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I ordered sofa and reclining chair on 20th Jan.this year. On the 23rd Jan. I informed ScS that the furniture had faults with the material, cushions, etc. On the 27th January an upholsterer from ScS arrived, inspected the furniture, sent in a report saying "no faults". This is totally untrue. I sent in photographs etc. of the faulty material on the sofa and the chair. I contacted Consumer Direct and Trading standards who advise me of my rights under the SOGA. Up to date, a second upholsterer from S.Share and Sons, the manaufacturers, inspected the furniture on the 23rd of this month. He too put in a report "no faults" whereas he told my daughter and I that there WERE faults in the furniture. Yesterday my daughter telephoned ScS, two assistants were very rude to her, refused to speak to about the claims I am making, and refused to let me have a copy of the second upholsterer's report, although they did send one to Trading standards. My daugher telphoned Trading Standards, asked for a copy of the report, and they too, told her we could not have one, enough though I am the customer.

I am am now contemplating taking ScS and A.Share and Sons, to the small claims court, I am a pensioner on pension credit so will not have to pay any fees. ScS are not on the list of registered omnibudsmen. Beware anyone out there of ScS, their customer service is virtually nil, they are rude, and never write a reply to letters of complaint. The manufacturers too are just the same, A.Share and Sons Ltd. company no.323778, 45-49, Villiers St., Sunderland, SR1 1HA. Has anyone else suffered at the hands of ScS when asking for a full refund due to faulty furniture ? Would like to hear from you.


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      Feb 05, 2012

    They are so rude it is unbelievable. I am in a battle myself! I have contacted trading standards, and watchdog. They delivered my sofas with odd feet. They want me to take a day off work to sit in for the upholsterers to fit the feet, however it is not my fault it is theirs!! 7 months ago I asked them to send the correct feet to the shop i bought it from and to call me once they arrive and I will fit the feet myself, which they agreed to do. 4 months went by and nothing so i dropped into the store to check. still not there. they said they would call be, they never did so 2 months later i called them. they wanted to start everything from the beginning!! they said they will reorder and call me when the feet are ready. I am also considering legal action! Anytime I call the aftercare team they are so rude and they hang up if they cannot think of a resolve. They will not allow you to speak to a manager. So unprofessional!


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      Mar 21, 2012

    I know exactly what you two are going through, I have recently bought a sofa, it took them eight weeks to deliver it, it came in the wrong colour. Now I would like for them to take the Sofa back. What they are saying is that they would reorder the Sofa in the right colours. But I do not want to wait 4months to get a sofa, its the principle. So I am taking them to small claims court.


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      May 22, 2012

    If anyone based in the UK is interested in sharing their problems I'm researching a story for possible inclusion on a BBC consumer affairs programme - we have some similar complaints already - i can be reached at abi.[protected] thanks

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      Sep 24, 2014

    I am having the same problems - faulty chairs which they are denying are faulty and saying it's not a manufacturing fault. So, according to them, I must be sitting on them incorrectly!! Chairs clearly not fit for purpose, they are denying liability, their customer service team are the rudest people I have ever dealt with of any company in my life and they won't allow you to speak to a manager but instead shout at you and hang up! 16 months on and we have paid for the chairs to be repaired so we can use them and are going to take them to court for the money.

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      Dec 11, 2014

    I ordered a new sofa, priced in excess of £1000.00, circa the beginning of November. At the time, both myself and my sister, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, voiced our concern (several times), that the sofa might not fit through the door into the living room. We were assured that once the cushions and the arms were removed, the sofa would easily go through the door way. We were not informed that there would be an additional charge for this. The sales person insisted that I sign a form to state that I had paid the required deposit, and that I agreed to pay the balance due 48 hours prior to delivery. Even at this point, unfortunately, it was not pointed out that one of the conditional clauses stated that a further payment would be required should the sofa arms require removing.
    The sales assistant contacted me to advise that the sofa would be delivered three weeks today (20th November). By 15:00, the sofa had still not been delivered. My sister had undergone chemotherapy treatment the previous day, and as I had to relieve her temporary carer, I left a key with a neighbour. The sofa was delivered at approximately 17:00.
    The neighbour, who had taken delivery of the sofa on my behalf, telephoned me to say that, as was feared, it would not fit through the living-room doorway. The 'phone was passed to the delivery man who told me the arms would have to be removed, which would need specialist furniture people, and would cost a further £120.00. At that time he gave me the option to have the sofa returned to the shop. However, because I thought that I would lose my money, I took delivery of the sofa, which was subsequently put into the dining room. At this point I was still at my sister's and so had not seen the sofa at my property.
    The following evening (Friday), I returned home with my brother-in-law. We inspected the sofa, and saw that there was a stain on the bottom left front. On Saturday, my sister contacted the Norwich branch of SCS, on my behalf, asking to speak to the manager. The receptionist advised that he was with a customer and that he would call back. An hour later my sister again called the shop, only to be told that the manager was still with a customer; she asked that he return her call within the next half hour. This did not happen, and so, for the third time, SCS was contacted by my sister, and again she was told by the receptionist that the manager was with a customer. On querying the length of time the manager was with this customer, she was put through to the sales assistant who had originally sold us the sofa. He advised her that the manager had not been in all afternoon; therefore the fact that she had been previously informed that he was with a customer was a complete fabrication of the truth, a fact that she commented on at the time.
    On Sunday, my sister contacted and spoke with the manager. It was confirmed that she had authority to speak on my behalf. The manager reiterated the cost of removal of the arms and cushions, and advised that all the sales people should point this out at the point of sale. My sister advised that this did not happen, to which the manager inferred that we were lying.
    The manager asked that a picture of the stain be sent through to him; this was done via my sister’s mobile phone at that time. The manager advised that the complaint and pictorial evidence would be sent through to the head-office. On querying whether any further monies would be due, the manager confirmed verbally that SCS would bear the cost. My sister requested that he confirm this in writing by email; this was not forthcoming.
    I rang the head-office the same day, and was told that someone would come to inspect the sofa on the 8th December. I was also assured that the sofa could be dismantled in order to get it to fit through the doorway of the living room, and that I could use it before the inspection.
    That night I went to bed extremely stressed by the ordeal. For the first time in my life I sleep-walked and fell down the stairs in the early hours of Monday morning, sustaining injuries to my head and face and breaking my arm. I subsequently spent the remainder of the day in hospital.
    That day, my sister, who herself is extremely unwell, also contacted the head-office. It appears they had not received any details of either the complaint or the photograph depicting the stain. Nevertheless, it was agreed that someone would come to inspect the sofa.
    Tuesday evening I received a ‘phone call from contractors, apparently at the bequest of SCS, to visit so that the sofa arms could be removed. When they arrived the men stated, ”This is not what they told us; these arms will not come off”. They then removed the feet, but still the sofa would not go through the door-way. I was informed that the whole sofa would need to be dismantled at an additional cost of £350.00. When I declined this ‘service’, I was advised that I would still be charged £30.00. This I paid, but was informed that I could not have a receipt unless I paid an enhanced amount. After they had gone, I realized that they had not replaced the feet.
    Because I was looking after my sister as she was extremely ill the preceding week, on Saturday 6th December I called the inspector to inform him that I would not be able to meet him on Monday 8th December. I left a voice message as there was no answer. Early that Monday I again called the inspector, to confirm that I would not be able to meet him and why, to which he advised that a colleague would visit later that week in his stead.
    Yesterday (10th December) morning, I again called the inspector to ask when his colleague would be visiting. I was advised that head-office would call, probably later that day, to arrange this. At approximately 16:30/17:00 I called head office, as they had not contacted me. It was apparent that they had had no intention of contacting me. When I pressed for a date for this inspection, I was advised that it would not be until the 29th December, (put back to the 30th December as I had a hospital appointment), approximately two months from the date of purchase, at which point I became very upset. When I tried to explain the problems I had suffered, I was dismissed and told to contact the store.
    This whole experience, coupled with my anxiety over my sister's illness, is causing me undue stress and affecting my sleep.

    Miss C Storey

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      Mar 21, 2016

    Bought 3 seater & 2 seater leather sofa from SCS, the 3 seater sofa is faulted in the stitching and this has been confirmed with the manufacturer's repair service. The service from SCS has been shocking and we are no further forward now that when we initiated the complaint. It looks like we are going to have to involve a solicitor to get any response, to be fair it looks doubtful they would get a response either.

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