the sales asst who had originally shown us around and we spent nearly an hour sorting out paperwork as it was at this point that we wwere told this particular sofa was not part of the 4 years interest free deal being advertised all over the store ant that in order to secure interest free it was better to leave a good deposit. At this point the three of us who had not been expecting to pay a hefty deposit clubbed together to leave a £200 deposit and proceeded with the credit agreement and again were inforrmed that apparently we were not eligible for the free delivery they had offered earlier either. Eventually after also adding on another 160 for essential sofa guarding our bill was £1504. Eventually last monday afternoon after waiting in all day and just befor e my mother had to leave for the school run the sofa arrived immediately they placed the sofa aagianst the wall my mother could see it was too short and pointed it out to the delivery men. She was told that she should sign and take delivery and that they would write her concerns down on the delivery docket so she could call you up and get it sorted later as they were just delivey drivers. As she was running late for the school run she decided not to argue and agreed. On her return she carefullyset about plumping all the cushions which appeared mishapen and not properly filled and set about closely inspecting the sofa and it was at this time that we measured the sofa which actually measures 260cm, 30cm short of what we were advised, also there were scratches on the big cushion which appeared to have been repaired or covered. At this point we wanted to go and complain to scs but it was already quite late in the evening. On the tuesday morning i booked some time off work inorder to deal with the matter promptly and on the wednesday morning we went straight to the store first thing and infact waited outside for the opening to complain about the product. the rest i have outlined above.We did take the said cushions with us and the store manager did agree that somebody would need to come out and fill these for us. although clearly he was missing the main point.rnWe have since received a call to say that somebody is coming out to inspect the problem and that we are to use the sofa for now which obviously we must as we gave our sofas away to a neighbour the night before delivery to make room for the new purchase. Our main concern is this the sofa we have bought was missold to us as it is far too small and seats no more than four people as clearly 30cm more (which incidently has cost us over £300 ) is not an adequate amount of sofa to sell as an additional seat rn-The sofa is currenly 30cm bigger than the three seater in store. Clearly this is not an acceptable situation. rn-The sofa cushions are poorly shaped and two seem underfilled ( please see photographs) . rn-The sofa has scratches on the seatrn cushion. rnWhat we require is the item we originally ordered in a new and quality condition as sold.rnrnPlease advise me as to an email so I can attach the aforementoned photos for your information.rnrnMrs Francisco-Sabin & Mrs A Boast
Telephone [protected]
Email [protected]@hotmail.com
Postcode nw10 3dp
Receive future communications No

© ScS. All Rights Reserved.

This email comes from www.scs.co.uk. An enquiry has been made by the person named above. Please call them on the number provided to discuss this. The Enquire Now feature aims to contact the sender the same day they submit their details, within our usual trading hours: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm only.

  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In hindsight you should have not taken delivery. You need to contact consumer direct who may put you in touch with your local trading standards. It might be advisable to write to their headoffice recorded delivery as i find many firms can ignore emails claiming they never recieved them.

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saggy leather sofas

We bought two "designer leather sofas" from SCS Basildon, which took an extra month to arrive, were scratched and dented when delivered and one of the "leg rests" is twisted out of shape and does not match the other unit. The upholsterer arrived to remove the dent (3 weeks later) with a paint stripper gun, which burnt the leather. (he blamed our "Air Conditioning!!) Within two weeks of very light use, (there are only two of us) the leather stretched like a bag around the back rests, the arms stay dented if you rest your elbows on them, and the seats look like they are 20 years old. There is no "bounce" in any of the units and like others we were told to plump them...I have never known anybody have to plump a leather sofa. The upholsterer told us "it was because we sat on them and watched TV", and that the foot rests "won't match up as they are all seperate" and thet "people liked the worn in look", and "this was the wrong choice for us if we wanted to use it daily"...I nearly threw him out the door. Plus a decorative arm was 4cm out of line...we are now at war with SCS!

saggy leather sofas

  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to contact consumer direct, the sofa is not fit for purpose as of the Sales of Goods act. CD will advice you on your rights and what course of action to take.

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  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As per my other comment Mandy, take your vulture tatics else where.

    -1 Votes
  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So you make no money from this then? Why should people pay you money for something they can do for themselves, its called The Sales of Goods Act and Trading Standards also the small claims court. And no need to pay any money to anybody.

    -1 Votes

non delivery

Four seater sofa and 'love' seat order in February 2011. STILL waiting delivery. Fully paid up weeks ago. Was told it would be delivered on the 1st of June, it is now the 14th of June. Was told it would be delivered today. It is now gone 7pm and still no suite.

Seriously unhappy.

  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tell them they have 7 days to either refund your money or deliver your gooods before you start legal action. Contact consumer direct for more advice and to report them to trading standards.

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inferior cushions on sofa

Bought corner suite from them and the cushions just sank within 24 hours of having the sofa. They are not the...

ripped off

I purchased a 2 and 3 seater leather suite i have rung and complained four times and no joy i was never happy...

wrong colour cushions

we had our sofa delivered on the 15/1/2001 as agreed. it came with the wrong colour scatter cushions and we...

furniture not fit for purpose

Bought a 4 seater sofa, arm chair and swivel chair from SCS in July 2010. When we had, had the sofa for approximately a month we noticed the covers were saggy and the seats had large craters in them. We call SCS customer services who sent round an engineer to assess the suite. He said it was due to the filling which was luxury fibre – this was new to us! He informed us that we needed to plump up the cushions and smooth them over weekly, had we known this we would have picked a sofa which was foam-filled and we would only have to turn the cushions regularly. When the paperwork was sent to us a week later it said we needed to plump and smooth EVERY DAY! We continued with this however the sagging and craters did not improve, as soon as sat on the crater re-appears. We called customer services who would not discuss over the phone as an engineer had visited so we now had to put everything in writing!!! We wrote outlining our problem and received a letter fobbing us off saying there was no problem, so we called the name on the letter. The man was really rude admitting there was an issue and a “massive crater forms when sitting on it!” He then laughed at my husband. We contacted trading standards who agreed it was not fit for purpose and told us what to write, we did this and were fobbed off in response yet again! Trading standards advised us to contact the ombudsman who agreed with us again but as SCS aren’t registered with them they could do nothing. SO after 6 months of owning the suite we have had to pay personally to have it re-filled with foam cushions!

  • Da
    David Kinghorn Jun 20, 2011

    Oh Dear Looks like we are in for a battle, Same story but only 5 weeks old and costing around £6000, take a look at our pics, there is only 2 of us sitting on it cant up load pics but does anyone have any suggestions, Im furious with scs

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misleading claims by salespersons

We were 'promised, by a very pushy salesperson that our old settee would be collected by a charity organisation from the telephone number he gave us. Whe none of the numbers worked, or when none of them colledted from our area, we complained that we couldn't get a collection for the time they said they would deliver. Our sole reason for buying from SCS was because of this assurance from the salesperson. When we decided to cancel the sale, we were told in a bullish manner by the manager of SCS Gateshead, we were not going to get a refund, and that was that. In the end, we paid for the council to collect our old settee, and SCS delivered some two months later than originally arranged. All in all, we feel very frustrated, let down and will never go to SCS again, nor recommend this company to my enemies ! And, I do NOT like being called 'Mate' by these furniture barrow boys !

  • Pj
    pjs2 Jan 27, 2011

    I got the same charity card when I bought my two corner sofas http://www.scs.co.uk/category/corner-sofas/ The numbers worked fine for me and the charity picked up our old sofa. I do agree that the sales people were a bit pushy

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bad service!!!

As a young, first time sofa buyer i think the service of SCS was absolutly disgusting! i went into the store with a plan of exactly what i needed. my partner bought a sofa from them a year before and i finally had enough money to buy a matching chair, when i described the fabic and gave them the name of the sofa, they insisted they dint do that range anymore and lead me to another chair which was leather and bright red! i told them i was only looknig for that exact chair and only as i was walking out the door they decided to tell me they could find me one from the factory.after a 10 minute conversation with the factory (which was held in a diffrenet room to myself!) they came back and advised they could get me one, which i was thrilled about, untill they told me the price...£700. i had seen the same style chair on the way in with different fabic for £300. in the end they convinced me to buy this chair and advised it would take 3months to make and deliver. after 6MONTHS, i went into the store everyday and the assistant actually said "trust me thats not long.." i couldnt belive my ears, finally 9months later my chair arrived and i made a huge complaint, but havnt heard anything...(suprise) i am happy with it and had no problems but the actual stress of buying it hasnt given me anytime to enojoy the thing!!! SCS ARE RUBBISH AT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


I was with two friends at my local retail park (cortonwood) when we decided to go and look at some sofa's in SCS. We decided to do this because we will shortly moving out and starting our own lives when we go to university. We are only 16 but are very mature and sensible and were just wanting to browse the store. We walked into the store and started to look around at some sofa's, when we walked into the store there were two workers sat on display sofa's at the entrance to the store, enough for a complaint on it's own merrit. Soon after entering the store one of the employees walked over to us and asked us for our age, he then said that if you are under 18 (which we are) you have to be with an adult. We said that we were 18 to see whether that would be enough to allow us to look at sofa's. However we were then asked to produce ID otherwise we'd have to leave the store. I was outraged that we as young people who are old enough to be married, join a political party and have a home of our own were asked to bring a parent along. I am not currently living with any of my parents so this was upsetting for me. My friends left the store whilst i told the employee that had challenged us what he thought about the 'company policy' of young people not being allowed to look at sofa's. He said that it was company policy and had no choice in telling us to leave. I am outraged at what happened and i don't think that i will be able to trust the store again and shall use one of its competitive stores. I am very disheartened by this policy and feel bad that this country has got to the point where people under the age of 18 have to bring a parent to look at sofa's or if over 18 have to produce ID WHY!!??


I bought a two 3 seater sofas from scs on january 2010 now at 6 months old i have problems i have complained...

poorly made

hi, just hoping for a little advice please- I bought a corner unit from scs 6months a go costing £1000 it took me ages to save up and pay cash, but it was something that I really wanted for my first place. Only 6months on the sofa looks appauling the cushions are so flat that you can feel the underneath on your bum its horrible. My boyfriend and I both work full time and have no children so the sofa is hardly used..
do you think i stand a chance in getting a refund eventhough i have had it for 6 months?
thank you

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I am being charged $79.62 because the mail was very slow in delivering the product and I was 2 days late (from the 17 days from their shipping date) in calling to cancel. This left me only about 7 days to try the product and determine that it wasn't working for me. I called and was told my account was canceled, but was not told that since I was 2 days late, that I would have to send the product back for a refund (within 30 days of their ship date). I was just told it was cancelled. So now I'm charged $79.62 and it's too late to send it back. How do these people sleep at night?


Bought a 3 seater and recliner chair from SCS, Livingston it got delivered just before xmas 2009. I noticed lately that there was trim stitching loose so phoned SCS they sent out an upholsterer to look at it who said it had been cut. Was he having a laugh there is only myself and my husband in the house but he was adamant that we caught it. I don't think so this has been a loose thread that over the couple of months we have had the suite has came loose. Now SCS are wiping their hands off it and I now have all the bother of writing to their head office and getting another upholsterer to look at it. I am also threatning to stop my payments to the suite as I have only paid 2 payments to this. Their after sales service is absolutely rubbish even though the suite has a 12 month guarantee they are doing nothing about it. It is time this company was stopped in their tracks. Why should I have all the bother of this when it is only 2/3 months old.

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    anthea1 Mar 19, 2010

    cant believe someone else has had EXACTLY the same problem as me! was your suite the Avanti? i have been chasing them for 4 months payed for my own upholsterer and i am about to take them to court! hope you got it sorted, contact watchdog as i have and the more people that do the sooner scs get their wake up call that we will not be ripped off!

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